Something interesting is coming our way, SHIBArmy! A huge whale activity happened recently, andthere are a number of possible implications of this for Shiba Inu and the Shib army. I’ll be covering exactly what these implicationscould be, plus some new exchange that is coming. So, make sure to stick around till the veryend so that you don’t miss any bit of the information. Disclaimer, What’s up, SHIB army? Thanks for joining in today.

If you’re new to the channel, allow me tosay a very special welcome to you. Now, if you need all the latest SHIB updates,then you know what to do. Subscribe to the channel by hitting the subscribebutton and don’t forget to click the bell icon as well so you don’t miss out on anysingle update. Now, to the business of the day. Just yesterday, a huge transaction was noticedcoming from a whale wallet. The transaction was posted as a screenshoton Twitter by the Twitter handle @OUTTA_FOCUS. And it shows the timestamp of the transaction,the wallet where the crypto activity came from, the wallet where the activity was goingto, and the amount of token that was transferred.

From that screenshot, we know that the amountof tokens transferred was 20 trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB). And we also know that the 20 trillion ShibaInu transferred is worth about 1billion dollars. We really don’t need any sort of analysisto know that this is a huge transaction, and a huge transaction typically has a significantimpact on crypto. So, the question now is, “what could thisimpact be?” Well, it could be either of two things. One, if there’s huge whale activity it couldbe because a huge whale is preparing for something. And the huge whale in this case could eitherbe the wallet that sent the tokens or the.

Wallet that received it, or even both. Whichever wallet holder is preparing for something,though, the point is that it could really rock the world of Shiba Inu. And it’s anybody’s guess whether thatwould be positive or negative. Two, and I think this is more likely, it couldbe that the next big exchange listing of Shiba Inu is confirmed. There are two potential crypto exchange platformsthat could have confirmed a listing: Kraken or Robinhood. Nobody really knows which it is, if any.

But it’s looking like this could be thereason for the recent huge transactions, and that’s because both these platforms haverecently teased listing Shiba Inu. Let’s start with Kraken. Just last week, a tweet was made that gotthe hopes of SHIB army really high. So, the tweet mentioned that Brian Hoffman,the product lead for Kraken, said that Shiba Inu would be listed the next day if the tweetreceived 2,000 likes. Considering how enthusiastic Shib army isto see Shiba Inu listed on exchange platforms, I’m sure that it came as no surprise toanybody when that tweet got more than 70,000 likes in just one day.

In fact, one of us with the user name KrakenExchange posted a challenge on Twitter saying: “@brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likeswe will list $SHIB tomorrow – but he doesn’t think we can do it. #SHIBArmy where you at?” So, it is safe to say that the Shib army wereequal to the task and were enthusiastic to do what it took to get the token listed. However, more than a week and 70,000 likeslater, Shiba Inu still isn’t listed on Kraken. They did post a follow-up tweet, though, mentioningthat they had heard SHIB supported. Here’s what the tweet said:“#SHIBArmy we’ve heard you loud & clear!.

Community is an important part of our considerationsfor all listings, and you have clearly shown your support. There’s more work for us to do as we movethrough our listing review process.” The failed promise upset many members of theShib Army; when we heard that the token was going to be listed on a platform as big asKraken if we could get a number of likes, we were understandably happy. So, it was quite devastating when the promisewas not fulfilled even after we surpassed the number of likes that we were supposedto get. According to Business Insider, “Many usersquestioned why the exchange would make a pledge.

It did not intend to honour, while othersthreatened to delete their Kraken accounts. Yet others called on fans to have patience.” However, with the recent whale activity, itcould be that Kraken has already confirmed a listing that will soon be announced. If this is true, you can already imagine howthis would lead to a price pump for Shiba Inu. But if the whale activity has nothing to dowith a Kraken listing any time soon, it might have something to do with Robinhood listingthe token. But before we get into that, there’s somethingI want to quickly tell you.

This channel has a daily giveaway of 100,000SHIB. For a chance to participate in the giveaway,all you have to do is subscribe to this channel, like this video, and leave a comment below. #ShibaInu! Good luck! Ok, now to Robinhood. The possibility of Robinhood listing ShibaInu has been ongoing for a while now and I’ve covered that repeatedly on this channel. The press from Shib army has been consistentand under every Robinhood Tweet, you can expect.

To see hundreds of comments encouraging themto list the token. At this point, it is either Robinhood is ignoringShib army because something big is cooking or because they are not interested. But considering that the platform’s biggestmoney puller has been dropping in price and Shiba Inu has been performing, the possibilitythat something big is cooking with Robinhood is more likely. That said, with Kraken and Robinhood teasinga Shib listing, it really makes one wonder why none of them has actually taken a definitestep yet. Well, this might have something to do withthe CoinMarketCap error.

I’ve talked about this in a number of videosalready, but here’s a quick rundown for the newbies among us:Back in October, CoinMarketCap listed the wrong Total Circulating Supply for Shiba Inu. In fact, there is currently a petition beingcirculated to try to encourage CoinMarketCap to show the correct circulating supply. Right now, that petition has 583 signaturesout of a target 1,000 signatures. So, consider adding yours to keep things going. Anyway, it should be said that this is notthe first attempt to get CoinMarketCap to do the right thing.

Shiba Inu developers have reached out to theplatform on a number of occasions. The first time, the developers actually gota reply and the reply seemed favourable enough. They were told that a bug that developed becausethe CoinMarketCap engineers were moving to a new platform was the reason for the error. And that they would fix it as soon as possible. However, weeks later and the problem stillhasn’t been fixed, suggesting that the bug probably isn’t the problem. Now, for those that are wondering what thisissue has to do with both Kraken and Robinhood not listing Shiba Inu in spite of all thework that Shib army has put in, well, here’s.

Why. The US has very strict rules governing thetransaction of and in cryptocurrency. And something like a false published circulatingsupply could pose a problem for exchange platforms if they go ahead to list a crypto that hasone. This would have been easily resolved if itwas OK for the exchange platforms to reach out to crypto developers to verify their circulatingsupply. However, third parties like CoinMarketCapare necessary for ensuring authenticity and eliminating foul play. So, we are somewhat in a tricky situation.

If CoinMarketCap continues to refuse to verifythe total circulating supply of Shiba Inu, it might take a little longer for platformslike Kraken and Robinhood to list Shiba. But signing that petition is definitely somethingto do while we wait. Hopefully, it will encourage CoinMarketCapto actually rectify the obvious error. All of that said, there’s no need to getanxious. Bear in mind that both Kraken and Robinhoodare noticing Shiba Inu. They can see the excitement and enthusiasmof Shib army and they have to understand how this enthusiasm will translate into a boomfor their platforms. In fact, considering that they both have startedactively engaging with Shib army in their.

Own way, it is possible that a listing oneither of these exchange platforms will happen sooner than we expect. Nobody knows which will happen first or exactlywhen it will happen, but whichever it will be and whenever it will happen will be greatfor the Shib token and the Shib army as well. But for now, we continue to do what we do:buy and bring attention to the token. With that we come to the end of this video. If you enjoyed the video, then please likethis video and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section. This really helps me with the Youtube algorithm.

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