Mark Cuban – Which Crypto Coins Will EXPLODE In 2022

So bitcoin doesn't have a lot of utility right we can argue about strike we can argue about the lightning network you can tell me all you want about el salvador but el salvador has to buy their bitcoin in dollars i'm a tech geek and so i try to learn about new technologies and i was always up to speed on blockchain but i had never.

Really spent any time with smart contracts and so i decided to mint some nfts i remember that you know and they sold which was shocking to me but um it got me understanding how smart contracts worked and in particular when i minuted it and it started asking me for royalties and i'm like i sound like kevin right royalties.

Um tell me more and so then it finally dawned on me that you know a smart contract on a chain is universal and standard and the royalties that can be applied there um changed the game in terms of collectibles and digital digital file sales and.

That pursuing it from that side of it was groundbreaking to me and that really got me excited bitcoin is not a hedge to inflation there's in no world no lifetime no circumstances ever is bitcoin ahead of it they're not correlated to the money system it's a great narrative for.

Selling bitcoin but there's no correlation there whatsoever i mean just look at recently right inflation keeps on going up bitcoin go down you know you don't see when interest and actually when interest rates go up along with inflation it becomes more expensive for people to buy bitcoin and so it actually puts a lid on the price of bitcoin but.

Isn't that just part of the adoption cycle i mean you're taking inflation over a period of time people take bitcoin over a period of time inflation goes up bitcoin goes that's that's supply and demand that's the point supply and demand is undefeated right as long as you get more demand and less supply the price is.

Going to go up but look at gold right they talk about gold as a hedge to inflation gold's not a hedge to inflation gold isn't a hedge to anything right it's just a store of value that is not even a very efficient store of value bitcoins are more efficient better store value than gold there's like 10 trillion dollars in people who own gold in one.

Form or another that's a market for bitcoin to go after and that and just other people looking for store values makes it you know a legit investment and that's why i own it but the whole idea that it's a score of that it's a hedge against inflation is ridiculous if i like because look i can borrow money in 30 seconds but.

I've got money in the bank and i want to borrow money against it i got to call bankers and deal with forms and banks and all that kind of stuff and it's a hassle so you know centralized money exchange is the hassle decentralized is a lot easier a lot more efficient even though it's over collateralized for the most part it's still a better way to do.

It so i'm a big fan um but you know the only qualification to that that i'll give you is that d5 you know i said on stage you know one of my favorite warren buffett sayings is first there's the innovators then there's the imitators then there's the idiots right d5 was a great innovation.

Then there was a lot of invitation and you're seeing it jump from chain to change of chain right um now you're starting to get the idiots who are trying to you know add one feature or this feature or that feature so you've got to be careful so d5 you know where you've done you know dyorn where you've done your homework.

And you know it it's it's strong is great i think there's a real opportunity one of your favorite projects in d5 at the moment i don't know if i have any favorites per se i use ave a lot um.

You know i i learned early on just chasing yield doesn't really work um so rather than chase the year i chase stability there's certainly value in nfts um but again nft is more a proof of concept for smart contracts and so like at the mavericks we give away nfts to people who actually come to the games.

And we try and so they're free if you actually attend the game you got to scan in and when you scan in your regular ticket you get a free nft one per account and that's led to people collecting them which has created the value which in some cases the value of the nf the free nft you get is of more value and they're sold to more.

Than the price for the ticket they paid and so trying to create um a value proposition for nfts right now is the biggest challenge but really nfts are the way we're seeing them now nfts are collectibles right and i'm you know collectibles are collectibles there's things i collect and nfts and physical collectibles i.

Just think nfts are a better implementation of physical of collectibles than physical claims nfts for creators are amazing right because they can keep on getting paid over and over again if they build enough of community nfts as um money raising propositions like fractionalization for real estate there's still a lot of.

Questions there on the value proposition there um it really just depends on the application but that's normal in any industry right where you go from okay there's a lot of pain in 2017 2018 so now there's a lot of experimentation and you're starting to see some of the winds that are are coming out you know board.

Ape and others and then you're starting to see other applications using nfts that are non-collectible ones like we use for for tickets or whatever it may be and there'll be more of those but you know smart contracts can do a lot of things and you're just going to see more applications and polygon that i bought a.

Lot of um you can start to see the utility you're starting to see more and more applications pop up there and we'll see what happens with these 2.0 in terms you know in terms of um fees gas fees and i think polydon has done a great job and you've got other blockchains trying to do the same thing but all the blockchains are kind of in a death war.

Right trying to get users in applications and i think whoever comes up with applications where just somebody walking down the street in miami can say oh yeah i use that just like you know instagram it was at the beginning what the hell is instagram and then everybody got it went viral right.

We haven't gotten that first viral mainstream um crypto based application yet we will that's what i'm looking for in terms of investments you mentioned ethereum and you mentioned polygon which are both ethereum right right right right right you look at other blockchains you look at solana and avalanche and yeah i look at all of them.

Right but i don't see i mean they're start they're trying to build development developer bases but i see a lot of me too stuff if you want to listen to the full interview click on the link provided in the description we would love to hear your thoughts comment down below if you're new to the channel don't forget.

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