Pregnancy Insurance: What You Need to Know to Protect YOUR BABY and YOU!

finding out you're pregnant can fill you with all kinds of emotions both good and bad but you certainly don't want the anxiety associated with the unknowns of health insurance to take away from your excitement hi there my name is sarah and i'm here today with eye health brokers to talk.

All about what to expect when you're expecting the health insurance edition pregnancy has many highs and many lows and many many doctors appointments your prenatal care will consist of prenatal visits vaccinations and multiple screenings for things like.

Gestational diabetes and anemia amongst others now even though prenatal care is guaranteed under the affordable care act not all plans are created equal so if you'd like our help you can reach us here at eye health brokers at 888-410-0344 we're licensed nationwide with over 200 carriers and of course there is no.

Charge for our services pregnancy is a time that requires tremendous medical care on average without insurance prenatal care costs about two thousand dollars and a labor and delivery without complications and without insurance costs about ten thousand dollars however.

In the united states about one in three women have a c-section and sixty percent use an epidural which can push your costs upwards of thirty thousand dollars now that is not to say that there aren't less expensive options available there.

Absolutely are however you certainly want to be prepared for the unexpected and health insurance provides peace of mind additionally under the aca insurance carriers are required to provide breastfeeding support in the form of breast pumps and lactation counseling.

Prenatal care is considered one of the essential benefits covered under the affordable care act routine prenatal care is required at no additional expense which is great news routine care would consist of things like prenatal visits folic acid supplements and screenings for things like.

Gestational diabetes and anemia amongst others additionally the aca requires that insurance carriers provide breastfeeding support in the form of breast pumps and lactation counseling however the language of the aca is a little bit murky and not all plans offer the same benefits.

For example some plans might not offer recommended vaccines during pregnancy or things deemed outside routine care for this reason we really do recommend that you contact a broker to make sure that you enroll in a plan with the best possible prenatal coverage.

If you currently receive your insurance through your employer you're most likely guaranteed prenatal care and newborn care as a part of the affordable care act unless somehow your plan was grandfathered in before the aca took effect so make sure to check with your hr.

Department to confirm those details additionally if you or your spouse was recently laid off you may want to look into cobra you can check out our video all about cobra for more details on that also if you're pregnant you may qualify for medicaid generally speaking there are financial.

Criteria in order to be eligible for medicaid and that's dependent upon the federal poverty level or fbl and your state usually you have to make between 100 percent to 200 percent of the fpl to qualify for medicaid in some states you may also qualify for the chip program if you're pregnant.

So you're going to want to check out that's or contact your local medicaid office for further details and of course you can watch our video all about medicaid as well now if you're applying for health insurance through the marketplace then of course you have multiple options.

Now remember with the aca you cannot be denied coverage based on pregnancy pregnancy used to be considered a pre-existing condition but as of 2020 under the aca you cannot be denied coverage now you can enroll in a marketplace insurance plan during the open.

Enrollment period this is every year from november 1st to december 15th although some states do allow extra time to enroll in most places becoming pregnant does not qualify you for a special enrollment period so you'll have to wait for that open enrollment period and then have the.

Coverage begin on january 1st however in some states becoming pregnant does qualify you for a special enrollment period so make sure to check out for further details on that and then of course once you actually do have the baby that does trigger a special enrollment period.

So at that point you can enroll in a different plan if you so choose if you don't have health insurance and you can't get cobra and you're ineligible for medicaid and you're nowhere near open enrollment please don't panic there may still be options available to you.

First and foremost call a broker a broker is a third-party liaison who works on your behalf not the insurance company and many brokers do so at no charge we certainly do so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call here at i health brokers at 888-410-0344.

I said it before and i'll say it again there is no charge for our services additionally you can look into paying in cash for a nurse midwife as opposed to an ob gyn now of course that's an entirely personal decision however generally speaking you can access the same quality of care.

At a much lower rate and then of course there's also things like planned parenthood and other low-cost clinics that can provide free or low-cost prenatal care however while you're trying to figure out this whole health insurance thing please don't wait to book your appointment because many ob gyns will.

Not take on new patients after they're 20 weeks pregnant and you don't want to end up without a doctor that you can trust i hope today's video has made you feel a little bit better this time in your life can certainly be very scary but it should be scary good not scary bad.

So if you'd like any help you can reach us here at eye health brokers at 888-410-0344 we really are here to help and if you liked this video if it helped you please make sure to click like and subscribe as well to stay up to date on all things health insurance and to help make sure we get this video out there in front of other people who may.

Benefit from it thank you so much and have a wonderful day bye you

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