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Okay good morning everyone this is reid Tattersall the back nine hopefully you can hear me loud and clear and excited announcements so first and foremost this webinar is about pac lives edition to quote and apply and we are most excited about the age 50 to 69 bracket where we have no exams we can also guarantee no exams and also just a little advance.

Notice on our nationwide IUL webinar this Thursday at 10 nationwide is our second indexed universal life insurance company added to Colton apply took us a while but now you have more than just John Hancock giving you some options to show you kind of the ins and outs of how good some of these companies could be so I'm going to get straight to it if you.

Have any questions please use the go-to meeting or GoToWebinar chat will probably respond to most of those at the end and for those that don't know what quoting apply is it's a multi-carrier quoting and EE application piece of software that can live on your web site here's an example on our demo website here's a example let's say on a credit.

Union where they're offering it direct to consumer here's an example on a kind of like a consumer educational website money tips comm and also we have hundreds of websites that just look just like this so lots of agents don't have a website don't want to bother putting quoting apply on their website so we'll just set.

Up these we call them links or micro sites and put you in business right away so that way you can use this tool to sell life insurance online you can also point your client to your website you can bookmark it and your email signature around social media send it out as an email blast and people can apply two o'clock and then in the morning that.

Type of deal so we'll get out of these pages and we'll hop into our demo so pack life has been added for every quotient apply page in fact you're gonna have to disable it to turn it off so if you've used quote apply before it should should be there note that it's being rolled out in the rest of the states now so I'm showing you California and among.

Other states and it's available but it may not be available in your state just yet it should be available in probably out 45 states by the end of this week okay so let's say my name is which would be today Chris Thompson and Chris is a male and we're gonna pick how healthy you are so while we're on this topic there's a lot of accelerated writing.

Programs that that sound great but they're so easy to get knocked out of especially the older ages especially when the client has issues so first and foremost on this program it doesn't matter the rate class your client can be table six obviously they need to be able to be approved but super preferred table rated it doesn't matter so in this case.

We'll say I'm I'm healthy and we have PAC lives nicotine and cannabis rules plugged in they're not known as one of the most competitive companies for nicotine and cannabis in this case I'm just gonna say never and then also we have the height weight guidelines plugged in on the I'll note that skipping is an option so if you don't.

Know this you just want to get a corner client no problem if you do know the height and weight put it in because each company has different guidelines we're gonna help you find the best under running off or ultimately price so I'm gonna skip this and what I'm really focused on here we have pack life for all ages but what I'm really focused on.

Here is the age fifty to sixty nine market so let's say I'm January 2nd 1960 that makes me 59 and we are going for 1 million dollars a term so pack offers 10 15 20 25 30 unfortunately I'm just too old for the 30 all I need to do here in quotin apply is just drag this slider if I want to different out I only want 500000 the problem the rates will update.

I'm kind of doing the quotient apply 101 here but just reminder that there is a needs analysis calculator so if you need help determining how much insurance you need kind of just film these inputs and then in real time this stuff over here will will update so let's say I want to update it and then also it's more than just term with PAC life it's also their.

Guarantee ul so if you're wondering how to get to GU L guarantee you well aka term for life then you have two options one you could hover over this it says longer coverage which just takes you to GTL starts aged 95 100 120 I can go back to the term over here and then in addition under the permanent category we have all of our permanent products so.

Accumulation IUL final expense GU l guarantee ul which is where PAC life lives and then we have protection on ul in the current assumption you go so I am so tempted to to show you the nationwide IUL because that's an exciting thing for us but that's not what you came here for so I'm gonna go for kind of the the pinnacle sale here right I'm gonna go.

For the million dollar my clients 59 and I go for a 20 year term so it next and we can see that the cheapest company in this situation is protective that about 450 little just will be yeah 450 and for an extra three dollars and 61 cents I can upgrade from protective to Pacific Life and skip the exam so what is that for.

Less than 1% more I can skip the exam on my 59 year old client who you know time is money this is important so I can also see pack life down here they are the second best will have all the other companies down here I'm just gonna use this convenient button here to skip exam and how does this look I think it looks pretty good so Pacific Life established.

In 1868 you have an a-plus Insurance Company I'm looking at a 20-year term for 1 million bucks and they are the second most competitive company out of you know all the companies that we have a quotient apply which isn't everyone but it's a lot and the key with the no exam is you need to have seen the doctor and completed bloodwork in the last 18.

Months to skip the exam and what I really like about this is that they are going to guarantee no exam we've had a ton of cases with we'll just say other insurance companies where your client gets knocked out and you set the expectation for no exam then ultimately they don't get in and they have to do an exam in addition they already did a.

Phone interview and then cases dragged on sometimes they don't happen so we've been rescuing some of those cases that where an exam was required and have pivoted them to life so just to reiterate here all you need to do is be ages 50 to 69 so age forty is not going to work it's a little ironic right most of the accelerator underwriting programs.

Are for the younger ages this one's just for the older age and you need a million or less of total coverage with pack life not total coverage in general just totaled pack life so assuming I don't have a policy pack by if I can get a million bucks and I need to have seen the doctor and labs the last 18 months I can save a little.

Bit of money here if I go angular billion let's try that okay so that's going to be fifty three hundred bucks a year conversion they have a great conversion product so it's the level term in this case it's twenty years up to age so if I'm 59 I can convert to age 70 industry wise that's basically as good.

As it gets in addition you can convert to a guarantee ul product so you know in terms of conversion that this is you know like a top-tier conversion option last but definitely not least on this page is pack life has a delivery so a delivery shaves maybe ten days off the average case and also just saves everyone to work our office you as the.

Agent of course if you want we can do paper delivery but if you're into saving time a delivery so from here when I'm ready to apply pretty simple applying minutes and let's say my name is or my email is that plug in my phone number plug in my home address so there's lots of different ways that you can complete the application process if I'm an agent.

And I know this information my suggestion would be just do it don't put your client in charge of this you know take control and do this if for example he only knew this part and I reached the employer session I just don't know who he or she works for one option for you is to hit this invite and we'll give you this unique URL just to.

Copy and close of a copy it and then I can email that link to my client and then they can finish it so if it were me I would call the client up and ask him these questions over the phone and just keying the information but if you have a client that kind of wants to do it themselves or you have to play your cards in some certain way you can always.

Give them the link for them to finish up so I'm going to continue the application here well support all policy ownership types so will be insured on the policy yes let's make this simple but if you want to do a buy-sell keyman trust okay's sister brother mother wants to own the policy no prob.

And then Chris which is my name please add at least one contingent beneficiary so we're going to call this Heather Thompson let's say it's a wife and we're good there I'm going to skip the optional contingent beneficiary and we'll make up some income for this client at every point that I hit next this is all saved so if I lose my spot.

No problem if I exit out of this page you as the agent or email the link you can also log in to your boss account and view everything online and then a quotient apply here doesn't turn out so pretty flexible all right almost done so we do support existing insurance replacing insurance just to show you the full experience we'll say I am replacing.

A principal policy or five hundred thousand we'll say it's active being replaced a 102 2010 no end of term so I didn't enter in height and weight what I initially got a quote so this is empty now when I put in my height weight I will get the upper and lower bound if we talk about underwriting that pack life for those of you that have been in the.

Business long enough it is essentially x-gen worth so pack life took over I'm estimating here around 300 Genworth employees their software their systems I think even their building so Genworth is efficient they are good on the height late chart compensations good among other things overall great company to deal with note.

That this pack life is different than the pack life in Orange County the civic life – Lynchburg which is kind of what this pack life is known as separate underwriters separate systems ultimately same insurance company but Pacific Life Lynchburg is going to be offering their protection products term – ul the.

Pacific Life out of Orange County is much more their accumulation products think their I um and we have access to both companies now this is this is the other part to really expedite your cases so would you like to speed up underwriter by providing your electronic health records what is this so this is a link to back nines instant ApS process.

So remember the only the way that we get no exam is client has completed an exam the last 18 months and done labs well the carrier's going to confirm that via a phone interview and also reviewing your clients medical records so plan on your clients medical records being required if you want to be a fantastic agent and you want to get cases done.

Quickly hit yes to this so it's gonna bring up this modal could get started and this is a chance for you to find your clients medical facility let's say that they're a part of Kaiser right which used to take a long time all they need to do now is enter in their username and password if they don't know the username and password here are links.

If they need to create their Kaiser account or their a UCLA account or whatever it is there's links to do that and after you successfully authenticate will have these medical records about two minutes later so you know really we can get million-dollar aged 60 to 69 cases 5-8 $3,000 cases done in in 10 days.

So I'm going to cancel out of that I got a couple questions I'll just kind skim through these no no if I answer yes I'll have some questions I can add payment information all I really need to do here is enter in rowdy in an account will validate that account make sure it belongs to your client we will make sure.

That account is open just using the routing and count number I'll say no to this and then continue now typically at this point we take the user to the exam step where they can see the real-time availability based off their zip code to schedule that examiner to come by their house but we have no exam kind of the purpose of this whole webinar so we have.

The opportunity to sign now as insured or sign the email so if I have a client and I did this myself and he's in his office doing his own thing I'm gonna hit sign via email he'll Chris being my client is going to get an email directly from DocuSign in the event that Chris is with me maybe he's in my office I'm in his office I.

Turn the laptop around we're doing a zoom meeting Chris is doing that this himself I can hit sign now as insured and this point it is bundling the PDF ya go sorry to consent to using DocuSign continue and this is the fully completed application I just entered in all the information digitally and then there it.

Goes onto the carrier and state application forms I have a chance to review it I'm just going to hit the convenient tabs and I could you know do fancy things here but I'm just going to adopt and sign sign sign finish so at this point the agent will receive their application for the agent to assign and then once all parties.

Assigned this case will go to Pacific Life what happens next what happens next is Pacific Life on there this is called their smooth sailing underwriting they do need to have a phone call and they're going to use the phone call they're going to look up the clients kind of background information their motor vehicle reports are X check they're.

Going to review that APs and using that information they're going to make an offer what I can tell you you're not going to get is hey sorry your client doesn't qualify for accelerated underwriting we need to schedule an exam only way that we're going to get that is if somebody's in to follow the instructions your client is not age 50.

To 69 you're trying to get more than a million bucks of coverage with pack life or they haven't done an exam or like a physical with a doctor in 18 months with labs so that really is the process there are a couple links that I'm going to leave you with so we have a we have a blog it's it's coming along so it's this news back diet is calm so.

Here is one of the most recent articles pack life added to coat and apply and we have some convenient links here most of the stuff you can find in a quick Google search anyway but here's some of the highlights also remember it's not available in New York but they have this smooth sale underwriting website and some unique things here are it's an.

Overview brochure which I already have pulled up kind of just reviews pack life the program and hopefully all the points that I already talked about in addition there is more of a like a detailed FAQ so if you need the answers to hey what hours aren't the you know it's the call service open for etc all that is there one other cool thing that they have on.

This website is email drip campaigns so this is all free for you to use so choose your email template write email one two three four five they have five of them you can upload a logo you can name company phone email etc and then tada it'll generate your HTML you can send yourself an email and among other things so if you're looking for email.

Blast content to send out to your clients this is you know a great option and then no exams you know options are always a bit catchy for anyone reading them so that's it if anybody has any questions I will hang out for another couple minutes but in general it's business as usual just for this age bracket 50 to 69 truly.

A great option I won't go too much into commissions you can check those with boss but commissions for PAC life are also really good 10 15 20 25 30 gol protection type products so if anybody has any questions please ask them ok no questions okay all right well some questions come to mind just ask them if anyone is still interested and if you.

Guys want a little teaser into Thursday I would love to start showing some people are nationwide IUL unquote the blinds so got a sample client that's let's pick a female this time and let's say she's standard Plus nonsmoker I'm gonna skip the height weight and we'll say January 4th 1980 I'm gonna go under permanent we're going to go under.

Accumulation on email nationwide has accumulation on you well they have of course guarantee ul and then they do have a protection style IUL we only have their accumulation iua product at the moment we expect unfortunately probably quarter one before will have the protection and guarantee UL formation right on here so.

Because this is an accumulation design sale how much do you want to contribute each month so let's say i want to put in you know mmm say 600 bucks a month so just with a few inputs we are going to have rates from of course john hancock but now we're also going to have those from nationwide we're also going to have those from nationwide know it works i.

Promise it will come up i think it will come up there goes so here's our our case my contribution of six hundred dollars per month for ten years this is our default design

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