Guys welcome back to crypto zeus the crypto journey continues i hope you guys are doing good in this video we're checking out an exciting new crypto project that is coming up for launch soon so it hasn't been publicly launched yet it's called chain corn so what is this crypto about what does it do we'll take a look at the white paper who.

They're partnering with and some other information for you guys in the market today so if that sounds good to you please do me a favor hit the thumbs up button comment down below what do you guys think of this project and this one is a sponsored review by the team because they want the market to understand exactly what they're bringing.

Up but as always not financial advice but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far this one is called chain corn and you guys can see them partnering with ten set right there we do like our ten set on the channel very exciting crypto project and uh so what does chain corn bring to the market and it says right here create your own.

Blockchain network with chaincoin chaincorn is a layerzero platform and allows you to create new blockchain networks in a simple and fast way so scalable blockchain allowing people to create blockchain this is what this crypto project is about and a high level summary what is possible with these guys right here so build easy fast.

Eco-friendly and low-cost applications use blockchain for decentralization payments databases io2 games ai storage and others launch customized blockchain networks private public and compatible with other networks use validators of other networks or bridge yours sell the power of your network to others earn money by validating transactions on.

Multiple networks simultaneously so bringing a lot of utility to the market which is very exciting and now if we jump into their white paper right here we have a look at this some of the benefits and the solutions chain corn is bringing to the market so scalability they're gonna have sub networks for scalability bridges so they're saying.

Here no need for bridges right there cooperation between networks fully compatible utility so easy to use by users so one of the big themes with chaincoin is to make blockchain technology very easy for people who are not really crypto pros so if you're not a crypto pro maybe your crypto noob chaincorn potentially can make it very.

Easy for users time so intuitive dashboard right there costs low development costs and uh to summarize it really nicely here you can see on page seven of the white paper what is chain corn and you guys can see some interface so they are planning to have a mobile application or this cryptocurrency see the blockchain.

Network you can see a bit of a preview on the left here so chaincoin is a blockchain platform built on the proof of stake protocol that will support smart contracts the platform will be an ecosystem for building and maintaining other blockchains and creating tokens the user will not have to code just click through the application to run the.

Sub network in a basic version for developers there will be more advanced features and interfaces right there but that's at a high level what chain corn can bring to the market so deploying sub networks and creating tokens made very easy on the chain corn cryptocurrency right here and uh in addition what else they will have saw a wallet as well so.

Wallet is coming out staking as well card support so card payments and atm withdrawals and stock exchange too so interface through tokens and cryptocurrencies can be bought so you can buy other cryptos through chain corn right here and you guys right here can see a bit of a preview of what it would look like once this crypto project is.

Launched which is pretty exciting and some of the utility behind this cryptocurrency right here so for sub networks creator must have a sufficient amount of corn x uh validators to connect to validator machine the user must pay a fee in cornex and transactions to perform a transaction on chain core network the user must have.

Coin x token so again that is the utility behind this crypto project so the more transactions you know the more sub networks that get created the more validations that go through the more transactions that go through the more utility the more demand that will happen for cornex right there and some of the token allocation for this cryptocurrency.

So what's happening next is the public sale uh token generation event that's going to happen soon you can see some of the token allocations right here for this project and on top of that so the public sale is coming up soon so at the public sale 1b b will get you 19 545 cornex right there minimum purchase 0.1 bnb maximum purchase 1 bnb and these.

Guys do have a very big road map as well so a lot of development happening launching mainnet and q1 2023 launching network system validator pools and a lot more coming online so a big road map for this crypto project and the road map even goes into 2024 as well so a lot of future development to happen for this project so if you guys are interested in.

This crypto project i recommend as always do your own research jump onto their twitter account so they are putting a lot lot they are putting out lots of exciting tweets all the time and they actually do have big uh programs that do have rewards chaincorn pioneer program is open total reward 166 000 right there so if you potentially want.

To get your hands on some money uh 40 thousand dollars is up for grabs and a lot more as well uh check them out over on twitter check out the pioneer program and of course one of the best places to do your research is in the telegram of chain corn so jump into the telegram ask your questions to the developers get to know the crypto project and uh what you.

Will see probably is some more announcements come out of these guys about the public sale which is coming up next so march the 19th that is the date stay tuned to their twitter account stay tuned to their telegram account that is where they'll have some more official announcements for this crypto project but guys hope you guys learned something.

From this video i hope this crypto project does well and thank you guys for watching the video and i'll see you guys in the next one crypto zeus signing out you

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