One Trillion Minecraft Views on YouTube and Counting

The Minecraft community has crushed one trillion views on YouTube. Celebrate this huge milestone with a look back at some of the biggest moments in Minecraft history.

Special thanks to:
Aphmau, BriannaPlayz, CaptainSparklez, Chandler Hallow, Chris Tyson, DanTDM, Dream, Element Animation, Felipe Neto, Fuze III, GeorgeNotFound, GermanLetsPlay, Grian, JeromeASF, Julia MineGirl, Karl Jacobs, LazarBeam, Logdotzip, Maizen, Mikecrack, MrBeast, Mumbo Jumbo, Noxcrew, PewDiePie, Plech, PrestonPlayz, 잠뜰, Spark Universe, stampylonghead, Techno Gamerz, Teweran, Tex HS, TryHardNinja, VEGETTA777

And the entire Minecraft community.

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