Real Estate Executive Assistant (licensed) Job in Pacific Palisades, CA

Hello i'm vanessa with pro rea staffing and with me today is anthony margulis he is the ceo of amalfi estates in los angeles california and he's looking for a new real estate executive assistant so i wanted to grab him and get on video and talk about what a day in the life of a real estate assistant on a top producing high level team is like and.

What kind of qualities and traits are essential for that role so if after listening to this video that this sounds like a job for you you want to go to the link in the description below and apply we cannot wait to hear from you all right let's get into it.

Hey anthony hi vanessa how are you i'm good how are you doing good thank you for uh the interview well i love talking to you and i think this will be a great introduction to what it could be like to work with you and your team so let's just start with you tell me about your background why.

Did you decide to become a real estate agent that's a very good question um how do a lot of people come to this position um actually um so i had a real estate development company about 30 years ago and did that we built a lot of homes in los angeles then i started a mortgage company um approximately.

29 years ago and had that for about 10 to 15 years and then a year after starting the mortgage company started the residential brokerage i'm all the estates so we've had the company now for 28 years the residential brokerage we don't have the mortgage company um we sold out about 10 years.

Ago and uh doing residential brokers now we are based all over los angeles we have a fantastic team of sales partners we've been growing quite a bit we've hired 20 people in the last uh 12 months and having a lot of fun.

Well and why do you love real estate clearly you could be doing commercial development mortgage why why real estate sales yeah i mean residential real estate is probably one of the most satisfying uh components of real estate i've done mortgages which mortgages is like playing defense right you're always putting out buyers um you don't get as.

Much of the satisfaction as you do in residential real estate helping people buy and sell whether it's first time home buyer whether negotiating for them you're saving a lot of money off the price whether you're representing a buyer maybe it's a seller and getting them more money um and they need that.

Money to buy a bigger house they're expanding their family maybe they're empty nesters you're helping them buy a vacation home you're helping to buy an investment property maybe it's a duplex or a four class so you're really an integral part of their life and you see a lot of you spend more time with some of your.

Clients than you do sometimes your own family at times because you really you're digging deep you're you're showing them houses you're writing offers you're you know late night calls so you really become an integral part of their lives and they trust you and there's that trust is what i really.

Love to be able to help them and their family change their life financially all right so let's talk about what a typical day in the life is like for a real estate assistant at amalfi estates well it's an executive assistant um and you know i think the best definition of what a typical day is is that it's not.

Typical um and that's the fun part of the job so we're really i'm the key qualities we're looking for is experience so they have to have at least ideally a minimum of five years experience recent experience as an executive assistant for a similar uh top producing agent or for a top producing team.

We do a lot of business vanessa we're very very fortunate uh we've had the company 28 years it would be my personal executive assistant i've been very fortunate i've sold close to two billion dollars in real estate and helped 1400 families buy and sell real estate all over los angeles a lot of high-end properties so the typical roles that.

They would be doing is they would be writing offers so they have to be really knowledgeable in contracts they would be interacting with our clients with a lot of high net worth individuals a lot of celebrities so they have to be very comfortable talking to um.

Very successful people and not be intimidated they have to be comfortable showing properties so from very expensive properties as well and have flexibility knowing that priorities change quite a bit and to be very calm under pressure because we're always putting out little.

Fires once in a while and um to really enjoy helping people that's that's part of the job and how what about marketing and transaction coordination are those aspects of this role or are those handled those stuff we have a marketing yeah we have a marketing coordinator that covers that.

We have a transactional coordinator that covers that so this is high level this is not a typical assistant role you're not uh ordering office supplies uh this is high level you do my right hand there's great growth opportunities here um as an executive assistant and um i'm excited i'm excited to uh.

To meet that that person that wants to interview for this well perfect so let's talk about some of the quality skills and traits that are essential for success working with you specifically in this role so the qualities and the traits really comes down to licensed is really important so having a real estate.

License having the experience um ideally having at least 100 transactions under your belt either personal sales or that you've worked with an agent or a team that has done at least 100 transactions so we're really really fortunate we're selling about 140 homes a year so one every two days pretty much um we're selling a.

House and there's a lot of contracts a lot of offers repair requests a lot of complexities that we run into and we just need someone who's very who can jump right in and is very good at multitasking is very good at analyzing a very good numbers.

And very good with their personal relationship communication skills are very very important as well they have to live close to the office so ideally within 20 minutes of santa monica is ideal uh what we found is people that have longer commutes because we're showing properties mostly on the west side it's.

Not as conducive so if we get a last minute showing request and they live downtown la they just can't really get there in time we found that to be a little bit challenging so they're open to relocating that's great um it's probably one of the most rewarding jobs they will ever have will ever have and probably one of the most.

Demanding so it's it's it's a double-edged sword so they'll have a lot of fun doing well and let's talk about some of those growth opportunities how do you see this position evolving over time so i i the executive assistant role uh.

Could morph into potentially a listing partner it could uh potentially morph into taking on additional management roles if they want that additional leadership roles if they want that i love giving people as much responsibility as they want i do want to make it clear this is not a sales role.

So if you want to apply for this role and you think oh it's a stepping stone for me to get into sales it's not this is a career position we will pay very very well for that career position we want someone who wants to be in this role five or ten years and not as a stepping stone persists.

Perfect anthony thank you so much it's so great to hear it from the horse's mouth so to speak i really appreciate your time hey if you're something like a horse absolutely not sir if this sounds like the right opportunity for you make sure to click the link in the description below we would absolutely love to hear from you.

And if this isn't the right role for you go to rea to check out all of our open positions cheers you

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