My Review Of The Top 12 Insurance Agencies To Work For

Howdy David Duford here thanks for watching and today's video I'm going to detail a series of articles that go into detail of what I believe the 12 most common and most popular insurance agencies are so you can determine which type of insurance sales job is best suited for your goals so if you look down in the description box below.

It's gonna take you directly to that article I review twelve different very well-known insurance agencies detailing what they specialize in how what markets they work in what products they sell what kind of Commission's you can expect and what the pros and cons of all of these are so if you're brand new to insurance you're.

Considering joining this is going to be a really resourceful guide as much as you can humanly do i reduced the level of bias out of the reviews that I did to try to get down to the facts of what's good about an organization who's a good fit and then who isn't not everybody's going to be a good fit for my organization of someone considers.

Joining and certainly that's the case for everybody else the key is to figure out what characteristics traits that you need to see in order to determine if that agency is a good fit and any agency would agree with that assessment we also talked about some factors to consider that are important for example what market should you target for example and.

The baby boomer market or possibly the middle markets that are out there pros and cons of each also factors to consider including training support how much of it do you need how much of it they actually get also leads do you pay for leads do you get leads for free and what's the impact on your commission level also very important not everything.

But an important factor you're going to hear all about that and that link below also is your organization possibly a multi-level marketing organization something very important to consider if you're into that thing right if not you need to know that ahead of time also do they carry multiple carriers or is there one carrier in particular that they.

Target with and what's the consequences of both of those also needing to discuss and if you don't know what this is you need to read this article what vesting is when it comes to owner your book of business and future cash flows from first-year and renewal commissions and then lastly releasing why it matters and why you should be.

Able to get released with the vast majority of your organizations under certain circumstances so all of that information is below please follow that that goes to my website I do hope you get some value out of this that's why I put this a whole guide together and helping agents get into this business not only just to get into it but to be.

Successful and finding the right agency partnership is absolutely everything into mattering in that direction so if you got any questions comments constructive criticism leave them below I read all my comments and usually respond to all of them thank you for watching we'll see you next time.


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