My favorite NEW Crypto Projects of 2022!

We should do a video where i ask you questions i have so many questions to ask you yeah we should do a video on that okay maria's questions i have so many sure another question yeah nfts okay what do you think are you invested in do you love them do you hate them um totally honest here toby is so much more.

Into nfts than i am because he normally is he's so much more open-minded and like ambitious for things so like he just goes for it um so like this past summer yeah definitely going crazy especially with the nfts on solana talk about you know can't afford it on ethereum that one's already you know had.

It type what's the next group for that yeah i think nfts as an idea is here to stay forever i think the high speculation that we're seeing on these simple gifts is just number it's like evidence of how much money people are willing to throw around.

In crypto and uh it's kind of scary yeah kind of irresponsible yeah but they're they are excellent nfts oh definitely there's not only yeah i think it'll be interesting to see how they survive long term uh.

You know if if 10 years from now they're still that same value or if this is indeed a bubble of nfts i think it probably is but yeah because they do need a lot of marketing they do need a lot of publicity just to go on but any any token does yeah yeah otherwise it won't survive i know.

So last question now it's now it's really the last question okay favorites favorite new projects not old ones new projects we want to talk about new projects i know solana had a few but that's not new anymore yeah um i think i definitely have my eye on actually an interesting one that i.

Really am rooting for is thor chain rune because going back to regulations and decentralized exchanges this one is really working on like cross chain transactions so let's say you have an ethereum token but you want to buy something on solana you have to wrap it and whatever do whatever these things to get.

That coin on solana the blockchain so thor chain has been it's the goal is to allow also for bitcoin on decentralized exchanges and really easy cross-chain transactions um that's just pragmatically i think that's a really.

What's going to be needed if they yeah if they can accomplish the goal exactly and they've already been they've been hacked this past summer um and actually eric voorhees who's a uh he created another decentralized exchange called shapeshift he had a really good point he's a big fan of them as well he had a really good point.

Saying like you know you're rushing it um you're trying to put too much pressure on your code that's not tested yet and it's vulnerable and people are pouring money into this because you're promoting it you're not quite ready um yeah uh what's another one anchor protocol is it's not a coin it's it's oh del luna and the terra ecosystem i think.

That's a really uh interesting one to have your attention on as well um each one luna luna yeah just because it's a really good decentralized stable coin so all these uh governments that are like threatened how much stable coins.

Um oh that's a good question good question i think it's happening it's actually been no it's like it's it's been crashing actually the past uh two weeks it's down like 50 so it's a really good time to buy that's nice um.

Yeah but it's really interesting basically the uh at the time of recording that's what it's doing yeah who knows well when i did it when solana you said toby actually said what do you have my salon it was like 20 20 euros and i'm like it's almost back.

There i'm gonna buy 20. it's like money but it's cheap it's going to go really i'm not gonna buy i'm like i want those with nine zeros and then it went super up yeah i bought my nine zeros one and i'm stuck with it yeah that's another thing we look for is.

Supply is you can get a million coins but how many is is that of the actual supply of coins is there like 100 trillion because then you know like what are you doing it's just yeah what's the point of that it's just so everyone can get but it did went up yeah it went really up it was amazing i i bought it with nine zeros and it.

Went to seven zeros or something it really did well nice i know but however how do i take it out yeah okay heidi i really love yeah you to answer all my questions this is great yeah if you want id to answer more questions please address them your comments and she will reply yeah we'll go through them.

Thank you so much maria and thank you everyone for tuning in if you guys enjoyed this hit the like button if you want to learn more from maria contact her and her professional lawyer services her website will be provided right down below in the video description and yeah we'll see you again soon bye ciao.


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