iPhone SE (2022) Impressions and Green iPhone 13 Reactions

Apple is refreshing the iphone sc with better battery life a new processor and stronger glass on the front and back oh and they also announced a new green version of the iphone 13 and 13 pro let's talk about everything iphone from apple's march event apple kicked things off by showing a new.

Color for the iphone 13 and 13 pro alpine green it's a little reminiscent of the 11 pro that came in midnight green a few years ago but what the big deal here is not the fact that there's a new color because typically apple launches a regular iphone in a different color in the spring like last year we got the.

Purple iphone 12. but what's interesting here is that the 13 pro is getting the alpine green treatment now keep in mind that the iphone 13 has a glossy back with matte aluminum sides while the 13 pro has a matte back with glossy stainless steel sides i am particularly excited to see that iphone 13 pro in alpine green in person and i.

Probably won't have to wait long since both the iphone 13 and 13 pro in green launch on friday march 11th check out the description for links to each product but let's talk about the iphone s e for all intents and purposes it's a very similar design to the.

Previous 2020 version of the iphone se but there are some big changes on the inside and some subtle changes on the outside the iphone se has always had three big appeals to it it's always had the lowest price for any new iphone it's always been one of the smallest iphones you can buy and recently it's been the only iphone with a home button that.

Apple sells the original iphone se launched in 2016 and cost 399. the body was an iphone 5s body with the insides of the iphone 6 and it was an unexpected hit people love this thing in 2020 they refreshed the iphone se and it now had essentially an iphone 8 body with the iphone 11s a13.

Chip inside and they still kept that 3.99 price but here's where we have our first change the new 2022 iphone se costs 429 dollars and we'll talk about that price difference in a second it still has the classic iphone 8 design with a big forehead and big chin but it also still keeps that home button and touch id which i think is great the.

Glass on the front and back of the new iphone is actually an upgrade it's the same glass used on the back of the iphone 13. and apple says this is the toughest glass of any smartphone and if you're wondering about ceramic heel it's not on the iphone sc it's still only on the 13 13 pro and the 12 and 12 pro and technically ceramic field isn't glass.

But that's a whole nother video so on the inside the new iphone sc has an a15 bionic processor and it's the same ship that's used in the iphone 13 and boy oh boy does this chip bring some hearty improvements in fact apple claims it's faster than its smartphone competitors which to be honest actually is that's an accurate.

Statement because most android budget phones use a slower processor to drop that price down and that's slower compared to the iphone but also slower compared to flagship android phones apple claimed cpu performance with the new se is 1.8 times faster than the iphone 8 and that gpu performance is 2.2 times faster while not every aspect of.

The new iphone sc will use all that power it does give you some insurance if you buy it that it's going to be supported with ios updates for years and years to come but let's talk about the cameras and the iphone sc has a single 12 megapixel rear camera now there are plenty of budget android phones that have two three even four rear cameras.

But i would and i've said this in other reviews i would much rather have a single good if not great camera on the back of the phone rather than having two or three mediocre cameras on the back of a budget phone just so you could say you have a lot and on the front of the iphone se is a 7 megapixel selfie camera but it's that a15 bionic ship that.

Brings some major improvements to the cameras including advanced features like smart hdr4 photographic styles and deep fusion processing the new iphone sc has 5g support that means you're future-proofed on the 5g front for a while that also means you can make hd facetime video calls on wi-fi or 5g and for those 5g nerds out there let me just.

Say that the iphone sc does not have millimeter wave support i don't think this is a negative at all because remember the iphone se is all about that low price and if we look at android phones typically an android phone with millimeter wave support costs more than the same phone without it the addition of 5g usually indicates that a phone's.

Going to get a little less battery life but apple claims the opposite is true here in fact they're saying that the new iphone sc is going to get two hours longer battery life on a charge and they say that's largely because of the efficiencies that come from the a15 chip as well as ios 15 as well as the addition of a larger physical battery.

Inside the phone i am very excited to test that out but for all of the upgrades there are plenty of things that remain unchanged on the iphone se and let's start with the fact that it has a home button with touch id but that means it also lacks face id the 4.7 inch lcd screen on the front of the phone is the same one found.

In the 2020 iphone se as well as the iphone 8 which came out in 2017. the iphone sc's body is rated ip67 for water and dust resistance but it lacks magsafe charging now it does support wireless charging and it actually does support 20 watt fast charging using the usbc lighting cable that comes in the box but you do have to buy an.

Additional separate power brick now speaking of what comes the box there's not much you get the phone you get documentation and you get that aforementioned lightning to usb c cable what's fun about that is you get a very fast cable the downside is if you only have your old power brick the 5 watt one for your.

Old iphone it's not going to work with the new cable i mean it will work with your old cable and that will work in the new phone but it won't charge it as fast as well the potential that's there you just have to spend more money now when you put all this together the new iphone sc costs 429 which i.

Mentioned before and that's 30 more than the previous models of the iphone se now there's not a specific reason for the price increase but this could be because 5g modems cost more it could be because of inflation but when you compare it to other 5g budget phones on the android side of things it actually lines up really well for example the motorola g.

Stylus 5g cost 400 and google's pixel 5a 5g phone costs 449 and finally in terms of colors the iphone se comes in three colors midnight aka black starlight aka white and product red you can pre-order the iphone se starting friday march 11th and it will be available starting friday march.

18th now i want to hear from you guys what do you think of the new iphone se and what do you think of these green versions of the iphone 13 and 13 pro i think they look kind of cool excited to see them in person also have you ever owned an iphone se before if so mention it in the comments which one you had and also let me know what you liked about it.

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