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The Pacific specialty h 03 program in California is designed for primary residential under occupied properties that meet certain qualifications and today we'll get more details on the program from Jonathan Batali one of the regional sales managers with specific specialty tell us more about the hero3 product Jonathan sure Pacific specialty.

Has a two-tiered system in which an insured may qualify for either the preferred or the standards here depending on the characteristics of the property so what are the factors that indicate the appropriate fear when we accept dwellings built back to 1900 on the preferred tier and go back as far as 75 years on the standards here with no.

Documentation of any upgrades our maximum coverage limit on new business is 1 million dollars we also accept properties that are in the name of a trust as well as an LLC we will accept an insured with prior property losses on our standards here we also accept properties that are over 500 feet from a brush or forested area we offer multiple.

Deductible options and we also accept properties with flat roofs so what kind of deductible options are available from Pacific specialty with the base premium the deductible is one thousand dollars with the option of a 500 or deductible for a five percent premium increase adjustment as well as options for a 1500 2500 and a five-thousand-dollar.

Deductible option resulting in a lower premium how does the brush mapping work when the product is rated online Pacific specialty will accept dwellings that are more than 500 feet from brush as long as they are not an increased fire hazard area if the property is unacceptable from a brush standpoint but the risk otherwise is acceptable we will ensure.

It subject to our difference in condition endorsement which reduces coverage and requires that an active California fair plan policy be in place as of now we are brush mapping on our california h 03 program and depending on the location of the property you might see a warning at the top of the quoting screen in red giving.

You the approximate distance to an increased fire hazard area keep in mind if you see this warning it is just that a warning one thing I want to make clear is that the distance displayed at the top of the quoting screen does not dictate coverage as the exact distance will be determined at the time of the physical inspection it is just a tool to.

Alert you to take a closer look at the property using whatever tools you have available in the office so now let's talk about roofing are there any restrictions on roof type well we accept most roof types a question I get from many producers is if we accept flat roofs and would shake roofs the answer is absolutely yes we do producers also.

Want to know if we accept tar and gravel roofs we do accept tar and gravel roofs on the standard tier but not on the preferred tier we offer a discount for tile roofs in California and our roof age requirements do not apply to tile roofs is the roof age or condition relevant to the rating or eligibility for non tile roofs if the dwelling roof.

Is 15 years old or less and in good condition we will consider the property for our preferred tier if it is between 15 and 25 years old and is in good condition we will consider the dwelling for our standard here keep in mind that if the roof is older than 25 years or in poor condition we will still accept the dwelling but we will place an.

Endorsement limiting the coverage for the roof and the interior due to leaks through the roof plumbing is another big topic among producers does the type of plumbing in a home matter to Pacific specialty you know great question Pacific specially accepts copper galvanized PVC and pecks plumbing types if the dwelling plumbing is one hundred.

Percent copper the policy will not have a surcharge applied if a dwelling has galvanized PVC or pex plumbing a surcharge will be applied and a surcharge is the same for any of those three types of plumbing and is based on the age of the plumbing system this is important because if the policy is not surcharged and the.

Plumbing is not copper there may be no coverage for water loss from the non copper plumbing system the best way to determine what type of plumbing the dwelling was constructed with is to look at the disclosures in the sale documents and/or look at the pipes that enter the wall from the water heater a big question I've heard from producers.

Relates to animal liability is that available on the homeowners policy our homeowners program excludes animal liability however you can purchase an endorsement that will provide up to five hundred thousand dollars in coverage for liability arising from an animal subject to exclusions for certain breeds of dogs as well as exotic and farm animals we.

Will not decline a risk due to the type of dog and insured has keep in mind even if animal liability is added to a policy there are still several breeds of dogs that will be excluded for example you're insured owns a pit bull and a Labrador Retriever and animal liability is purchased the lab would be covered and the pit bull would not ok so what breeds.

Are excluded in the policy the list of excluded breeds include pit bulls Doberman Pinschers Rottweilers German Shepherds Chows nikita's Huskies Malamutes bull Mastiffs and Staffordshire Terriers we also exclude dogs that are a mixed breed including any of these breeds any dog known by breed or species to be vicious or any.

Animal with a previous bite history the limited coverage is for dogs domestic cats and birds so it does not encompass farm or exotic animals are there other coverage enhancements available for the homeowners program you know actually there are quite a few of coverage enhancements available we offer a water backup coverage endorsement for purchase.

This endorsement covers damage due to water that backs up into the dwelling through a sewer or drain line generally through a drain or plumbing fixture limits of 2500 and 5000 dollars are available keep in mind this coverage is subject to the policy deductible and the endorsement does not provide coverage.

For overflow from a sump pump what are some of the other coverage enhancements available to producers what add-ons do you get asked about most often you know Pacific specialty offers so many different enhancements there's extended replacement cost coverage home freezer contents coverage personal injury coverage personal computer equipment.

Coverage and identity theft coverage while in the quoting process producers will see a question mark next to each of these optional coverages click and you'll find a brief description another great option we offer on the preferred tier is the preferred package for a ten percent surcharge to the base rate premium the policy would be enhanced.

With 25% extended replacement costs $300,000 of personal liability limits and twenty five hundred dollars of water backup coverage keep in mind adding the preferred package is considerably less expensive than adding these coverages separately value is certainly important to insurance what kind of discounts can producers offer to insurance well let me.

Start with what discounts are available on the preferred tier we offer two levels of multi-policy discount level one as if the insured's private passenger auto is held within the agency and this is a five percent discount level two as if the insured has any other policy with Pacific specialty and this is a 15-percent discount we also.

Have a 20-percent retirement community discount a five percent gated community discount and a newly acquired home discount at nine percent on the standards here we offer a multi-policy discount of fifteen percent if the insured has any other policy with Pacific specialty and a newly acquired home discount of ten percent are the.

Discounts included automatically or are they reviewed by Pacific specialty you know when producers are quoting the Pacific specialty california h 03 program they'll see that we do some upfront underwriting on the website to determine what tier the property qualifies for once you return to the quote from the replacement cost.

You will be prompted to enter some property characteristics such as age of plumbing distance to the fire station and age of roof there are three major characteristics that determine whether the insured qualifies for the preferred or standard to your program these three characteristics are one the age of roof unless it's tile to if the type of roof.

Is tar and gravel and three if the insured has any prior losses in the last three years once a quote is returned to the producer what type of questions typically arise you know a question I get a lot is why am I not able to see the five percent discount for our agency having the insurance auto the reason is that the agency controlled auto discount.

Is only available on the preferred tier and if there's a question about the cost I recommend reviewing the roof material the age of the roof and if any prior losses were entered producers can also scroll up to the top of the quoting screen once all the property information has been entered it's a quick way to determine what tier the property is.

Qualified for thanks for all the details on the california h 03 program john producers certainly have a lot of great choices when they quote with Pacific specialty you you

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