How To Sell Life Insurance – AMAZING!

They say life insurance is the hardest product to sell in the insurance industry if you think so I can make it real easy if you keep watching this video all right so I'm gonna teach you how to sell life insurance my name's Cody askins I've been selling life insurance for a decade I got started when I was 19 years old and by using.

This exact formula that I'm gonna share with you today I earned a hundred and seventeen thousand three hundred sixty one dollars and thirteen cents in my first eight months no sales experience couldn't spell the word insurance no product knowledge but by using what I'm about to show you it made it easy to earn 100k.

Selling life insurance and it's truly amazing okay so stay with me alright so I'm gonna go through just a preface this I'm gonna show you I'm gonna go through my benefits presentation there's five benefits that I'm going to touch on okay I'm also gonna go over nine trial closes and three options and this benefits.

Presentation is so good that by the time I'm done the the policy is sold before they even see how much it costs so if that interests you you definitely want to keep watching okay here we go so when I'm sitting with the prospect once I'm done with the warm-up and I'm done with a fact-finding which means.

I've warmed them up that's step one check right step two fact-finding actually spending time getting to know their situation asking them fact-finding question that's step two the appointment process if you see my videos then you know the other steps are okay once I know everything I need to know and it's time to actually close the deal.

I'm moving to step three which is present and close and here's what I do in the present and close portion of a life insurance appointment okay because it's time to what present and close so when I jump in I say okay miss Betty I have three options but I'm gonna share with you okay and we've actually got hello Betty t-shirts that I'll probably.

Throw in at some point too okay but I'm gonna I'm gonna walk you through what I do with the prospect alright so I'll actually have a blank piece of paper okay and now and I will write this down on this piece of paper and I'll say bed miss Betty there are five benefits of reasons why that prospects do business with us.

Can I share those with you right now that's a trial close okay and like I said I'm gonna go through nine trial closes alright so that's number one can I share these with you right yes they've never said no ok so that's the what's what that's first trial close you're getting them to say yes okay now say okay the first benefit miss Betty is.

That this policy has a coverage lock and what I'll do when I'm saying this is that when I'm doing this is I'll write it down then I will explain it and then I will ask a question okay so it's a little three-step process inside of each benefit so Miss Betty the first benefit is a coverage lock what that means is I'll move into explanation what that.

Means is that the coverage is locked in so if it's a whole life you could say you could say Ms Betty the coverage is locked in your entire life or if it's a term the coverage is locked in for the entire term period which is incredible because there's a lot of options out there where the coverage can change every year go up every five years or.

Change when you're 80 eccentric Center the awesome thing is is that this policy comes with a coverage lock it's an amazing benefit that our clients love is that benefit important to you okay that's the second trial close after a first benefit and they move into benefit number two okay so write explain and ask I asked and I'm moving into number two I.

Miss Betty the second benefit and I'm doing this on a piece of paper in front of them I want to be in their bubble I'm a melon I'm a move across the living room and sit by them on the couch I may move over around the table and sit by I want to be in their space when I'm doing this okay there's a reason why alright so I'll move into benefit number two.

Miss miss Betty benefit number two is that this comes with a price lock and what that means is the price is locked in the entire time okay there's a lot of options out there maybe maybe you know on TV or through the mail or with somebody else where the price will change and go up maybe every year every five years and when you.

Turn 65 or when you turn 70 or when you turn 80 what clients love about us is that it comes with a price lock and the price is locked in do you also like that as well that's a trial closed obviously yes right that's a third trial it'll move it then we'll move into benefit number three all right miss Betty benefit.

Number three is that this policy comes with and you could interchange this for any benefit that your policy comes with I'm gonna use double accident okay as an example Miss Betty this policy comes with a double accident in the in the event that you were to have an accident it would actually pay off double so let's just say you let's just.

Say you had $50,000 worth of coverage if you had an accident past would do an accident it would pay your beneficiary Suzanne right you need you need to already know the name that's what that's one of the questions in step two of fact-finding okay that's where if someone happened you do an act it would pay your beneficiary your daughter.

Suzanne a hundred thousand because it comes with this benefit okay accidents don't happen to everyone however it's important that if it were to it gives your daughter extra money would you agree with that obvious yes okay that is a four fourth trial clothes out of nine okay then we move into our fourth benefit miss Betty our fourth.

Benefit is that this policy comes with a feature and you could interchange this for any feature that you want I'm gonna use builds cash value Miss Betty that it comes with the benefit of building cash value it's kind of like a savings account within your policy it accrues money over time we don't recommend that you take money out of the policy however.

It is building in there and if you wanted to it is your money you have access to it okay it's that's pretty nice to know that it comes with that feature correct right good obvious yes fifth trial close we're done with the fourth benefit right and then we move into the fifth benefit and it has a Part A and A Part B and so what I'll tell.

Miss Betty is I'm not – I'm about to write the fifth benefit down I'm a little partial it's my favorite benefit but I'm gonna explain it to you okay the fifth benefit and I'll write it down is having a local agent and I'll tell them there's two reasons why having a local agent is extremely important all right and.

Everyone always agrees with me miss Betty okay the first reason why is that in the event that you need to make minor changes you would typically have to spend forty five minutes on the phone you'd have to call somebody you'd have to you know call one 800 number you'd have to you know do all these things jump through all these hoops even.

If you just want to change your address or your beneficiary or your how you're paying or you know the phone number on your policy etc the minor stuff right instead of having to call 1-800 number spin on hold for 45 minutes you don't know who you're talking to where you're talking to them from and it's it's a nuisance right it's it nobody likes to.

Do it instead of having to do all that you could literally call my cell phone number and I'll change it for you immediately that's pretty nice to have isn't it right obvious yes okay sixth trial closed and we took care of a alright then you move into B now the second reason why a local agent is so important miss Betty I'm probably even.

More important this this one is that when that time comes that you're no longer with us and your daughter your beneficiary Suzanne okay she would typically what would typically happen she'd have to call that same 1-800 number maybe even a different one which is even more confusing right and wait on hold for 45.

Minutes don't know you're talking to where you talking to him from who knows right and you may end up having to get get claim paperwork sent out to her from them and also go get death certificates from the funeral home and get those sinned in and get everything notarized and make sure that make sure you don't miss anything make sure everything's.

Perfect and and try to get that back to them as soon as you can and and then hope that you get a check within a matter of weeks or months when she's already trying to balance and juggle everything that comes with actually you know going through a funeral and celebrating your life however she chooses to do that that's a massive.

Burden there's a lot to cover all right you got to choose out a lot of stuff you got a there's family company you got organize everything you got everything up everything is anybody set up time wise you get food for everybody why would we want to add another burden to her right you see where I'm going miss Betty what do you think she would do if.

She was working with local agent like me all right she would call myself when I take care of everything for I take the burden off of her shoulders and it saves Susanne time burden and stress would you agree that that's extremely important benefit obvious yes okay that brings us to the seventh benefit alright now for the first I'm so.

Sorry seventh trial close to move into the eighth trial close what I'll do is now that I've done all five benefits I'll say Miss Betty to get the eighth trial close because I said there was nine which of these five coverage lock price lock double accident builds cash value and local agent is most important to you can you see what we're doing here.

We're getting them in a habit of making a decision choosing saying yes picking for you you want to train a prospect to make decisions when you ask questions alright and if and if what I'll do is typically I'm gonna walk you through this Miss Betty which benefits most important to you well what are they normally gonna say hang on for a second.

What are they normally gonna say three words I don't know when that happens well Miss Betty if you had to choose which one would you choose we're second charm every time I promise they'll be choosing then well if I had to choose probably price lock okay great right I'll circle that one excellent it's extremely important right they made.

A decision that was the eighth trial close then I move into or actually show them the options alright so I'll have a snut another piece of paper alright or maybe on the back of this one to where I've already got the options spelled out maybe I've got fifty thousand maybe I've got thirty thousand and maybe I've got ten thousand for.

Example okay you could have any options but maybe this one's one hundred and ten maybe this one's eighty four and maybe this one's sixty-one for example okay now there's a reason why they're laid out this way I'm going to go back to walk you to this point there's a reason laid out this way number one you want to always have the.

Three options from largest to smallest very important the psychology is oh wow that one's what when you go from large to small oh wow that one's good and the others pail in comparison okay or the other psychology is if I were to go from smallest to largest and would feel like oh he's you know he that one seems fine he's trying to.

Upsell me right so that's what we don't do that okay the other psychology behind it is I show one option that's always over a hundred dollars a month no matter what okay now if you know what they need and you can develop three options around what they need then price doesn't matter that's why in step two a fact-finding of.

The appointment process I don't ask what you can what can you afford what's the best price what do you want to pay it doesn't matter you sell life insurance based on need not based on price okay now I like 180 and sixty because most in life insurance salespeople undersell themselves now if you want to show bigger options and show.

Based on need that's even better okay but I'll set that up and what I'll say is alright for the ninth trial close is miss Betty I'm about to show you three options okay we're gonna get to the close when get to all of it this is freaking gold if you don't make a hundred cave using this then you didn't get in front of people.

Would you agree another trial close right okay now what I asked Miss Betty is miss Betty I'm about to show you three options I already know which one you're gonna choose by the way miss Betty but I need a favor from you when I show you these three options which are fantastic they come with all five of the benefits.

Especially in a price lock which I know you loved when I show you these I just need you to let me know which one makes the most sense to you can you do that for me obvious yes okay ix trial close I turn over the piece of paper that would look like this and it's okay miss Betty here's the three options okay first ones fifty thousand for one.

Ten thirty thousand four eighty four and ten thousand four sixty one which one are you most comfortable with that's the close I shut my mouth and I let them make a decision and if you've warmed up well if you fact find it well and if you've presented the benefits and the value well when you get to the close it is.

Sold and they will be making a decision okay if they say hypothetical if they were say well I'm not sure well if you were gonna be doing one which one would you do you see the hypothetical the if well probably the thirty thousand because eighty percent of time they choose the one in the middle fantastic miss Betty and now here's how.

You could continue excellent that's exactly when I thought you were gonna choose let's see if we can get you approved what's your full legal name that's it alright anyone can be trained to do this anyone I also have another video on how I talked about if they say I want to think about it or if I want you to call me back I also addressed.

That too right but I'm not going to dress it on this video because this was simply how to present how to close how to sell life insurance in the most amazing way ever and how you can earn 100k selling life insurance when you use this when you make your first hundred K when you use this in it freaking works come back and let me know in comments.

Below if you love this and you want to do it without seeming pushy the next video is right there it's for you you're gonna love it click on it and I'll see you there I'm gonna talk about the five easy ways to prospect without being pushy I truly believe that yes I may be aggressive in sales but I do it in a respectful way that doesn't feel like it.


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