My Biggest Crypto Gaming & Metaverse Holdings for End of 2021 | ILV, SUPER, UOS, ALU, SOUL & More

Hustlepedia is back with another crypto gaming video, today I wanted to cover probably the most asked question in my youtube comment section, as well as my telegram, “what are your top gaming coins”. In this video I dive into my biggest holdings in my crypto gaming portfolio, top to bottom, 13 projects in total, ranging from actual games, gaming distribution, Smart NFTs built for games and much more. These 13 projects are not only my biggest holdings in crypto gaming at this moment, but also the projects I believe combined have the maximum potential for explosive gains to close out the end of 2021 and as we enter the altseason and crypto gaming bull run. Some of my top holdings include Illuvium, SuperFarm, Altura, Phantasma, Ultra, NFT Champions and more. I cover each project and why I’m holding each one.

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0:00 Intro
1:44 Illuvium
3:36 Verasity
4:39 SuperFarm (SUPER Shotgun?)
6:10 Ultra – Steam of Crypto Gaming
7:34 Altura & Phantasma (SOUL)
8:23 Efinity Token – Backed by Enjin, Built On Polkadot
9:38 Atari Token
10:56 DeRace
11:50 GameSwap
13:12 IOI Token – Trade Race Manager 2
14:17 NFT Champions (TOP LOW CAP GEM)
17:01 QBIT – AAA FPS
17:47 Netvrk – Massively Undervalued
19:00 Final Thoughts


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