How to know when Binance will list a New Coin | Never miss a massive pump on new listing again๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

Hey guys welcome back to my channel tennis academy so in today's video i want to teach you guys how to know the next coin binance is about to list in their exchange and how you can purchase this coin prior to binance listing hold it and make some profit when binance listed.

Okay i know that a lot of you have missed the opportunity all of a sudden you you hear that bonus listed this coin and it pumped and all that stuff yes we know that was by not least a coin the price no money pump but you don't know how to find out those coins that balance about the list.

Stay to the end of this video what this video i'm going to show you step by step method to find this coin binance with list if you are new to my channel consider subscribing turn the notification bell on because i drop educative and informative videos on how to make money from cryptocurrency e-commerce.

And affiliate marketing okay so let's get down to it guys now all you need is twitter page once you have a twitter account go to your twitter click on the search icon start search for binance you can see finance right here is verified now if you are not following binance make sure you're following them if.

You have been following them good now how do you spot a coin balance about least one beautiful thing about banners and other exchanges is that once they want to list a coin they will first of all announce this coin on their.

Twitter page prior to listing they will announce it on their twitter page all right let's take a practical example let's scroll down three days ago binance announced the listing of a particular coin okay my network is kind of slow just bear with me.

This happened three days ago and the coin was listed two days ago okay so we are okay we are right here um three days ago i'm looking for that particular tweet okay all right guys so here is the tweet this.

Particular tweet right here sorry i didn't mean to open it here's the tweet okay this particular tweet the this tweet was on the tenth of this month they said banners will list a term name service esm all right.

Now this tweet was three days ago and two days ago binance listed this card okay now this was three days ago as you can see two days ago binance listed this coin let us see um sorry okay new binance listing esn the.

Esn domain is distributed open blah blah blah that's what i came here to read okay now you can see that bonus announced the listing of this coin three days ago and two days ago they listed this coin which was on the 11th okay so now this is how to find out coin binance is about list now after finding.

Out coin banner is about to list what is the next step what do you do next how do you purchase this coin and hold it prior to listing so when buyers list it the price pump you sell out and make profits because we all know that balance is the biggest exchange in the world and any coin bonus list all right guys so um.

Bananas listed this coin two days ago now what do you do when you get this formation three days ago it's simple all you need to do is go to your browser visit coin market cap okay now it's open up click on the search icon and search for that particular coin that.

Binance about list e and x in this case now you can see the coin right here ethereum name cervix right click on it okay so this coin is still pumping few minutes ago it was 55 all right this was like 20 minutes ago that about now is 57 okay so that is the coin.

Balance was about list i would have listed it this is a practical example i'm showing you right now now what do you do when you come to queen market club search for this coin scroll down skip screwing okay i guess it's here all right so you see the coin.

Eternal name service market okay click on c or market now what you are seeing here are all exchanges that that have already listed this coin before binance so since you've gotten the information quantico markets cup check out the.

Exchanges that have already listed this coin purchase this coin in one of those exchanges hold it tight so once binance listed the price pump you can sell it and make profit you can see that this coin has been listed on get io long time ago coin unit swap ok i use okay so i use uh coin all right i use binance too.

You can see that a lot of exchanges how many exchanges this was this is 45 exchanges minus binance that is 44 exchanges have already listed this coin so you have a choice to buy from any of these exchanges hold the coin prior to finance listing all right so that is a simple method go.

To the twitter page turn notification bell on once the announced listing of a new coin come over to quite market cup search for this coin come down to the coin market check the available exchange that already listed this coin purchased from these exchanges hold it tight to binance list it and there's a pumping price once.

That's a pumping price you make profit to the extent that your grid allows you to sell you can sell all right now let's take a look at the uh chart of this um particular coin no you can see that one day like this was.

One day yeah between yesterday and today the coin have attended an all-time high of 58 dollars a letter came down consolidated you can see this is a consolidation phase consolidated now it has it is gaining back momentum.

To the upside down oh sorry guys sorry sorry sorry to the upside all right it's getting back momentum to the upside and this time around believe me the pump is going to be massive it have.

Reached 58 dollar per one of this coin came down consolidated and gaining back momentum to the upside and it's pumping back up and this time the pump is going to be massive okay so this is a simple technique to spot a.

Coin balance about list purchase it in one of those exchanges and hold it all right so if you like this video please do well to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't subscribed top notification bell on because the.

Next video coming up tomorrow gonna be how to spot a coin how to spot the next coin that will pump on your exchange any exchange isn't at all binance could coin guess i o any exchanges at all the next coin to pump on that exchange is what i want to show you on my next video okay so turn the description below on so you don't miss out as you guys can.

See i'm still on this video this coin is pumping it's attended 58 again came down to 57 still moving you know frustration upward downwards believe me the pump this time around is going to be massive thank you for your thank you for your time see you guys in the next video.


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