Have you ever wondered what would happen if you have a medical emergency that needs hospital care but you have no health insurance according to the 2016 census data around twenty seven point three million people in the United States do not have medical insurance and now we're 15 percent of those uninsured are young adults between the ages of 18.

To 24 this was actually the case of henesys Vega a Brooklyn college student that had a ruptured appendix but was afraid to go to the hospital because of the high cost of health care I pay for school out-of-pocket so I was like if I go to the hospital that means I'm probably not gonna be able to go to school for a long time because I'm gonna.

Have to pay for medical bills and stuff I do know that some of the one person from administration talked to my mom so they said that my mom could file for like an emergency Medicaid so yeah they my mom filled out all the paperwork yes if you do not have health insurance you might qualify for emergency Medicaid also known as temporary Medicaid that is.

Available for qualifying undocumented and temporary non-immigrants only this emergency Medicaid program provides care and services necessary for the treatment of an emergency medical condition so if you go to the hospital and your case is not considered an emergency or it's Ana scheduled surgery you would not qualify for the temporary Medicaid they sent the.

First bill and it was like I think over fifty two thousand dollars and I was just like oh my gosh like how am I gonna like pay for this so I still had to go to regular check-ups to the doctor after I got sent home and I end up going to the office of billing and then I don't know it was a mistake you don't have to pay anything.

Honestly like I say it's a miracle I paid zero dollars and zero cents the only thing I remember I had to pay was um $20 for every visit like every checkup I did after like the clinic visits I had to pay $20 for each visit according to the National Health Law Program treatment is only given to those in severe pain if a person's health.

In serious jeopardy or if any person has serious impairment to bodily functions or if there are serious dysfunctions of any organ or any body part if you or someone you know is in need of the emergency Medicaid you can apply for the treatment by downloading the following form also in the description box below and ask your physician to authorize and.

Sign for the emergency treatment this was Camila Bren go on Camus camera

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