Open enrollment for health insurance 2022- do not miss the deadlines to enroll in a medical plan!

Hi everyone in this video we will discussabout the open enrollment to get individual and family medical insurance for year 2022 openenrollment is the time frame in the fall when you and your family can enroll in an individualor family health insurance plan during this time you can purchase a health insuranceplan switch to a new plan at family members or apply for subsidies to help pay for healthinsurance mark your calendar and evaluate your health care options during this time especiallycheck if you qualify for lower rates due to american rescue plan in addition for nextyear there will be private health plans at zero premium in the covered california i will havea separate video on this topic shortly once the open enrollment ends you will no longer be able toadd upgrade downgrade your health insurance plan.

Unless you experience a qualifying life eventsuch as moving getting married having a baby leaving your job and so on you'll have a 60day special enrollment period um to choose a new plan if you qualify under this specialcircumstances so let's get straight to the point in most u.s states the open enrollment forhealth insurance runs from november 1st through december 15 each year plans sold duringthis open enrollment start january 1st 2022. however some states like california coloradowashington dc nevada minnesota new jersey and pennsylvania offer slightly longer enrollmentwindows some extending the open enrollment through january 15 2022 or january 31st 2022 so make sureto look at your specific state open enrollment window to make sure that you don't miss thedeadline to apply for individual and family health.

Insurance plans in the description of this videoi will share the specific open enrollment dates for your state so feel free to check it out incalifornia open enrollment runs from november 1st 2021 through january 31st 2022 during this threemonths people can change their health insurance or cancel and apply for a new plan orswitch health insurance companies without being afraid of being turned down by theinsurance companies the pre-existing condition was repealed a while ago so that isn't an issue isnot an issue when applying for health insurance now that being said it's up to you if you want toget health insurance but keep in mind if you did not apply for a health plan during open enrollmentyou might not get chance a chance to get a major health insurance for the next year at all unlessyou have a qualifying life event and again some of.

The qualifying life events that i just mentionedcould be um losing your health insurance provided by your employer getting married divorced movingto a new city turning 26 years old and aging off your parents health insurance plan havinga baby or being eligible for citizenship or lawful permanent status these rules apply to allthe health insurance plans it doesn't matter if you apply via covered california or exchanges ordirectly with the major medical insurance company the rules are the same for all private individualhealth insurance plans so again plan ahead it's up to you whether or not you decide to pay a playof your game and minimize your financial risk by having insurance or going broke in case youhave an accident or health issue and you don't have coverage remember even a high deductibleplan safeguards you in case of an unplanned.

Medical expense unless you understand this youwon't be able to make an educated decision so think ahead if you found this video usefulplease like share subscribe and comment feel free to follow us everywhere um if you havea specific question or need help of finding a health insurance plan feel free to reach out tous we are a california licensed insurance agency and we do not charge anything for our servicesthank you for watching and stay safe everyone

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