Medicare Plan N – Best Insurance Companies Revealed

Which of the Medicare plan and insurance companies is the best is it AARP United Healthcare Humana Blue Cross Blue Shield another great question I hear all the time and the answer is coming up I'm jarred with Medicare helping you save money while maximizing your Medicare benefits with all the different insurance companies selling Medicare.

Plans which insurance company offers the best Medicare supplement plan n the answer it doesn't really matter which company you go with here's why this is a copy of the choosing a Medigap policy guide what is this exactly well each year the Center for Medicare and Medicaid service or CMS issues this guide to help people choose a Medicare.

Supplement plan and there's a lot of good information in this guide in fact it explains a little secret that almost nobody knows about and here it is it's important to compare Medigap policies since the cost can vary between insurance companies for exactly the same coverage here's another one all policies offer the same basic benefits cost is.

Usually the only difference between Medigap policies sold with the same plan letter but sold by different insurance companies each standardized Medigap policy must offer the same basic benefits no matter which insurance company sells it essentially the government is telling us it doesn't matter which Medicare insurance company.

You choose because they all offer the same basic coverage price is the only difference some Medicare insurance companies may offer additional perks for enrolling in one of their plans and usually that comes at a higher monthly premium they may offer things like gym memberships like silver sneakers or silver and fit but these are not in any.

Way associated with Medicare supplements and some insurance companies may offer these ancillary benefits to entice people into joining one of their plans I don't recommend falling for this because these perks can go away whenever the insurance company decides to no longer offer them and this could leave you stuck with a higher premium.

Cancel gym membership the key thing to remember is no matter which insurance company sells plan n the coverage is the same a plan in with AARP United Healthcare is the same as plan in with Humana there is no difference in coverage but each company's selling plan and may charge a different rate and the same is true for all Medicare.

Supplements so let's take a look at how to shop Medicare insurance companies for plan n all Medicare supplement plan prices are determined by five factors your age your zip code whether you're a male or female if you use tobacco products and which plan letter you want as an example a 65 year old woman in zip code 860 301 no tobacco products gives.

Us the following plan and rates now first plan and that comes up is Aetna at 8163 a month then continental life at 80 205 a month next is Humana at 86 16 a month AARP United Healthcare 90 178 a month BlueCross BlueShield at 92 51 and so on and so on and as you can see the plan stays the same but the price keeps going up and up and up I believe there.

Were around 35 results in total when I ran these numbers so for the sake of this video I finally stopped at Cigna who at the time of running this quote how to plan end rate of 97 20 per month now notice these are all the same coverage they're all plan n but each insurance company charges different monthly premiums for the exact same.

Coverage now I don't know about you but I love Lay's potato chips hands-down they're my favorite now that being said does it really matter which grocery store I buy my Lay's from because no matter which grocery store sells them all these potato chips are exactly the same cost is the only difference now look at these three statements recognize.

Them I didn't write them the federal government wrote it if we go back to our plan and search results they're telling us that it doesn't make sense to pay ninety seven twenty a month for plan an with one company when you can pay 8163 a month for the same plan through another insurance company recently we helped someone in Arizona.

Who was paying way too much for her supplement she had plan and through USAA at 138 oh for a month we switched her to Aetna same plan N and now she's paying only eighty eight ninety six per month that's a savings of almost $50 per month or six hundred dollars per year so why pay more all Medigap plans are exactly the same no matter which insurance.

Company sells it cost is the only difference I hope this video has given you a better understanding of how to compare Medicare supplement plans now if you're in the market for new coverage and you would like to speak to one of our licensed agents our contact info is below remember to subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell.

To stay up to date with new money-saving tips and strategies thanks again for watching we'll see you next time

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