List Of Coinmarketcap 💲Upcoming Airdrops (Coinmarketcap Airdrop) – Free Airdrop Crypto 2021 🔥

Welcome back guys uh live on command cacap here he says i'm participating now i could see exclusive and crypto wardrobes so on this picture you see the list of airdrops currently ongoing upcoming and the ones that have ended already then you can also see the ones that you've participated in.

So uh for this tutorial video i'm gonna be looking at the upcoming videos of coming in uh air drops on live on commander cab so this is an overview of the upcoming aircrafts of all the airdrops so i'm going to click on this icon that says an upcoming.

So once you click on the uh icon there it's going to take you directly to the list of our combinator so first on the list here we have a pure fee and pfi uh protocol there's ufe are giving it to 2 000 winners you can see known the new number of people that has.

Participated already or the total drop amount is 100 000 ufi tokens and starts in 10 hours we also have a alado rnbw token i have it for 4 000 winners giving it to about 140 140 000 rombw and tokens.

It's only starting in august 23 to have permission to kin coin ask 1 000 winners and they're giving it to one point one million twenty two hundred and fifty million twenty two hundred fifteen thousand hours tokens.

And then seven days time almost twenty three so we have it spawned here beast bomb protocol spwn token uh or spawn token two thousand winners two million spawns that's what they are giving out and it's going to start in its days time as a record in this video.

Uh august 24th precisely 2021 rpg's reward token here brt 2000 years 105 000 brt tokens in nine days time so stick bank finance uh spf and you need to ten thousand years i think this is the highest on this list uh 4.7 million.

Sbf tokens so i think steamboat finance has the highest number of and talking giveaway to these number of people and the price price is there already uh it's already listed that's the price value so it's starting in 12 this time august 28 then we have total finance three.

Two thousand winners uh hundred thousand three tokens in 20 days time september fifth so guys uh after we've dropped the update on these particular jobs how to get them so all you need to do is check out previous videos so you can get access to these tokens check them inside your assessor is taking time.

To be among the first people to uh participate in these eight drops immediately they kick off so yes group this update is helpful to you uh on commander cap you see lots of airdrops are there you you your chances of getting them of.

Receiving them are higher because the airdrops are usually legit although there's no guarantee that you might be getting any share from these uh you might be part of the winners but so long you've done your partner name fulfilled the old steps your chances of.

Being selected uh increases so guys peace out guys i hope these are all of these efforts you'll be dropping the links in the description box below so you can get directly on this page and don't forget to sign up guys if this is your first time coming to our youtube channel.

And for those who have been with us from the beginning thanks so much thank you for being with us and uh you can drop your comments in the comment section box below we'll be attending to all your comments and your requests you can make your video request uh peace out guys one day once your bar keys.


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