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What's going on guys welcome to ico investoragain my name's george and today i'm gonna take you through an incredible nft project i'm gonnashow you how you can get it why you should get it i'll show you every single bit of informationi've looked through all the links will go down below but most importantly the disclaimeri am not a financial advisor this is for educational purposes only okay nowlet's get straight into this one clementine's nightmare everyone that's whatwe're talking about today now this is an nft gaming project the story of the nft game isthis young girl clementine she's running around her universe trying to fight off these nightmarecreatures they've come in and they've disrupted her life her and a group of friends they'vegotta fight back now i'm gonna show you how.

Quirky and unique this game is and then i'm gonnajump some seriously important parts about how you can earn crypto so look she's neil here she's gotthis rifle half rifle half trumpet but if i zoom in you can see the detail look at the cracks inthe wood look at the braised brass look at this looks like a sticker was ripped off they've gonereal deep into this they can carry this over into the game the same graphics i truly believe thiscould be the biggest game nft has ever seen so go down here what the founders told everybody andi'm gonna pass it to you is really dive into the characters they want this to be one of the mostimmersive worlds that you can get into so have a look see if there's any attributes that relateto you find a character read about them put in the comments this is what i want you to do dropin the comments your favorite character i'm gonna.

Tell you right now mine is jack carver i'm notgoing to tell you why until i see some comments please put in there which is your favorite againall the links for you to go and check this is in the description below i'm going to show you nowone of the greatest bits you've been waiting for if you've carried on with this video is theplay to earn section so gone are the days where you can play video games just for fun why wouldyou you can play nft games and earn crypto so in the pre-game launch what you can earn is airdropsof cosmetics tied to each nft now that could be a jacket for clementine and you can get ink tokensink tokens is their in-game token just like any other game has but what they are planning to dowith the ink token is have a price to the dollar for it which means you can exchange it into whatwill be ethereum for them now that's incredible.

You can earn crypto by playing this game everyonethat's really good at games get involved get rich doing that now i'm going to emphasize that rightnow the inc token is only for in-game purchases their plans are there to get this on theethereum blockchain that doesn't mean that it's going to happen i do believe they're goingto do it just so we can clarify that the game nfts this is something i need to point out willalso differ from the pre-launch nfts now i don't know if that means they're going to be better orworse but if you can get in the pre-game try and grind real hard because you'll have an upperhand when it comes to the game the nfts itself phase one for whitelisters if you get whitelistedplease put in the comments i got whitelisted i'll be super jealous because i'm not whitelisted rightnow if someone's watching this from the project.

Please let me know so i can get it there's gonnabe 10 different characters 5 000 nfts then we jump to the month after which is march and there's 20additional characters with 10 000 nfts when i jump to the discord in just a few seconds i'm going toshow you how much they are so let's go straight there now so we can get to the point 0.25 if asyou can see in the discord is how much this nft is going to cost now i do believe in my eyes thatthat is expensive i believe this project's worth it but do not put your life savings into thisplease only do it if you can afford it again i'm not a financial advisor for educational purposesonly i'm just trying to help you out 45 427 users that's incredible for any discord and what ireally like is what i look for every time the boosts if you're not in discord you don't needto worry i'm going gonna tell you and you can.

Trust me but 715 boosts means it's a very activediscord and they're very loyal they're very locked in and loyal now if we jump over to the twitteryou can see here there is 92.9 000 followers i've gone through them i give a double thumbs up likeyou want to see because there's blue ticks in there that means that blue ticked tweeters arefollowing this project it gives it a real good standing to go off you can scroll through seethe interactions see the little animations they have they're incredible um see these freakylittle sneak peeks of the nine-headed woman i don't know what it is and as you get to thebottom which is the bit i want to show you most importantly is the ama i was actually listeningto this ama live the founders got on and they're really transparent they tell you everything thatyou would want to hear about this project please.

All the links will be in the description if youwant to listen to this ama click the twitter link scroll to the bottom just like i did andit's here click it and listen it really helps you immerse into this world i'm going to summarizefor you right now what i think about this project so in summary i think it's a great project i thinkthe website's beautiful the artwork's beautiful the ama with the founders was fantastic i lovethe transparency but what i will say is 0.25 eve is expensive even in my book it's expensive butthe fact that you can earn crypto through the game gives me a bit of a warmer feeling knowing thati could earn all the money i've spent on this nft all the way back so that's a real good point fromme i hope this did real justice please put in the comments who your favorite character is like isaid have a good day guys from ico investor we out.


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