Hey guys! Today’s video promises to be packed fullof a ton of information and huge, bullish updates. A lot has happened in such a short time andI consider it my duty to inform you on all of that so you make your best investment decisions. In here, I’ve got a very brief recap ofthe last SafeMoon AMA. However, I won’t be dwelling on that forlong because like the topic of the video suggests, I have bigger news on SafeMoon’s Binancelisting. Trust me, guys, this is good stuff.

So, make sure you stick around and watch thisvideo completely to the very end. Disclaimer. This is a giveaway winner from yesterday. Also, if you are interested in getting pricepredictions and crypto news literally every hour, then join my Telegram channel. What’s up, SafeMoon Army and welcome backto the channel. If it’s your first time, a special welcometo you. Also, you want to go ahead and click the subscribebutton as well as the bell icon so you’re notified once a new video is uploaded to thechannel.

Alright, with that said, let’s get straightinto today’s video. Like I told you, today’s video is packedand we don’t have any time to lose. Let’s begin with the SafeMoon AMA recap. But like I said, I won’t be doing a fullrecap in this video. I’ll just point out a few hidden clues andhints you probably missed during the AMA. So, you’ve got to watch this video to theend if you want to see how all these hints and clues lead up to Binance. Alright, first off, the SafeMoon dev teamhas announced a partnership with Unicrypt, which is a multichain decentralized protocolsand services network.

The platform provides liquidity lockers, tokenvesting, farming and staking. Basically, Unicrypt will be working with SafeMoonon the V2 migration, ensuring that the process is safe and secure. Thanks to this partnership, the SafeMoon Armycan expect a possible migration to V2 in a couple of weeks. And for those who are still unclear aboutthe whole V2 business and how it will work, there will be educational materials providedbeforehand. So, don’t worry. There was also news about the SafeMoon Exchangewhich is currently in the works.

Ryan is working on the tech part with otherdevelopers and significant progress has been made. The regulatory items required have also beenclearly outlined. We’ll get more info about that in a fewweeks. Of course the turbines. We asked for a video and the video has finallybeen released. You can check it out on the official SafeMoonFacebook Business Page or on John’s Twitter. And as for the SafeMoon Blockchain, the targetis still December. But if anything changes, and it might, theSafeMoon Army will definitely be informed.

Beforehand. Finally for the AMA recap, the team announcedthat there are many innovations coming down the line, especially in the macro IoT space. It’s not clear what the roadmap would looklike for now because of competition. The team is also looking for how to keep thecommunity informed without compromising their intellectual property. And yes, the macro IoT plans live in the DarkMoon. If you don’t know what Dark Moon means,then you might want to check out my previous videos for better understanding.

Alright, before we get into the serious news. Something hilarious happened during the SafeMoonAMA and it might have turned one former random SafeMoon holder to an overnight celebrity. Even SafeMoonWarrior tweeted it through theofficial handle. Apparently, the SafeMoon Army member, RojasBarcenass, now more famously known as the Car Wash Guy, was just about to shoot hisquestion to the team. But then he asked to be given half a minuteto get himself together because he was currently at the car wash. It’s funnier when you hear it from the horse’smouth, actually.

So, check it out yourself. Anyway, in their usual jovial manner, theSafeMoon Army has gone ahead to turn this guy into a meme legend. There are now tons of memes around the CarWash Guy. This one says “I want to speak with SafeMoonManager.” Another one says “AMA but your car is dirty.” Hilarious stuff. Anyway, said guy, Rojas, seems to be a goodsport as he has taken the jokes in good stride. In fact, he has changed his name on Twitterto Rojas SafeMoon Car Wash Guy and appears.

To be having a fun time with all the memes. Even Captain HODL has had a good laugh too. But he did admit that Rojas had great questionsand input. Alright, let’s get into serious businessabout Binance. I hope you’re ready. First off, CEO John Karony announced two upcomingexchange listings for SafeMoon during the last AMA. A redditor in the SafeMoon subreddit revealedthis yesterday, saying that CEO John Karony just confirmed that SafeMoon is finalizinga deal with an exchange and another one is.

In the works. Another redditor also confirmed this. So, could this be Binance and some other exchange? Well, keep watching to find out. Shortly after it circulated all over the SafeMoonCommunity that Karony had announced two exchange listings for SafeMoon, information appearedthat ZT was listing SafeMoon. Check out this tweet. #SafeMoon The top #7 exchange in the world(ZT) by trading volume lists us on their own and there are still two more listings coming.

How do you feel? Naturally, speculations ran wild that ZT wasone of the exchanges Karony had said would be listing SafeMoon soon. However, they were all wrong as the tweetexplains that ZT listed SafeMoon entirely on its own. Plus, the tweet also says that there are stilltwo more listings on the way. John Karony also confirms this in a messageto the official SafeMoon Discord. He says,Just a heads up, ZT exchange does not support tokenomics nor have we been in contact withthem.

I was not talking about them when I was talkingabout exchange listings. They did this on their own. So, if ZT isn’t one of the exchanges Karonytalked about, then what are the two exchanges? I’m curious to hear what your thoughts arein the comment section. However, there’s a speculation going aroundthat one of them might be Binance. And I think there might be some merit to thatspeculation. But before I tell you why I think this isa likely possibility, here’s a very important announcement. This channel has a daily giveaway of 1 millionSafeMoon.

For a chance to become a SafeMoon millionaire,all you have to do is be subscribed to this channel, like this video, and comment #SafeMoon. Good luck! Alright, back to the video, and here’s whyI think that the speculation that Binance might be one of the two exchanges Karony talkedabout. If you’ve been watching my past videos,you definitely already know some of these hints and clues. But I’m going to be bringing all of themtogether so you can see them very clearly and connect the dots.

First off, Binance seems to be getting allfriendly with SafeMoon on Twitter when before now it was mostly indifferent toward the SafeMoonArmy. We first noticed it when CoinMarketCap startedto respond to some tweets from the official SafeMoon Twitter handle. As you probably already know, CoinMarketCapis owned by Binance after the latter acquired the former during a merger. Besides that, CoinMarketCap also made a tweeta couple of weeks ago in which it mentioned the word “tokenomics.” Tokenomics is a word introduced into the cryptoindustry by SafeMoon.

Seeing CMC using the word gave more hintsthat Binance was making some hidden plans for SafeMoon. But these are even more crazy hints. Hold on. A certain redditor revealed in the SafeMoonsubreddit a few days ago that, at the time, SafeMoon was trending number one on Binance. You obviously see what’s crazy about this. SafeMoon isn’t even listed on Binance yet! Imagine how insane that is!.

Was this a hint all along? Well, wait until you see this final hint andtell me what you think. On October 20, it was discovered that SafeMoon’strade page on Binance was cached by Google. SafeMoonWarrior even tweeted it that day. Although it definitely didn’t mean we werelisted, it does reveal strong intention on the part of Binance. I went ahead to check out what it means forGoogle to cache a page and it reveals some very important clues. Now, all websites that we can access on Googleare stored on remote servers.

For Google to be able to provide us with searchresults when we run a search, Googlebot visits websites, crawls through the content and thenindexes them. This suggests that the SafeMoon trade pageon Binance wasn’t a fluke. The page was actually created, else Googlebotwouldn’t have been able to crawl through it. Seeing this, you can’t help but see thehandwriting on the wall, like the old adage says. But hey, for now, all of this remains speculation,and we are not going to be finding out about these two exchanges anytime soon either.

Karony has expressly said he will not be sayingmore about the two exchanges. When someone asked in the official SafeMoonDiscord whether SafeMoon will get listed on major exchanges during this alt run, Karonyresponded by telling the community to relax. In his words, “when we list, we list.” It’s not the first time CEO Karony has expressedhis non-anxious approach toward SafeMoon getting listed on major exchanges. Captain HODL appears to have bigger plansfor SafeMoon than getting listed on centralized exchanges. And whatever he’s doing appears to be workingbecause SafeMoon has been growing even without.

These coveted listings. So, what do you think? Do let me know your thoughts and commentsin the comment section. If you enjoyed this video, then please likethis video and leave a comment in the comment section. This really helps me with the Youtube algorithm. If you are a true SafeMoon fan, then you mustcheck out this video.

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