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Just when you think you're doing fine it it really opens your eyes about I think a lot of us live in the present when it comes to our finances and we worry about the future when it comes the FAA revealed that Joe and Missy were under protected on the income protection side they had had some coverage but they were they had about half of what they needed.

Actually a little bit less than half of what they needed and also revealed they needed to be doing some more saving for retirement some emergency fund funding needed to be happening they had some things going for the kids for college but still more needed to be implemented that where we were now was just fine we really didn't think about where we need.

To be because we were so young Joe and miss he wanted to make sure that their foundation of their financial house was taken care of which was having proper income protection in place protection the that's the big word is protection Joanne and I would have never ever ever seen this coming he for someone who's so healthy to have this.

Disaster happened to him I would have ever never ever thought that he was gonna die at 31 ever um he'd never had any chronic illnesses so and it's kind of funny when you're signing up for life insurance you think oh well we're never gonna need this we're never going to use this gave the mortgage or how we gonna pay for this car what am I gonna do.

About the kids education I don't have to worry about that at all and it is such a relief and it helps me to grieve appropriately and grieve for my husband versus for the entire mess that would have been left if this was not taken care of this is just one of those things that you got to have in place if you think about it you protect a hunk of.

Metal in your driveway right to protect your home why not protect the most important thing out there which is which is your family's livelihood god forbid something were to happen to you prematurely I'm just so grateful I'm so grateful that we met Eric I'm so grateful that I am taking care of that my kids are taking care of that I don't.

Have to work as hard in my job to meet the needs that like if Joe left they didn't have his protection then we're going to be okay you

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