MetaWars: Space Metaverse Crypto Gaming Gem with Investors Including Mr. Beast

Hustlepedia is back today with another potential crypto gaming gem, and today we are diving into MetaWars. MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy and roleplaying game powered by a growing digital economy built on blockchain technology. Choose your own path using an enormous collection of NFTs and impact every major event across the Galaxy. Earn, stake, and trade with $WARS, the utility token of the game universe. Players can participate in exploration, to fight in either PvP or PvE modes, both have the chance to reward participants with $WARS tokens, acquire land and territory and much more. Along with the in game features, the tokenomics are decent, as well as being invested in by the one and only Mr. Beast himself, which can be verified though his following on twitter. This project is in stage 1, and will see a massive potential run up in Q4 and crypto gamings upcoming surge. I discuss why I love MetaWars in this video.

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