New coin listing alert on Binance

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel all right so by now just announced that i'll be listing a new coin git coin all right so i'll be showing you how to buy this coin before it is listed on um um this uh exchange finance all right so users cannot deposit their gtc.

In their preparation for trading and the trading will start by 10 a.m all right so now how to buy um gtc so what you have to do is go to your google chrome all right so you can see the current price of this is 11 now 11 so you can it's built on the term network.

All right so a couple of exchange users already listed them you can buy it on the uni swap you can buy it on mxc exchange all right so i'll be showing you how to buy from msc exchange and uni swap all right so to buy from uni swap you need to go to your um your trust wallet if you have or any.

Other that browser you can access um unisa from all right okay so go to your dab app and look for unit swap unit swap all right uni swap okay you need swap and i already have the contract address.

So let me go and copy it copy the contract address all right copy okay okay all right so you select token gtc gtc all right so it's it's already so you.

Import it okay import all right so you you can change this to any coin you have usdt and input the amount you want to buy from all right so you will need a term gas here you need the gas fee from here so once you have done this the amount.

Will show and then you can click and buy all right alternatively you can buy on the mxc exchange i will leave my link to register on this um exchange in the description box so if you don't have an account with msa exchange just use.

The link in the description box to register for it all right so let it open okay so what you have to do is register and get verified the verification doesn't doesn't take time so you can register quickly and get verified all right so once you are.

You have registered and you are verified you can actually buy usdt from here or you can send your usdt from another app into this app so you can buy assets by your asset then buy okay you can actually change this i'm using naira that's why it's showing this way so if you go down you.

Will see mastercard and visa you can see mastercard so you can use it to deposit or you can actually just deposit usd into your account all right so go to market so once you have you have a usdt or any other currency you want to use to buy which market.

Search for gtc sorry gtc once you have gtc the first one click it by you can manually input your price the amount you want to buy you can manually input it or you can just put you can just click on this to use.

The whole money in your account all right to send your your gtc that you have bought on this exchange to finance go to assets go to withdraw search for gtc okay gtc click it and input the volume you want to to withdraw you can you put you can you.

Can just click on alt withdraw or you can just click manual on the amount you want to withdraw and put your withdrawal address and then click on confirm but be sure that the transfer fee will be high because this token is built on their theorem network.

All right all right see my next video

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