Lynx R1 Hands-On – The First VR/AR Headset That Supports An Open Metaverse!

Here are my hands-on first impressions of the Lynx R1, a standalone VR/AR headset that supports an open Metaverse and does mixed reality. This XR prototype features very unique lenses, Finch controllers, full color passthrough, next level hand tracking and streams VR games such as Half-Life: Alyx.

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00:00 – Lynx R1 Introduction
02:13 – Lynx R1 Explained
04:26 – Lynx R1 Controllers
05:07 – Lynx R1 Specs
06:30 – AR Hand Tracking Demo
07:48 – AR Occlusion Demo
08:13 – Lynx R1 Display Impressions
09:45 – VR/AR Solar System Demo
11:11 – Lynx R1 Streaming PC VR Games
12:06 – Lynx R1 Controllers Impressions
12:50 – The Past & Future of Lynx
14:38 – Final Thoughts

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