Is this Crypto Metaverse VR Token the next MOONSHOT?

Sensorium is building a virtual reality VR metaverse around their crypto token SENSO and will be hosting VR concerts and much more bringing the digital age to the blockchain!
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Virtual Reality VR is without a doubt the future, but it is still very early for VR and in a similar way it’s still very early for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Sensorium is building a metaverse virtual reality hosting VR concerts and much more powered by their own SENSO token let’s review them to see if this is the next crypto moonshot!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A moonshot crypto for digital metaverse?
01:44 The VR future and opportunities
03:03 What is Sensorium and Senso token?
04:01 The Axie moonshot?
04:35 Sensorium features and partnerships
05:46 Biggest token burn ever?
05:58 Senso token features
07:40 Sesno tokenomics
08:41 Use case of Senso token
09:20 Where to find Senso token?
10:34 Is Senso the next big VR-crypto?

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