Pacific Life Program Review

Hey how's it going my name is Jim Adams and I have a son in the Pacific Life program as of today he's been there almost three months and I just thought I'd put something up online so that somebody can see that there's a review out there there's a there's another parent saying something about it cuz when I was researching it you know it's.

A fairly new school when I was researching it I couldn't find anything about it which just made the kind of the paranoia all that much worse but um you know right now there's like ten kids there you know first of all let me address where it is you know so this place is about 20 miles south of Rosarito in Mexico you know I was kind.

Of freaked out about that at first but you know I've been there three times now my wife plan on my wife and I plan on going there every month to see our son but this place is actually phenomenal this is like a beach resort type of area and we always stay very close to the school just as a matter of fact like a mile right down the street but this area.

Is great so you know if you're like me and had fears of Mexico and things like that you got a you got to check it out first this place is not there's no need to be afraid of a place like this is safe it's not around much you know it's pretty much you know tourists and things that go through there so it's a great place but you know on to my son I'm now.

I won't get in a bunch of details because you could certainly call me and ask me we can talk about more details but but my son went from playing xbox not doing well in school not eating never exercising all those things too you know he's into this program now and he's doing it he's had a 180 and it and that 180 happened in like almost I don't.

Know I'd say about maybe a week to two weeks so he's doing great I feel like I have my son back we enjoy each other again is my first kid best friends you know till he turned about 15 15 and a half and just started you know we just weren't as close and you know so I feel like this place is a real godsend this is.

Our family because I have we uh we have three other kids so total four kids and life was just really hard but now that he's in this program and he's doing great we Skype each other every week and it's fantastic but I really feel like I've fallen in love with my son again so anyway I just wanted to put something out there so that you know parents that.

Are looking for school like this and are interested in Pacific Life program they can check this out and certainly you know you can get my number from the administrator there which you knows Mick DeLeon he's been fantastic with my son but you know give me a call if you want to talk about the details but you know certainly it's not what I feared it.

Might be being in Mexico this has been great so I take it easy

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