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Delta dental has the largest network of dentists in the nation that makes it easy for you to protect your smile and whether you are seeking routine care like cleanings or more complex procedures our dental network makes it easy and more affordable.

we want and encourage you to use your preventive services there is a strong scientific link between excellent oral care and overall health and well-being in fact a simple oral exam can help your dentist detect signs of more than 120 diseases.

Including heart disease and diabetes and some health conditions can even have an impact on your oral health making it even more important to visit your dentist a dental plan from delta dental gives you and your family the freedom to choose.

Any dentist however visiting a dentist that participates in our delta dental premier or delta dental ppo networks offers added benefits what's the difference both networks provide savings and eliminate additional charges such as balance.

Billing but delta dental premier offers a greater selection with over 79 of dentists in the nation included in network while delta dental ppo has higher out-of-pocket savings check your plan to review the available networks and choose which makes the most sense for you.

Need help finding a dentist just visit us at deltadentalsc.com and use our easy search tool once your benefits become active in our system you can visit the member section of the delta dental of south carolina website.

To create your personal member portal account the portal gives you access to everything you need to maximize your benefits that allows you to receive your explanation of benefits documents electronically in a world where people want.

Real-time access to information our mobile app allows you to do so our mobile app is available in the apple app store or google play store just search delta dental with it you can view your id card see your coverage and claims find a dentist and even see an estimate.

Of what your dental procedure will cost we want to serve your needs in your preferred form whether the web our mobile app or a phone call we are happy to take your call and make it easy to do so you can always give us a call at 800-335-8266.

And one of our responsive team members will help with any questions you have in conclusion we'd like to say thank you the dental marketplace is competitive and that competitive environment benefits you we work especially hard to gain your.

Trust through outstanding networks robust products and award-winning customer service we appreciate your business you

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