Pacific Life Environmental Initiatives

For more than two decades Pacific life and the Pacific Life Foundation have been committed to protecting our environment we have invested more than 14 and a half million dollars to advocate for the research and conservation of marine mammals and the health of our oceans Pacific Life and the whale are synonymous you don't have.

Pacific Life without the humpback whale these days with our brand so it's really important as a company that we show that we're supporting our brand and we're supporting the oceans where the Outback whales live but it's also important for us to support the environment because it's about future generations we want to make sure that the environments here for.

Them in 2017 the foundation committed to million dollars to four national nonprofits over a five-year period we've partnered with the Ocean Conservancy to help clean up our shores our five-year goal is to engage and mobilize our employees and their families each year in Orange County California Omaha Nebraska and Lynchburg Virginia what's.

So great about the Pacific Life Foundation in the Pacific Life employees is the diversity of offices so we have one here in Southern California which is incredible we also went to Omaha and conducted a beach cleanup in the snow in Omaha we moved I think close to a thousand pounds of trash off this inland lake in Omaha but the Pacific Life.

Foundation funding doesn't stop there the Pacific Life Foundation partners with local environmental agencies because that's where they see the hands-on efforts we fund programs that align with our goals of providing support for many local marine mammal organizations Pacific Life has funded so many things over the years at Pacific.

Marine Mammal Center without Pacific life support we still would have been just a little red barn in the canyon trying to do our thing additionally the foundation has invested in K through 12 environmental education in support of hands-on learning through grants to organizations such as Orange County coast keeper and Bolsa Chica.

Conservancy now in its tenth year the Southern California marine mammal workshop is organized by and for marine mammal researchers more 150 attendees from around Southern California come together here at our workshop every year there's a sense of sort of keeping tabs of what it people are working on and then the status of.

All these animals in terms of outreach collaboration and bringing us together and certainly the synergy of all the groups working in tandem is much greater than any one group working on its own so civic life is directly responsible for bringing groups of people together and facilitating the science that we do through our green initiatives we are.

Reducing water consumption and waste in our business offices my team and those on it we're advocates for the environment not only do we focus on a lot of different environmental programs we try to use the environmental lens and any of the projects we manage so for an electrical saving standpoint compared to our baseline year we're saving roughly.

30% electricity from that year as far as natural gas we're saving just about 70% which is incredible and then on water for about 35 percent roughly of how much water we've saved in a large-scale project just last year we completed the replacement of the original 40-year old roof we did make sure that let's find one that's energy efficient let's find.

One that can help us to save on our utilities I think we came out with an extremely successful roof program that's a lot more energy efficient employees our policy owners our business partners and the community expects Pacific Life to be active and to be thinking about the future I'm really proud that Pacific Life for the last 20 years has been.

Walking the walk and making sure that they're investing in the future and supporting environmental you

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