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So we lived out as part of our path four phases of an agency's growth whether an agent is new to insurance or an experienced agent that's joined the alliance we consider there there's a starting period at the beginning of their journey that we call the launch phase and that phase is solely focused on getting them up and going getting.

Them binding policies and being profitable as quick as possible and we know that they've made a commitment to this and so the quicker they see financial success and progress the bigger opportunity that is for sustainability and to be around in that second third and fourth year.

From there we moved to the foundational phase they've had success they've started building their processes they know how they kind of want to do business and now that next phase is really dialing in their processes getting them really focused on who their customer is how they're marketing how they're really.

Going to do business prior to them really wanting to scale and grow after that comes the real fun the the build phase so in the build phase this is where you've seen success you've got a business model that you've built and that you're bought into and now you want growth now you want scale so we're looking at possibly personnel staffing.

You know other markets other niches how can they really start making the income and having the life that they wanted and that they saw in that dream when they started their independent agency the last stage of our four-stage process is what we call the practice phase so in this phase an agency owner has really seen growth they've seen profitability.

They've had the fun of taking their practice and bringing other people into it other individuals other products they've really grown and are now making the money that they wanted to that gave them that life but now they're looking at what is the end game how do i sustain this how do i keep this going you know if with a.

Simple product simple success unfortunately someone at some point is going to find a way to marginalize that or at least start to to chip away at what your profit was so bringing complexity in whether that is multiple locations going into new markets maybe even new states for their agency we have the ability of pacific.

Crest to possibly even partner with them on bringing financial services into their agency so really sitting down and making sure that they are dialed in on their financials dialed in on what the profitability is for their agency and then really seeing that 10 15 year dream of what that agency can become and then how it is sustainable how it can be.

Maintained and that it can truly make that dream a reality

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