How to Make Money with in 2022 (Full Beginners Guide)

Hey friends it's gerald so today we're going to talk about how you can make money with i'm going to show you a step-by-step guide on how you can use this platform to grow your crypto portfolio so i know that a lot of guides on out there in the youtube universe but i realized that when it comes to there's so many ways.

To do or achieve a goal and there is like the less efficient way and then there's a more efficient way and it is through experiencing like this little nuances that you realize whoa i could have done that in a more efficient manner and save me money or earn more money so in this video i hope to try to teach you as much as i can or share with.

You my experiences especially those that have cost me money and what were some of the better alternatives so that you can really maximize your game through this platform because honestly has changed my life like i couldn't have imagined how much my life has changed because i started to use this platform and gain like tremendous.

Amount of returns from this platform so just like everyone else i first started you know logging in and creating an app with a referral code which by the way if you don't know it's the easiest way to get like your free i think it's 25 use the promo code to sign up i'm going to leave it in the description below so when i signed up immediately i was given.

Like uh was it 25 us dollars it's locked because there are some requirements um you have to kind of meet before you can unlock it so i first knew about when a fellow subscriber told me like hey gerald you should check out this ruby card it's beautiful and the rebates are like awesome and i figured you know why not right decided to check.

Out this platform i looked at their product and it was interesting so i decided to try i that was when i found out that it's a 50 dollar record replacement fee if you want to replace your car so i decided to just stretch my wallet in and immediately try for the five thousand dollar tier which was really painful by the way.

Emotional damage and when i tried to you know put my sink dollars in and convert it to crow immediately i lost like three hundred dollars off from the conversion and i tell you it was one of the most infuriating moments of my life i was like what the spread or the commission is like 300 off a 5 000 card i was mind blown but nevertheless you know it's a.

Mistake i didn't know what was the best way to buy cryptocurrencies on this platform now i know that you can use the crypto exchange which has a much better exchange rate compared to app which is more meant for like recreational non-professional users so you pay a lot more fees actually so then i you know stuck with it and i realized.

That um back in february 2021 they actually burned 70 percent of their existing supply so if you burn like 70 of supply but the demand remains the same this means that theoretically the coin should triple but the community was still like reeling from some of the management or major changes that they did in like the previous year in the.

2020 period and therefore the price actually did not move at all so then i figured you know if that was the case the product was fantastic i tried that card you know even though the the piece was expensive the cashback was instant amazon worked the spotify worked i could get you know see the cashback and my portfolio grew so rapidly i i.

Felt it was amazing product and in fact my friends around me were talking about it so i decided you know what with this i'm pretty sure that the price would um increase a lot so therefore i decided to double down and put in like almost slightly more than ten thousand dollars into the platform and everything was in crow by the way.

Because i did help held another position elsewhere but just from this i put this ten thousand dollars while crow was like at 13 cents that was crazy my friend in fact i only held on for about i think five or six months and that was boom they came up with this crazy advertisement they bought i think the staples like stadium.

Right so then there were times where they just shot up like i went from 13 000 to as much as eighteen thousand and then i lost two thousand dollars in like a couple of days later and then very quickly showed up again and it was like this crazy highs and then you know pull back and.

Even higher highs so my wealth just grew exponentially like the ten thousand dollars i put in became at one point i think it was forty eight thousand dollars um in my portfolio i was like whoa that was just crow not to mention that this amount of money that i put in you know that was locked in the was actually yielding me 10.

In passive income every single year so with so much money on like my account i was so scared that i might actually lose it so then a lot of when my when the opportunity arose i actually hashed out most of it i cashed out i think about 30 000 so i was left with like ten thousand dollars and i used that thirty thousand dollars to renovate my place so without.

The thirty thousand dollars i couldn't actually have afforded to renovate my place so we had to live in this place for like a year to save up first and then renovate but because of i now can renovate my entire place right now and that is why i have this beautiful home that i'm sitting in filming because i had this massive game.

Which was in my opinion quite lucky and it was all because i invested in while it was relatively cheap so the moral of the story is that if i can do it so can you in fact as long as you try their products you know this company is great the business is great the management is great um the token is safe go on to it you know gradually.

Invest to do it and you might potentially make a lot of wealth of course you need to you know be intelligent with your investment choice so before we dive into the functions of the app let's first understand what exactly is the app all about so is a mobile first.

Super crypto app that allows you to do much more than just buying and selling cryptocurrencies they have functions such as your crypto visa card it's a prepaid card but you can use it to pay for daily goods and services and you can sell the cryptocurrencies to cash out secondly they have other functions like paying.

Your phone bills you can send and receive using qr codes to your friends to transact in cryptocurrencies in an easy to use manner furthermore they have things such as their own blockchain their own decentralized finance wallet that you can use and all of these whole ecosystem is powered by their native token known as cro used to be called. token but right now they rename it to the cronus token they use it to like you know get all the privileges the cashback the benefit the referral bonus um to pay gas fees the transaction fee everything is done in the crow token so that's what makes it so valuable that's what makes it you know used so often and amongst the users.

Of app so apart from the super app they actually have a much more professional version known as the exchange so the exchange actually available both on pc as well as an app version it's very similar to the amateur beginner friendly app but it's primarily aimed for professionals who want to.

Trade with all the advanced charting tools the trading fees on the exchange are cheaper but bear in mind because there are two separate platforms even though they are under the same company this means you can actually sign up with the referral code twice so again i have a referral code named gerald that works for both the app as.

Well as the exchange but bear in mind the requirements kind of different so if you use the exchange i think you need to put in like two thousand dollars within the first um 30 days and you get like x amount of bonus so just make sure you have enough money to you know kind of put inside on both app and exchange.

To maximize the welcome freebies so when it comes to the app what i really like is the beginner and clean looking interface they make it really easy to you know use the platform and actually to earn money but that being said because they try to keep the platform clean and it's actually a super app right there's so.

Many functions in it and they want to keep it clean that means that a lot of the functions that they show you are not very explicit so you kind of need to remember the nitty-gritty details of each particular function and because of that it's actually a lot of fee structures that you need to remember and once you.

Are not careful you can kind of misstep and end up spending a lot more money than you actually intended to but once you take the time to slowly learn the platform app is actually a really powerful app it has one of the lowest um trading fees out in the market and it is currently the most insured cryptocurrency exchange on the market.

And it's super easy to like get your cryptos working and making passive income for you let me kill that fly so opening a account is actually really simple all you have to do is just down go to the app store download the app and if you use my link or my referral code you get.

Basically 25 right from the get go i think there is some requirement to unlock it but that it's going to show up in your account right away and i think to redeem it you just need to get like a ruby tier crypto card and then you can release twenty five dollars that's for the app for the exchange it's the exact same thing so when signing up.

All you need to do is input your legal name and provide your id as well as providing a selfie so this is the selfie or the verification process of myself when i started bear in mind that for this kyc or basically know your customer checks are necessary so you have to identify yourself but don't worry based on my understanding it is safe it takes.

About two to three days and it is mandatory for all um financial institutions that want to comply uh with your anti-money laundering laws that they must know who their customers are so once you log into the app you'll see a whole slew of buttons all around the platform i want to teach you like a couple of neat tricks on how you.

Can use the features or access all the features easily the first thing you know is that if you want to buy or sell if possible use the exchange because you get much better rates over there but if you want to use the app to trade just click on the trade you can buy if you want to buy a crow if.

You want to stick your card so example you buy you have options to buy whichever tokens you want click on crow and they will give you credit card crypto wallet or fiat wallet so my recommendation is to use like the crypto wallet or fiat wallet because if you use a credit card they actually charge a 3.5 percent fee one very neat trick is that.

Instead of having to buy all the cryptocurrencies in one shot you can actually buy on like a weekly or monthly basis all you need to do is head to the bottom left hand corner click on that little um clock you know with a plus icon and you can set up basically what is called a recurring buy so what this does is that you can use methods such as.

Dollar cost averaging such that every single month or every single week you just buy a little bit of crypto a little bit of crypto as you save up so that you can slowly grow your crypto portfolio over time so the whole point of buying cryptocurrencies on a regular basis is that you can slowly grow your portfolio over time and benefits from you know.

Price fluctuation if the crypto prices are cheaper you buy more and if it's more expensive you buy less and therefore you reduce your cost basis of buying cryptocurrencies so once that's done let's head back to the home page and just press back all the way so now you head back to the home page the most important button that you need to know.

Is actually right in the middle which is the icon so once you click on it actually all the options for the cryptocurrency app is listed right here so important their group according to like functions so if you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies it's under the trade like a tab if you want to spend with the card or you want.

To pay with your you know cryptos to your friends it's under the spend tab and then finance is where you really make your money work for you and then bonus are things like your referrals um your little missions that you can earn like small freebies here and there so we're gonna run through all of them right now so previously i showed you how.

You actually buy and sell cryptocurrency if you want to track um how much cryptos you have you need to go to your crypto wallet and then from there you can see all the different coins that you have in my case i mostly hold only crow because i have other platforms or other um like holdings elsewhere and other exchange in this i really just use it to.

Hold my crow tokens and benefit from all the privileges and all the cut you know stuff from the coins so as you can see right now i have um 11 000 and that was initially from five thousand dollars um so i can unstick in nine days uh but i probably would keep it because it's so fantastic in fact what i'm gonna do is i will split this up and keep five.

Thousand dollars so i will renew the six month contract and then basically use that five thousand dollars to let my wife also get the five thousand dollar cut benefits so if you scroll down you can see that all the cashback that i get from using the club will be listed right here and it's instantaneous by the way the moment you tap you make.

Payment you can see the cashback on the app like right away so again let's head back to the home page and again if you click on this middle icon you can see all the functions what i'm going to jump straight into is actually the card function and you'll see why in a bit so if you head to the menu in the center it's actually under.

The spam section and card but we'll just press back go to the home page again see it's actually the bottom right hand corner so if you click on it and if it's your first time using app it would be basically like asking you to sign up for a card just bear in mind though if you sign up for the card the first one is free the subsequent card.

You need to pay a 50 replacement fee so i urge you to really think carefully which card you want to get first before actually purchasing because if not you want to renew it's 50 it's really expensive another thing is that when you want to get the card you are required to stick your pro right you're supposed to like lock up some of the crow so that.

You can redeem the card bear in mind there is different kinds of lock up there is lock up for the card and there's the lockup to earn you know additional money so what i did was that when i first started i put in five thousand dollars i actually locked it up to earn and i didn't lock it up for the card so i couldn't get my card so if.

That happens to you what you can do is you can speak to customer service they will help you move the funds around but it takes a couple of days so just um from the get go make sure you you know top up and stick your card for the card and not like to earn money bear in mind that the crypto dog pop cut is prepaid so if you want to be able to earn.

Cashback you have to use the card but you need to top it up first so how can you top up the card you need to click on this top up button and you see there's a crypto wallet and there's a credit card i almost always use credit card because it's much better to actually cash out the crypto and then top it up through fiat you actually get.

A much better rebate and when i top up i use tools such as revolut where there are no like top-up fees if you use like your own bank you may incur like a conversion fee so the reason why you need to know how to top up is because once you top up without fees and then you get the cash back you benefit from it but if you top up you.

Pay fees and then you get cash back you kind of don't get any benefits from using the app well be surprised so as you can see i do make quite a lot of purchases um recently so yeah it's fantastic so with that said let's head back to the middle of the screen let's click um the icon and pop up the menu we're gonna look at other.

Functions to make money so let's start with paying crypto for a friend so if you send cryptos to your friend you actually get some sort of rebate for sending crypto to your friend so for me i actually use it to pay like unstoppable domains which is a provider that accepts payment through this qr code so you can send.

Gift cards you can just send cryptos direct if i'm not wrong you can when you send cryptos to your friend you actually get i think a five or ten percent rebate up to maximum of five dollars for free i think it's every single month so therefore if you have nothing to do i'm not sure if you can send it to your friend and your friend send back to you.

Immediately both of you get five dollars every single month passively i have not tried this but based on what i understand this should work then again once you head back to the menu let's look at other functions the net function that the next function that i really want you to see as the finance function so the finance function is broken up in.

Two parts which is a supercharger and the urn so what is a supercharger supercharger think of it as lending your money in hopes of getting a new cryptocurrency so there are hot projects that are out there like the previous project was luna right now the current one is bitcoin so that means if i lock up.

My crow tokens right what happens is at the end of the month they calculate how long i have locked my crow for and according to the proportions reward me accordingly so this one is a little tricky because supercharger right requires you to first um lock in bits of hundred dollars so let's say if i do you want to add um i need to click on the.

Plus icon click accept continue and you notice right now i have one crew so it's below the limit of 100 crore so that therefore there's kind of like a certain tier you need to get but over time i figured there was a very neat hack and that is basically to reduce the current amount of crow that you have locked in you know just.

Reduce it by 100 just withdraw and once it's out all you have to do is just put 100 and your one crow token so you add 101 token in and that's how you compound every single one of the tokens like instantly so supercharger i think one of the trickiest part is that all projects have like a charging period and.

A rewarding period so that means you know you deposit money in like a fixed deposit for 45 days or 30 days or seven days depending on the promotion period but you need and you must claim at the end of the period to be rewarded if you don't claim it on the day itself your reward will be prorated like for example let's say you are rewarded for the next.

45 days you collect only on the last day you get 1 out of 45 of your entire reward and that's just ridiculous okay so now my money has been you know withdrawn out of my account i'm gonna click plus again same terms and you can see now i've 101 i try to max everything and now i'm able.

To deposit all my cryptos into the platform so this is the neat little trick that i've learned about using the supercharger this is real nice and in fact if you go to the exchange they have this additional platform or tool which is called the syndicate actually the syndicate and the supercharger is like the exact same.

Thing in my opinion but whenever you see a syndicate that's available always put your money in the syndicate because syndicate based on a redditor he said that according to his findings the syndicate always pays more money given that the same thing one pays more obviously use the one that pays more but the syndicate is almost always.

Unavailable so therefore we have i mean i have no choice but to use a supercharger so just use a supercharger to get um in this case bitcoin at the rate of i think it's like 30 or 60 percent let me just click on this i yep 64 percent annual life so it's a really really good return kind of platform and it allows you to compound.

You know every week your paid um crow for staking 10 to get the card so that money can be compounded every single week through the supercharger using the neat little hack that i've shown you so now let's move on to the next part click on the middle again go to earn so what this does is that earn allows you to deposit all the different kinds of.

Crypto if you click on the plus icon you can see all the different kinds of crypto that you can deposit let's try crow and you have basically the flexible the one-month term the three months term so you know this that um for this right if you lock in your money for three months and you.

Want to compound it's very very difficult to compound because first up the hurdle is really high the minimum i think it's 500 crore compared to previously it was 100 crore and secondly if you want to compound let's say you have 10 crore in your wallet you can't withdraw your crow and compound it.

Because the previous amount that you have deposited is locked in for three months so this makes basically compounding practically impossible so you can see that i have a preference for the supercharger it's a little bit more tedious but the returns are higher and you can compound which.

Further increases the returns exponentially so of course the benefit of using earn is that you get to deposit different different kinds of cryptocurrencies you can set like for example if you want ethereum you can put ethereum for three months term for six point five percent returns but what i found really.

Attractive is if you put stable coins so what a stable coin stable coins are basically um cryptocurrencies that are packed like to a fiat currency so in this case a us dollar coin which is equivalent to one us dollar so you can see if you locked in for three months term for 12 that's insane let's see if you have a like ten thousand dollars um.

Locked in right so every single year you can get one thousand two hundred dollars or a hundred dollars every single month by putting just ten thousand dollars in so there's an insane amount of returns so over time it will slowly kind of build whether you put stable coins or crow token it is very achievable to eventually get a hundred dollars a month.

Hundred dollars a week or even hundred dollars a day as your portfolio gets bigger okay so now let's move on to the next part again and go press back back back go to the home page click the main menu and explore the other function so we've talked about the supercharger we've talked about it and we've talked about the syndicate which is only.

Available on exchange let's talk about the bonus so bonus is broken into three parts the most obvious way to make money is to refer your friends in so if you refer your friends you get 25 your friend get 25 and if you want to support this channel you can let them use my referral link below so it helps this channel and i appreciate you if uh and.

Thank you for really supporting because this keeps this channel going so as you can see right now i refer 85 friends and that brought me 2 000 which is mind-blowing it's crazy um when you refer a friend it's always paid to you in crow so you kind of need to cash out and that will probably incur some transaction fees right there so apart.

From referral the next thing you need to know is mission submissions uh like little quests that you can do um to unlock free money so the way to unlock free money is that you first need to get the gems or diamonds then like for example status check-in right so they say you check in unlock now you get one diamond so you get the diamond and.

Mission control the next thing you need to do is you store the diamond in your vault so when you store it in your vault you can see now i have 10 diamonds in the vault so in order to redeem the vault and you go to the store the store requires 25 diamonds for you to unlock basically a small amount of cash and it doesn't cost.

You anything but time and in fact there's a very neat trick where you can learn how the cryptocurrency and the platform work and get paid at the same time kind of similar to a coinbase right so this is a function that not many people know so you know these are the daily question if you look at the daily quest right most of it involves like.

Spending money like you need to spend twenty dollars to get five diamonds you need to spend five hundred dollars if you're gonna get 60 diamonds but who spends 500 every single day but what a lot of people don't know is that there's additional tap which is exploration if you click on exploration you look at this create an anti-fishing code you get.

Three diamonds if you set a target price and let three diamonds set a percentage movement alert three diamonds if you you know favorite a token you get three diamonds and this all these things do not cost you money and you get free diamonds so therefore if you want to get free money with i highly suggest you sign up.

With referral code beatmind or your friends immediately you get free money the second thing is explore this tab you're gonna get a lot of free money then you can use that money to start you know earning and compounding or super charging to grow your crypto portfolio so press back again so again press back go back to the main menu and head over.

To the bottom bonus section you see there's this thing called rewards even though it says rewards like it and stuff but actually what it does is that it's a handy tool that kind of amalgamates and adds all the different referrals and awards that you have gathered so far into a neat platform and you can see based on referrals i've earned 2 200.

Based on using the pay function i've gotten like 32 dollars in cash back sign up bonus 25 and for the cards in total i have over i think the past four months i've earned 35 dollars in cashback and the reason why i don't under five dollars is really because i do not spend a lot i try to save as much as i can so therefore my.

Spending is not a lot and my cashback is not like insane amount so in the event that you have any problems you know you meet with some sort of difficulty what you need to do is go back to the home page you see the top right hand corner and that's the customer support button click on it and you can reach the customer support.

Right now because of the huge growth in the um customer base they tend to reply within a day back then when i first started it was like within one hour or five minutes they would reply me but right now i think i'm getting responses like within a day or two but the quality of responses is still really good so therefore i highly.

Recommend you know understanding how this feature work and reach out to the customer support if you have any problems um logging in securing securing your account or if you accidentally let's say sticked it in the wrong place and you want to kind of swap it around so like i said is a very powerful platform it looks simple but.

There's actually a lot of functions that you can kind of learn and use to really grow your money and build passive income for yourself so i know this video i talked about building a hundred dollars in passive income it will not happen overnight but if you take the time to slowly grow your portfolio slowly you know reinvest and roll it like a.

Snowball eventually that snowball of passive income will reach 100 a day and you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor so with that said once you have earned enough money and you're figuring out you know it's time to cash out i'm gonna add a video or show you how you can cash out over here or if you are just getting started there are eight.

Important things that you really must know before using the app and i'm gonna talk about them over here so do check that out and i'll see you next time take care everyone and stay safe

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