KSL Investigates: How To Find A Missing Life Insurance Policy

Billions of dollars from misplaced or forgotten life insurance policies in the united states are waiting to be claimed by their rightful beneficiaries so could you be owed a life insurance payout that you don't even know about ksl consumer investigator matt gephardt joins us live right now matt you've been.

Looking into just how folks can find out if they're missing out absolutely mike this all started with a call from a blanding woman who is pretty sure that her mom had life insurance before she passed away but for the life of her she cannot seem to track it down.

Can we help you ask ksl investigates september 1955 was a big month gunsmoke began its 20-year run on ksl velcro was patented and vernetta saunderager bought a life insurance policy here in salt lake city she was what i figured about 34 years old rova bowering is vernetta's daughter she.

Was very vivacious she loved to do everything relva's mom passed away in october now she had her mom's insurance documents but she could not track down the insurer national public service insurance company her letter to them was returned there's no trace of the company on the.

Internet even a pal in the insurance industry could not help just kind of hit a lot of dead ends and just kind of got discouraged so relva emailed us can insurance companies just vanish you ask ksl investigates knowing that the defunct agency was headquartered in seattle.

We looked it up with the washington state insurance department and we found ownership had indeed changed we pointed relva to the american amicable life insurance she called them up and bingo they had her mama's policy i just really didn't know where to go with.

This we received several calls with people trying to find life insurance policies utah's deputy insurance commissioner tanji northrup says beneficiaries often do not know company names locations or dates that policies were issued but even.

When an insurance agency shuts down entirely payouts still exist the state does have the life and health guarantee association and so if there is an active policy they may have benefits available to them through the guaranty association northrop says if you can't find a policy.

Contact the insurance department of the state where it was issued and try the national life insurance policy locator and then they send that information out to insurers and then insurers will respond and say you know we have that policy you know the best way to avoid these.

Sorts of headaches is have those awkward conversations before it's too late if you have a life insurance policy make sure your loved ones know if you have somebody in your family who's getting a little older talk to them about it before it turns into a hunt for you to track it down.


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