MetLife Life insurance company review

Hi my name is Brian Grimes I'm a senior client service manager here at policy genius and I'm a certified financial planner I'm here to talk to you today about applying for life insurance coverage with MetLife here's everything that you need to know MetLife is fast they're fast with underwriting they're applicants they.

Have a quick turnaround time quicker than most of the carriers that we do offer here at policy genius they do require you to speak with an underwriter one of their in-house underwriters they're gonna ask you additional health questions about your health history to do their due diligence but they also have a streamlined process that is even.

Faster for applicants with a clean bill of health clean health history even faster and if you are a former or current marijuana user and this is medicinally or recreationally MetLife is by far the best at underwriting that so make sure you keep an eye out for MetLife they do have an AM best rating of a plus that.

Means that they have a superior financial health rating they can pay their claims you don't have to worry about that within that life and here's how they underwrite the various health conditions that are the utmost importance to underwriters they're excellent with sleep apnea and former tobacco use history they're rock solid.

So middle of the pack with the carriers that we offer at underwriting you if you have a if you're a cancer survivor you have cancer or if you have a family history of cancer if you've had a history of heart attacks or if you have a history or a current high blood pressure that really rock solid like that and they're fair so a little.

Bit below par at underwriting recent weight loss diabetes that affects a lot of Americans so keep an eye out for that and high cholesterol history so there you have it that's what you need to know about applying for life insurance with MetLife if you have any other questions take a look first at the carrier review deep dive right below and feel free to.

Reach out to us policy reach out we're happy to help with any questions that you have

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