Part-Time Work in Japan バイトバイトバイト~♪

Sorry for the late update! If you follow me on twitter then maybe you heard already… buttttt I got a job translating Japanese 😀 I've always wanted to do this kind of job, so I'm SUPER HAPPY.

It's just a part time thing, since I'm still a full-time student I'm translating things for my university's website… and also, teacher's speeches 🙂 From Japanese into English Don't think my Japanese is good enough to translate the other way quite yet So for now, just from Japanese to English :).

Other than that I've got another job working in the office at my university Also, from next month I'll be tutoring English So I've been pretttty busy recently. But it's a good thing :D.

Hmm what else Oh maybe you noticed But my Japanese is getting kinda crappy … crappy. lol That's probably because Well, the Japanese class I'm in now at school.

Is a higher level than the one I was in before. Well, supposed to be anyways. BUT The problem is that all my classmates now are not Europeans like before but they're all Chinese this time.

Yah, there's me. One Norwegian girl and one Korean… But other than that the rest are Chinese students. They all either passed the Japanese Proficiency Test N1 or… are studying for it now So, in theory, their Japanese should be pretty damn good.

Since N1 is the highest level you can go But they can't speak basic Japanese at all. So in class we've been practicing basic Japanese conversation. Not kanji or anything… just everyday Japanese. So for me…

It's not very helpful The level is way too low No one can even properly introduce themselves So yeah… frusterating… so I haven't learned anything new in class recently. Looks like I need to study on my own more.

Or my Japanese is just going to get worse and worse Oh well I'll figure something out 🙂 Oh yeah I mentioned before I want to make some cooking videos but I still don't have a tripod VIDEO EDITING PROGRAM.

How do I say that in Japanese… Program… that… edits… videos… -Japanese explanation fail- I really want a good editing program. But I haven't been able to find onnnneeee What is everyone else using?.

I just wanna put… cliips? lol English again, sorry. put clips together, and… put some subtitles on my videos but I can't find a nice program that can do that So if you know a good one a good program please let me know 🙂 That would be a big help!.

Guess that is all! When I finish my translation work Well, this week I'm super busy, but when all is finished There are lots of videos that I would like to make Sooo keep an eye out for those.

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