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Hey you guys doing out there this is Vince get us to help that sure is God giving you guys some good information that's gonna help you navigate your way through the chaotic experience of finding health insurance so today I'm going to talk about the difference between a PPO plan and an HMO plan and this right here is a good information so.

First things first if you don't know what a PPO is a PPO is gonna allow you to go so almost any doctor that you choose to whatever network doesn't matter you go to that doctor without your primary care physicians referral that is a big deal without your primary care physicians referral it's a lot of plans especially HMO plans we're not.

Going to go to too much into that but with the HMO players that are out here today they only allow you to go to certain doctors and then if you need to go to a specialist and you have to get a referral from your primary care physician in order to go to a specialist for whatever condition you may have that can take months months that could take a.

Long time depending on when that doctor signs off for that so you may have a condition or you may have a headache that you've been experienced for a pretty long time you need to go to a neurologist you have to go through your primary care physician in order for them to sign off in order for you to go to that neurologist that primary care.

Physician is super busy they don't have time to have a hard time to look at it and you still have this headache that's been going on you might be sitting on a tumor do you have time to wait in order to go to that primary care or that primary care physician but that specialist no we don't because you want to go right to.

That specialist you want to get this resolved you want to get this taken care of you want them be in the best shape possible and waiting is not going to allow you that luxury so having a PPO plan is going to cut out the red tape and waiting for a doctor to sign off for you to go to a special this to take care of a condition that.

Needs to be taken care of immediately now what HMO plan those are more affordable you get less coverage but a lot more restrictions more affordable less coverage a lot more restrictions a PPO plan again I just mentioned you can go to any doctor that you choose to so if you have a physician or a doctor you've been going to for a very long.

Time and airing a PPO Network most likely you can go to that doctor you know some insurance plan very some insurance plans are different but a PPO plan is gonna give you more a larger Network HMO plan and you're on a limited network I'm gonna give you a scenario real quick this actually happens to me at one point when I was younger when I.

First got into the health insurance industry and I was really getting my feet wet just food Chicago my daughter was skating I escaped everything was pretty everything was good and she fell she broke her collarbone had a little bit of cash on me and we went to the doctor I was trying to save money because I just relocated from one state.

To the next my funds wasn't quite there had an HMO plan you know but I was out of network so I ended up paying ridiculous prices they basically got me real good and my pocket still remember that so it was like me walk it was basically I had insurance but it was basically like me walking off of the street with no insurance looking for.

Someone to take care of my daughter and to get her together so I ended up paying some money out of my pocket and still walked away with a huge bill so when things happen in life you don't have time to go through your phone and look for certain doctors that's in the network you don't give a damn about that you just care.

About getting the best doctor that's gonna take care of your circumstance at that point in time and that's why PPOs in my opinion are the best thing for anyone to have because once you get a PPO plan let's just say that individuals in network you're gonna get what they call the friends in a family discount or the in-network discount they're going to.

Give you a certain price that's going to be with their network it's going to be a little bit lower because that person is in the network compared to being outside of the network and which they're gonna charge you like they don't know you so you want to get friends and family discount or go with their network when it comes to choosing a PPO plan so I.

Hope this video was pretty informative in understanding how a PPO work and understanding how an H in my work and how it can affect you so you have any questions or obtaining health insurance you can reach me at Geddes Gadd is dot my HS t-dot-com or you can call office at seven seven zero six to eight five six five four at seven seven zero six to.

Eight five six five four I hope this video was very informative to you again if you have any questions reach out to me you guys have a good one out there and stay safe and healthy

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