PS5 Games In 2022 Are Piling Up Fast, Here’s What We’re Getting So Far

It’s no secret that a lot of games have been delayed to next year. Between big AAA third-party publishers, indie projects, or even PlayStation Studios, there’s a lot of great stuff slated to release next year on PS5 and PS4. The crazier thing is we’re not even considering all the unknown projects currently in development too! At any rate, let’s take a look at some of the high profile video game releases we should be expecting next year. There’s a lot of good reasons to get excited, and one of them CLEARLY reigns supreme. I’ll give you a hint: It’s the one where the protagonist is a cat.

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Elden Ring
2:19 – Horizon Forbidden West
3:44 – Sifu
4:30 – Evil Dead: The Game
5:29 – The Callisto Protocol
6:42 – Dead Space (Remake)
8:15 – Forspoken
9:35 – Final Fantasy XVI
11:14 – Ghostwire: Tokyo
12:12 – God of War (Untitled)
13:34 – Gran Turismo 7
14:53 – Hogwarts Legacy
16:22 – Sonic The Hedgehog (Untitled)
17:15 – Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin
18:37 – 2022 GOTY

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PS5 Games In 2022 Are Piling Up Fast, Here’s What We’re Getting So Far

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