Metaverse explained in minutes | What is a metaverse in simplest terms

Hello and welcome to the channel today we willbe talking about metaverse before starting make sure to like and subscribe to our channel for morefuture updates the metaverse has recently become a popular issue of discussion with both facebookand microsoft claiming ownership but first and foremost what is the metaverse it's a hybridof technology features such as virtual reality augmented reality and video in which users live ina digital realm the metaverse supporters envisage its users working playing and remaining connectedwith pals through everything from concerts and conferences to virtual excursions around the worldwe anticipate that 25 percent of people will spend at least one hour per day in the metaversefor work retail education social media and entertainment by 2026 it's a shared virtual spacemade possible by the merging of virtual reality.

And digital reality in other words it is deviceagnostic and not controlled by a single company it's a self-contained virtual economy powered bynon-fungible tokens and digital currencies nfts when can we expect to see it mark zuckerberg theceo of the newly renamed meta previously facebook predicts that the metaverse primary capabilitieswill take five to ten years to become ubiquitous however some features of the metaverse arecurrently visible even if they aren't available to everyone ultra fast broadband rates virtualreality headgear and persistent always-on online worlds are already available what examplescan you give here's a glance at what's going on right now that could lead to tomorrow'smetaverse the former facebook has previously made considerable investments in virtual realityincluding the acquisition of oculus in 2014 meta.

Envisions a virtual world in which digital avatarsinteract via virtual reality headsets for business travel or leisure zuckerberg is a believer inthe metaverse thinking that it has the potential to replace the internet as we know it the futureplatform and media will be an even more immersive and embodied internet where you're in theexperience rather of just looking at it meta ceo mark zuckerberg stated microsoftwith its microsoft mesh platform the software giant is building mixed and extended reality xrapplications that integrate the real world with augmented reality and virtual reality microsoftshowed off its intentions to add mixed reality including holograms and virtual avatars tomicrosoft teams in 2022 earlier this month explorable 3d virtual connected areas for retailand workplaces are also in the works for next year.

Before moving forward protect your digital assetsby securing your internet access with nordvpn get two years of reliable vpn service for threedollars and 29 cents per month using the link in the description of this video what isactivision blizzard's metaverse strategy activision blizzard is recognized for creatingonline games with a metaverse component in which users spend hundreds of hours creatingcommunities within the games world of warcraft a role-playing game introduced in 2004 requiredplayers to work together online to complete tasks in order to strengthen their digital avatarsby gathering goods such as weapons and armors however the firm hasn't ventured with virtualreality it has largely created games for pcs and consoles but has yet to make a virtualreality title this concludes today's video.

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