How to Make NFT Art (and get some rare NFT Crypto for FREE!)

I was shocked by how easy it is to make NFT tokens. As a little experiment, I made some. Watch to find out how to get a limited edition “Crypto Dave” for free! Will they ever be valuable? Who knows! What do you think? Also in this episode, Chris Camillo tells us about his investment in Crypto Punks and reveals which Non-Fungible Tokens he is buying next.

The links I used to make NFTs: (or is a referral link)
Link to get free “Crypto Daves” (you have to watch the video!)

0:00 Logan Paul $5 Million NFT
2:08 Chris Camillo $100k CryptoPunks
5:30 How to Make NFT (tutorial)
9:15 Want a free Crypto Dave?

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