PLAYERUNKNOWN's New Game Teased – Ready Player One – Prologue – Project Artemis – Metaverse

PLAYERUNKNOWN finally reveals what he’s been working on– a new ambitious sandbox open world survival game representing the next leap forward in technology called: “Project Artemis” and a tech demo called “Prologue,” to get there. During his interview with lead writer Dean Takahashi on Venturebeat, he discusses his views on creating the metaverse & Ready Player One and NFTs, Blockchain, the Play-to-Earn model, and virtual economy…

00:12 [Chapter 0: Creating the Metaverse]
2:46 [Chapter 1: Large Worlds – Prologue & Project Artemis]
5:03 [Chapter 2: Why focus on the tech first?]
6:25 [Chapter 3: PLAYERUNKNOWN isn’t trying to make a traditional video game]

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Game Interview:

Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene interview — Prologue is huge, but here’s the vision for Artemis

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