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At Humana, we strive to deliver everythingyou expect from your insurance company, but that's just thebeginning. What we do is more than health insurance,It's human care. Human care is about giving you more. More timeto understand your needs, more services that fit yourlife, and more ways to help you live the way you want. So, we've created this video to help you fullyunderstand your plan. Let's get started. As a new Humana member, you should have receivedseveral important plan documents in your mail.

Oremail, depending on how you choose to receive information from us. You can also view them anytime inyour secure MyHumana account. These important plan documents include yourSummary of Benefits, which is a short overview of yourbenefits. The information you need is just a click away! Visit to check detailsabout your plan, including benefits and costs. If you'd like a printed Evidence of Coverage,Provider Directory, or Drug List mailed to.

You, you canrequest one online, or call 1-800-457-4708, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please have your Humanamember ID card ready when you call, and when asked for the reason you've called, say Evidenceof Coverage, Drug List or Provider Directory. Your Humana member ID card was mailed separately. If you need help using our online tools, pleasecall the number on the back of your ID card. We're here to help.

Want more information about your MedicareAdvantage Plan? You can find it all in your secure onlineaccount called MyHumana. This is a very important part of your Humanamembership. MyHumanaprovides you with access to your plan information organized in one easily accessible place. Use MyHumana to find in-network doctors, getaccess to wellness programs and educational resources,view your healthcare spending and check the status of your claims. You can also choose to receivesome of your plan documents online instead.

Of mailed to your home and view them anytimein your account. To activate your MyHumana account, go to Each month you use your plan benefits andhave a claim, Humana will mail you a personalized statement called a SmartSummary. It includes the details about your medicalclaims and prescriptions filled in the past month. It also includes tips and suggestions on howyou may be able to lower monthly spending.

Members who have activated their MyHumanaaccount can view their SmartSummary Online. Next let's talk about payment premium options. If you enrolled in a plan with a premium,you can save time each month by setting up automatic payments. Available automatic payment methods includebank withdrawal, Social Security deductions, Railroad Retirement deductions, and creditor debit card payments. If you don't choose to set up automatic payments,we'll send you a coupon book. You can use thecoupon book to pay by check or money order.

Each month. You can also make payments by or by using the MyHumana mobile app. When you visit MyHumana you're able to reviewplan information and your SmartSummary to getsuggestions on how you might be able to lower your monthly spending. You can also set up automaticpayments with MyHumana. It's easy! When using MyHumana, if you have questions,you can use the.

Chat feature to get help finding what youneed. When it comes to your health, you're in control. It is important for you to have a primarycare doctor to help oversee your care and help you get anyimportant health screenings you may need throughout theyear. So, be sure to schedule an annual wellnessvisit with your doctor early in the year. A wellness visit is like a planning sessionwhere you and your doctor can spend time talking about yourhealth and your life. The two of you can create a plan for yourhealth to help you avoid or reduce the.

Effects of conditions like diabetes, heartdisease and obesity. It may also help educate you on how toreduce dangerous fall hazards and visits to the emergency room. Many Humana health plans coverthese Annual Wellness Visits at no additional cost to you. If you don't have a primary care physician,or need help finding one in your Humana network, don't worry! Visit to search fordoctors, hospitals and other facilities in your Humana network.

Or give us a call and we'll help you finda doctor that best fits your needs. It's really easy to use the online tools tofind a doctor or urgent care center. Just use your phone, tabletor computer and go to Then use the FindaDoctor search tool. If you've had a recent hospital stay or skillednursing facility stay, or if you have been diagnosed with achronic condition and you need help with meal planning and nutrition, check out the HumanaWell Dine program. Humana Well Dine may send you packaged, nutritionallycomplete, refrigerated meals that are ready.

To heat and eat from the microwave in 2 minutesor less. And, there are a variety of meal plansincluding general wellness, diabetic-friendly, pureed, lower sodium and more. Also provided is a guide tohealthy eating with tips on nutrition and health. Step it up with SilverSneakers! You've probably heard of this fitness program. With participating fitnessfacilities across the country, SilverSneakers can help you get more active, build strength,lose weight,.

Gain confidence and join in social activities. Not everything calls for a gym or a swimmingpool – SilverSneakers offers online classes and workshops,video on-demand workouts for home use, a fitness app and classes specifically for seniors. Most Humana Medicare Advantage plans includeSilverSneakers at no extra cost to you. To find outmore, visit or call 888-423-4632, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,Eastern time. You'll need your Humana member ID to activateyour membership. And in some areas, you can utilize servicesfrom Humana's Neighborhood Guidance Centers.

Thesecenters are a great resource to help support your health goals. Take advantage of one-on-one health and wellnesseducation. These free virtual or telephonicappointments are available with our health educators. Our qualified professionals can providecustomized education to help you achieve your best health. Call your Neighborhood center to schedulean appointment. You can also join Humana's community of freeonline classes and demos focused on achieving.

Your besthealth from the safety and comfort of your home. These classes are designed to help you stayconnected and improve physical and mental health during this challenging time. And if you havequestions about your benefits, or need help finding or changing providers, you can speakwith our onsite Customer Care specialist. You can enjoy free online health and wellnessclasses through Humana. Stay safely connected andspend more time being active.

Take advantage of mail-delivery pharmacies. Your plan includes access to preferred cost-sharingpharmacies, including Humana Pharmacy, which may save you money on certain prescriptions. And,with Humana Pharmacy, you can get your medications shipped safely to your door so you can staysafe at home. Get Tier 1 and 2 medicines delivered for $0for a 90-day supply. Receive refill reminders by email, text orphone – you decide. And, you can be confident in Humana Pharmacy's free standard shipping in.

Discreet, temperature-controlled packaging. No driving to the pharmacy or waiting in line. Otherpharmacies are also available in our network. Another great part of some Humana plans includesa monthly or quarterly allowance for over-the-counter items such as vitamins, pain relievers, coughand cold medicines. Check your plan's evidence ofcoverage for more information about over-the-counter benefits or visit your MyHumana online account. We hope the information we've shared withyou today was helpful. Thank you for choosing Humana!.


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