thank everybody for watching crypto revolution we talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the market today in crypto bitcoin all right so zoomed in for our chart so understand that there's this trend line that's been respected.

Multiple times now bitcoin's down at this same trend line if the bulls don't get a bounce here essentially there's a small falling broadening wedge which is supposed to break higher right 68 chance if it doesn't parabolic drop and you potentially test the lows the range lows 32 33 000 okay.

So i mean you're watching bitcoin here needs to hold on the spx got killed today stock markets got completely destroyed bitcoin didn't have amazing days trying to put in some bullish price action but you have to wonder if this is a bearish retest of this see this red line point of control point of control point of.

Control is this a bearish retest and then you get downside out of that so it's just it's really tough trading conditions right now this is a bunch of chop this is a bitcoin one-hour chart we've been nailing a lot of these short-term setups i had uh got a few days of rest and relaxation.

And much needed this bitcoin bull trap we called this and the downside that ensued has been evident and obvious so understand anytime you see a trap if you're opening up longs here and you're like oh i'm about to buy the breakout and you get trapped all you do is you open up a short based on this idea everything.

Changes whenever you get trapped in a trade it's fine just go the other way and so then we talked about if this level doesn't hold then more downside here you are the big one was down here at 37 330. then uh there you got this bearish retest but you're again you're still in this.

Falling broadening wedge but you have to wonder number one you need a for sure a move to the upper trend line up here otherwise it's weak so again bitcoin bulls you got to show me something different that's just where i'm at like you bitcoin you got to do something different than what you've been doing because it hasn't been amazing.

Bitcoin bulls you want to build any type of bullish case bitcoin bulls need to break 39 forty thousand level if you if you want any type of upside out of bitcoin you've gotta break the ceiling i've got some amazing shout outs to give in my trading group this person.

He just picked up a mclaren he's excited to drive to vegas but and he's short and he's short in the market that's where the money's at and he said you have no idea this is all because of what you taught me he i'm a multi-millionaire again because of you multi-millionaire.

Banging seven digit portfolio everything changes this person he paid off his last debt today he's a hundred percent debt free thanks to the group in 20 years he has always had debt but now all debts paid off that's the last thing you want you do not want to be in any debt get everything paid off when you first come into this market you.

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Email me crypto bitcoinchris on twitter i was talking about how make sure follow me over there crypto btc underscore chris russian ruble is is just getting completely destroyed right now destroyed versus the dollar the dollar is strong against the russian ruble it's i'm sure the people in you know.

Definitely my heart goes out to the people that are affected negatively by what's happening over in the ukraine and the entire bull market all you heard was don't be don't have paper hands don't have paper hands don't have paper hands well guess what if you.

Had paper hands and you took profits and you sold this is what paper hands looks like right now this is this is paper handing it right here this is the paper that you're holding something that's important to understand about taking losses in this market when big losses are more difficult to.

Recover you need you need capital to work with treat every dollar like it's your last right you take a 10 percent loss and you need 11 gain to break even right you take a 50 percent loss you need a hundred percent gains you need to double your money to break even you take a 90 hit.

You need 900 percent gains in order to just break even this in bear markets and crypto in general are devastating bitcoin historically drops 85 alt coins 90 95 98 99 they get completely destroyed no one even cares about all coins when.

This market is bearish like it just everything just gets destroyed i went through this too i went everything that you're going through i've been there i've dealt with it personally i'm average joe crypto i started from the absolute bottom to get to where i'm at.

Right so just know if i can do this you can do this too this graphic really says it best the capacity to learn is a gift the ability to learn is a skill the willingness to learn is a choice you have to make this choice there's a point in this market where you either.

Break and fold and just quit or you choose to learn period it's it's one or the other make the choice to learn period you just watch this channel and i saw it about hey join the group watch this channel watch the watch make sure and watch the youtubers.

That offer a good education but you can watch stock traders that's why i learned to trade this market i watch stock traders i don't want to watch a bunch of youtubers with these huge biases that are putting out all this bullish nonsense when the market's getting crushed right you want listen to.

People that give you an unbiased opinion like the market's not always rainbows sunshine and daisies and then you just have to follow those who are realistic even though let's face it it's not amazing to sit here and watch this market when it's not doing well so this is pretty crazy i said.

Write this down elon musk came out and said i hate to say it this is elon musk the creator of tesla who sells cars that run on electricity who will do insanely well based on this oil shortage and price increase.

He says united states needs to immediately start producing more oil extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures this negatively affects tesla the stock market is not in a good position and we've talked about this gas is mooning.

We talked about that gold is mooning metals are mooning copper is breaking all-time highs like it's crazy how well you can understand this market you you follow the money flow but it's pretty amazing to see what goals.

Oil natural gas are doing metals are doing when the stock market gets completely destroyed you have to shift your money and your mindset and we talked about this exact idea especially a rising wedge 68 chance this breaks.

To the downside if this support doesn't hold you'll get a lower low and this spx will get completely destroyed and drag bitcoin lower spx played out exactly like the percentages said you know this is the most empowering skill that i've ever imagined would exist.

Because so many people are terrible at it so many people don't understand it but the rules are pretty simple and then this is not about predicting but understand that trading this market is when you're when you're wrong essentially it's a fake out and you go the other direction and you just have to.

Identify that hey this is a fake out let me react to this and you can flip short or long based on these ideas like this market i've never been so successful trading this market this is bitcoin dominance this is not good for the all coins this parabola i'm watching this parabola if this thing breaks higher.

All coins will get crushed you want to see bitcoin dominance break to the downside for some all coin relief period so we're watching this you use it when you load up on all coins when this thing starts to trend lower and money flows into the altcoins it's that simple joe biden this is big like we all have to pay attention to this binance is.

Going to sign a crypto order as the industry faces sanctions pressure so they're saying hey russia's working around they're circumventing all these restrictions all these sanctions that have been levied against it there's they're potentially going to circumvent.

It with cryptocurrencies you do not want the united states government to come out and think that russia is using crypto or bitcoin specifically to work around sanctions that's just not what we want to come out but this order that's going to be given is going to direct federal agencies to.

Examine potential regulatory changes the concern is national security and they want to know about the economic impact of digital assets in the white house is set to put itself at the center of the us crypto policy and this is about to unfold it's been in the works since last year it's going to require federal agencies across the government.

To report later this year what they're doing regarding digital assets okay so this is just basically going to be a meeting of the minds when this happens a lot's going to unfold if you're in the united states you have to pay attention to this this is going to potentially shake the market however long term do we need some.

Type of regulations do we need some type of protection against these just there's so many scams in this market these these coins empty promises right never happen they're securities it's a security right it's an unlicensed security people in the united states are supposed to be.

Protected from this idea however there's obviously a lot of upside if you know what you're doing but if you don't know what you're doing which most people don't they throw their money at this market and they believe or they feel or they have.

Intense emotions about what's going to play out and they lose a ridiculous amount of money in this market you cannot get emotionally invested in anything in this market gem picks are gem picks until they roll over period hype fomo rally and then sell it.

That's all it is you cannot ride the downtrends in crypto and that's obvious now if you've been riding the downtrends like they're not friendly if you guys like the content that i provide on a daily basis be sure to subscribe to the channel like the video leave a comment in the comment box.

Thanks so much i'll see you guys tomorrow

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