Is Costco home insurance any good?

So you went to costco and you were looking for the great deals on the meat and the fresh food and the produce and then all of a sudden you walked out the door and you had a new auto and home insurance policy well that's it costco now sells home and auto insurance they've actually been selling it for.

Years so the companies that they're using are actually pretty reputable and we'll go over those in this video right now the whole topic that we're going to talk about and discuss today is is the costco insurance or as they call connect insurance which is through.

American family insurance it's worth it is it a good company to go with i'm going to answer that and give you some likes and dislikes about those right now before we answer that we have to dive in a little bit further to find out what company is costco insurance through because i can tell you right now it's not costco.

It used to be called ameriprise which ameriprise was its own entity well a company that purchased ameriprise or took over that name is american family insurance so you're technically buying a version of american family insurance now that company has been pretty decent they've been ranked fairly well across.

The board in the top companies in the u.s there's a couple things that you should know about them before you decide whether they're a fit for you i'm going to try to be careful that i don't keep saying american family because technically they're two different entities.

It's underwritten which means the company that writes all the rules and approves all the policies is american family connect and that's their new name they removed the ameriprise portion which had a bad name in my opinion because it was costco brand it was like the name that.

People expect to get the cheapest deals and when you're talking about insurance which is hundreds of thousands of dollars do you really want the cheapest thing you can find because it usually comes at a cost of coverage that's the first question i have for you guys is let me know in.

The comments below do you think that the cost is dependent on the cost of the coverage i'm curious because a lot of people do feel that way and i've talked to a lot of them in my past 10 years of being an agent i know that cost is a major factor some people like one of my neighbors i've.

Actually had a conversation they don't care they just don't trust in the industry they think it's a scam and they want the cheapest thing possible they'll pay the out of pocket themselves other people like myself see the benefit to a point there's some stuff that gets ridiculous.

But in the majority of it all it's a benefit to protect you in case of a major loss so this one was a little bit crazy because i went into a little bit of a rabbit hole i encourage you guys to add additional research and leave it in the comments below if you had anything.

To add in this but this one got my mind working a little bit i'm going to show you an example these are the web browsers that i went through just to find there's about 12 of them to even get the tiniest detail of what i needed for this video enough.

Blabber let's talk about connect insurance so connect insurance is american family insurance and that company is anywhere from a 1.7 star rated and we're going to go over that in a moment to a four and a half star rated company so there's a lot of good and a lot of negative.

And we're going to dive in because i read every single review on the 1.7 star just to see what people were really talking about as far as the auto goes there's nothing special it's just another company that goes through basic insurance quotes and gives you a price and that's that the only thing that i don't like about.

Them is they've acquired according to the research i had that they acquired the general and the general is a non-standard that's a fancy way for saying we want the high risk only the high risk we don't want the really good risk so if you're typically.

A really good home really good credit a few autos all of that stuff you might be the perfect fit for anybody they're going to give you a good deal but now you're bundled in with all of the high-risk people so there's a little bit more research that i recommend you guys do.

Before you make that decision now as far as the home goes the home is a little bit more detailed also a little bit bland there's not a huge bunch of benefits endorsements that you can add on but they've got to remember their clientele is typically shopping through either a costco or.

Through an online promotion of a costco not to say the typical costco client is the high risk or anything like that because a lot of them aren't in most cases they're pretty savvy people that just want really good rates they want good products and that's what costco tries to provide well i think.

They have a little bit of a miss in this section because of the reviews i've read over the company really good ones and really bad ones there's not really an in between which is something that you usually find you usually find when you're looking at reviews like there's a lot of people that hate the company which is common.

Every company gets that insurance they don't go online to say great things as often and then a few people love the company and then there's a bunch of in-between people this one's just black and white they either hate them or they love them looking at the.

American family connect they have your basic home policy i actually tried to do a quote with them but because i'm in michigan they don't want to insure michigan in general they don't deny you but what they do is they refer you to another company which in my case it was called midvale insurance.

Never heard of them before tried to look them up couldn't find any information so i kind of ended it at that point i'm not going to dig that far into an unknown company if you were saving money with american family connect or the ameriprise or the costco brand version of insurance.

I personally wouldn't lean in that route until they start fixing some of those reviews the biggest things that i noticed was that people were complaining against the customer service and that is a make or break for me you have to have good customer service mainly because when you call an agency.

I challenge you google insurance near me call five companies every one of those in those top five are going to say well the reason you should go with me is because i have really good customer service i have really good customer service i have really good customer service and until you find those people that.

Have been trained by me they find reasons that they're better than just customer service why and what benefit do you give a customer because everybody has great customer service if you have a negative review because of customer service there's a big problem there now most of.

The reviews were from wallet hub which is a pretty major player in the blogging industry for insurance so it got 60 reviews it got a 1.7 star up to 5 stars and 60 of those reviews which was not great i dove through each of them and i read through them and a lot of them were just junk they.

Were just other people that got hit by american family owners or the american family connect insureds and it took them almost a year to get the payout i don't know about the customer that was with american family connect versus the one that was injured or impacted.

The other ones were customers that were more so complaining that the customer service was bad that was the majority of it and the last few that were complaining was more so that they had older roofs or they had things that needed to be updated on the homes and the american family connect version was very picky.

So a lot of people had to either replace their homes or there was a claim due to a falling roof and they didn't want to cover more than a thousand dollars of the roof and they felt that they were cheated in other words that's more of a situational piece because it's tough to determine.

With just looking at the reviews the one-sided portion because i want to give american family connect the ability to have a rebuttal or at least have their side of the story told i've seen it time and time again where somebody has a 30 year old roof that's 25 years old and they think it's fine and then all of.

A sudden a storm comes through ruins the roof and they think that it's completely covered when it's not because if you have a 30 year old roof that's 20 that was supposed to be pla replaced 10 years ago or five years ago your insurance company is not going to lean towards that unless there's some.

Proof that the shingles weren't rotted and they weren't deteriorated so i can see that part of it but i can also see the customer side because of the other negative reviews that makes it look worse just because of the fact that you just don't know which one to trust.

On the other hand you've got nerd wallet and costco which has 60 positive reviews and nerd wallet i think was close to a four star and those were really positive where there are some really good things that people have to say about the coverages and claims going through and dealing with people where they did.

Get good customer service so which one do you believe that's where i toss the reviews out because in this case the reviews didn't give us enough data to determine what was good here's what i'm looking at anytime a company even on their own website.

Is getting a 60 review if they're not getting 80 or 90 i personally would cautiously tell you to read through a handful of reviews before you switch to make sure that you're a fit if you find a lot of reviews where people are saying situations where you.

Are likely to have that situation come up then i wouldn't do it i would walk away or stay with the company that you're still with if you don't see a connection where people are talking about their roofs and yours isn't old and yours is new and you've got everything fit and it's great.

Then sure why not if you're saving a few hundred dollars and you think you're a fit for them there isn't enough to say that they're a bad company either so let me know what you guys think i'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below have you been with either costco or ameriprise or or american family connect have you been.

With the general what are your thoughts on all of those companies if you guys want a more in-depth review because american family is the primary company this is a very similar situation we ran into about a year ago when i did a review on american family so if you're interested in watching the.

Review for american family i will link that up here otherwise i'd love your opinions on what we just went over definitely hit the thumbs up if you liked the video thumbs down if you hated it or if you're interested in learning more about insurance how to save money and time with your policy.

Definitely hit the subscribe button otherwise i'm mark with think insurance i'll see you in the next one

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