Realistic Price & Date when Bitcoin will bottom in 2022

Okay guys in this video i'm going to give you a realistic uh price and time frame when i expect bitcoin to bottom and i will give you key support resistance levels pay attention to if you watch the last video guys i gave you a perfect point too short and a perfect point too long had you watched the video again this this was uh nine minutes and.

57 seconds seconds in the perfect bitcoin short uh support resistance levels i'll put a link up this video now if you want to check it out listen to what i said guys if you i told you to write down these numbers if you you need to understand when you know exactly when to short and exactly when too long you can make a killing.

Especially if you're using leverage so listen to what i said two if you push up next point you potentially short it's right here 39 thousand five thirty nine thousand three fifty six and you see this is currently our resistance where we got rejected right here so that would be around thirty nine thousand.

Eight hundred if we drop remember guys this is going to be very strong support below right here at 37 577 but your strongest support notice if we follow this back always look left guys notice that we found support right here support right here so that will be support that would be a point to enter.

Along and a point to enter your long so up here 39356 and we come down i gave you your target uh down below right here at 37 thousand um 577. also made a tweet i said look right here um and i made this really quick i takes time to take a.

Screenshot i want to make sure people knew to get in h1 adds support if you want a chance a long scalp trade and that's what i was talking about the the line i gave you in that previous video so this is support this is where you want to buy i made another tweet showing how far we pushed up and you can see guys how this played out that point i.

Gave you to short to the dollar thirty nine thousand three seventy six so you enter your short you say you stop just above to protect yourself it pushes up you lose a little bit but look how much profit we dropped four and a half percent from this point right and then i told you in that video your.

Support was right here we hit this to the dollar so you would have you would have bought in right there set your stop loss or below to protect yourself and we pushed up a total of a four and a half percent so you had four and a half percent short and four and a half percent long i mean.

We're killing it this this guy right here bought right where i said at support 36 000 um his entry price thirty six thousand seven fifty four fifty times leverage two hundred seventeen percent so i mean when you know where to get in and where to get out there's there's how can you not make money.

Let me see how the chart played out this is where i said this short i just want to say this was published on march 5th this is a published chart i can't edit it i can just hit play this is what i told you to be strong support right here look how this played out we got rejected right here actually no this is further on this is.

Short this yellow line so we came down found support we pushed up perfect rejection right here and the perfect support so you knew exactly where to short and exactly where to long uh so guys so what i'm going to do um if you want to uh so you have to pay to get access to my charts and our discord but what i'm going to do is if.

You use my big affiliate link it'll be in the first comment description i'm going to be giving you guys so what you'll do is if you use my affiliate link send me an email give me your user id number i'll verify that use my affiliate link and those that did i will give you access to my twitter account i cannot give you access.

To discord you have to pay for that but i will give you access to my twitter so you can follow me there and what i will be doing is all of these charts that i've been showing you i'm going to recreate on the big get exchange and then i'm going to give you those coordinates and make videos showing you.

Guys how to get these charts into bits so you can trade i want you to see how how accurate these charts are and if you if you trade safe use practice and risk management and you follow my calls there's no excuse for you not to make money so again if you want to sign up with my link do so shoot me an email and then i will let.

You follow me on twitter and again i will be recreating all of these charts i'm gonna go through each one i have you know a bunch of all coin charts but i'm gonna be recreating them notice this ethereum chart hit to the tick and came down so i'm gonna give you these coordinates right so i'll give you these coordinates so you can import them in.

And i'll probably make a screenshot of all these coordinates for all the trend lines so you can just copy and paste or just type them in and then you will have a chart for xrp eos bch litecoin and then you can trade these all day long and of course i'll keep updated on twitter but again you have to use my affiliate link have to prove used it and.

Then you can follow me on twitter so just keep that in mind so i will come back and give you price targets guys and again like i said in the last video write these damn numbers down and you'll see how accurate they are so let me get on to uh when i think bitcoin's gonna bottom let's look right.

Here c1 chart we hit this to the toddler guys again always have the c1 bg chart c1 chart and h1 chart up and open we hit this to the dollar this is the point you enter a short that's how accurate these charts are guys i mean literally to the dollar so guys let me get on to uh why i'm expecting bitcoin to bottom.

When it's going to bottom and i'm going to give you that price target as well i've been talking about the xy for months so the deals the xy is going to start pushing up and you can see the dollar has been pushing up the highest it got so far was up here around 99. uh 41.

Guys uh the dollar is pushing up that is bearish for bitcoin i've covered this chart previously when the dollar is coming down bitcoins pushing up dollar pushes up bitcoin down dollar down bitcoin up you can see how much the dollars already pushed up now bitcoin is just now catching up i think we have a lot of.

Downside uh right here is this is a chart about for inflation this one this is how high inflation got back in 1980 we had a huge crash back in 1980 you can see how how high inflation is right now currently you see it's just pushing up now.

Inflation in order to uh get conflation inflation under control they have to raise interest rates right now the fed's trying to sell dovish but i think they have no choice but to be hawkish i think they're going to raise interest interest rates a lot more than people expect and the reason for this guys is because what's going on with ukraine and russia.

Oil prices surged to highest since 2008 on delays of iranian talks because of ukraine all this stuff but you can see oil prices guys in the first few minutes of trade on set on sunday both benchmarks rose to their highest since july 8th uh 139 a barrel right for oil uh this one right here this was uh.

This is another one 147 for a price of for one one barrel of oil what this means is everything runs on oil uh transportation and in the prices inflation means the price of goods already going up now with the cost of oil going up now transportation costs are is going to be it's going to cost more to transport.

Goods which means that is going to be passed on to the consumer which means prices are going to go even higher which means inflation is going to go higher so again that's what i'm saying i think the interest rates will have to be they're going to raise interest rates they're going to have no choice because this this is going to continue up is going to.

Get to the point where he got last time there is interest rates the markets come down this ties into what i expect bitcoin to bottom and why expect a lot more downside i've covered this chart previously so pay attention and i'm going to show you why i believe that a bottom target on a specific date seems likely.

If you'll notice um when i created this chart every time we bottom all right this is 2013 over here every time we bottom we bottom on the same damn trend line that was resistance again this 2013 resistance resistance support support we bottomed on that same trend line.

And if we come over here to 2017 and take note this blue fib circle this is key to where i think we're going to bottom but notice right here this was resistance resistance resistance that trend line flip that support we bottomed on that same trend.

Line that happened to be with this yellow moving average is the 200 weekly moving average and then we go to right here this was in 2019 right here this was resistance resistance flip that support support where we bottom on that same damn trend line where just happened to be the 300 weekly moving average.

So you see what i'm getting at right the the moving average just happens to be where our support turns turned into resistance so if we come over here and again again guys look at this blue fib circle notice and you can see back here you can see that the price is expecting this flip circle way back here notice it was resistance right.

Flip that support so we're respecting this flip circle going way back but you can clearly see and again this this was the flip circle i used to predict the top so notice right here this right here was resistance resistance resistance resistance resistance we dropped we push up to the.

Next blue ring is resistance right and we dropped and we pushed up to this one as resistance this is where i called the top up here around i think it was was the 64 thousand dollars where i said that was the top to get out and notice right here this this point right here let me zoom in on this so you can see it.

This is if you followed before the h1 chart was at support i told you also this would be support this blue ring needs to hold so right here was where you should have bought in around 34 000. but notice we're getting stuck this uh this this pink looking moving average right here this is what we're called in like.

Support resistance support resistance support resistance i think it's less likely and if we're in a bull market if we get above the 21 a week moving average i think it's less likely with what's going on so eventually we're going to break but i think we're going to break this blue ring and when we do.

The same thing that i just showed you 2013 2017 2019 this trend line right here previously was resistance which means when we bottom it will be on this trend line now i think it's too late to to test the uh 200 weekly moving average the reason is because for us to test that support level at this point which would be on the 18th of march we would.

Have to drop in the next 11 days i find that very unlikely anything is possible so i think a likely target just like when we had a coffee crush we bottomed on the the 300 weekly moving average at support guys resistance flip that support three moving average i think that would be the moving average we.

Bought them on so if you'll notice over here and i'm just i'm just showing you this seems very likely how well respecting these blue fib circles right once you break once you break a ring you come down to the next ring this is a likely point and notice this is very close where the 300-week moving average is so i think.

How this is going to play out we could push up and get rejected again actually i think it's more likely to get protected at this point if we did push up that'd be 41 000 378 we do not have to go that high the thing the only thing i want you to know is once we break this blue ring i think that's when the capitulation begins so we might push up.

Come down but once we break this point you know i think we'll come down you could find support you know there are support levels but i think this is how it's going to play out and i think what will happen is people will you know we'll hit the 200 weekly moving average we might get a little balance people get bullish i think it's.

Going to go higher but i think that will break and we will bottom i believe we're going to bottom between the 13th of may and the 30th of may around this area there's a lot of confluence resistance we'll flip out support not only that you also have this this blue fib circle.

We've been respecting since the beginning of bitcoin and you have our previous resistance that will flip at support plus you have the three and a week and moving average right here so this seems like a likely date and guys that price target is going to be like this bigger make sure you can see it.

So i believe that the date we're going to bottom is going to be around 15 500 uh sometime like possibly may 15th and the lowest point i think we'll go is around 14 200 and that would be on may 30th through june 1st i do believe that's how it's going to play out i believe we're in a bear market guys you need to understand every time.

That we enter a bear market we drop at least from an all-time high we drop this was 87 right here we dropped a total of 84 percent this is we had a copy crash we dropped a total of this was 72 percent so if we drop 80 percent.

That takes us right to a this is this is uh 80 right here this is 78.90 we could drop even lower i'm telling you from from your all-time high actually our all-time high we did push a little higher on this so from this point to this point 80 percent takes us right to my target so guys i do believe that's where we're heading um with what's going.

On with uh ukraine and russia the stock market being overvalued supply issues i'm telling you i believe i do believe this is where we're headed and and i have this on record i believe between um the 15th of may through uh june 1st i think this is our bottom.

Target right here around fourteen thousand one hundred fourteen thousand two hundred so just wanna make sure you guys are aware of that again if we get above the 21 week guys get bullish but i think that's not going to happen i did not believe we're going to push up i think we're headed down to this target again.

Guys you're doing access these charts websites link defender first comment description and remember if you do use my big affiliate link it will be pending first comment description if you do use it make sure you shoot me an email give me your user id number i'll give you access to twitter so you can follow my calls on.

Twitter and i will give you coordinates and also we'll make videos guys helping you get these um these charts into the big exchange so expect that guys and let me give you these support resistance levels so currently uh again always refer to both charts the resistance above on the h1 chart is.

Right here at 39 443 we didn't make it to that point your next uh well you can see currently your resistance right now is thirty nine thousand thirteen your next support level below is right here at 38 500 to 38 000 325 and again just like i said before this would be very strong support 37.

669. let's go on to this is the c1 chart notice that we got rejected we came right back down below this resistance level right here 38 965 we push up next point too short it's going to be right here around 40 000. if we drop your next strong support level is thirty seven thousand five fifty one.

And your next strong support level below that's thirty seven thousand fifty remember when i say resistance that means a point you short when i say support that's the point you long this is the uh c1 bt chart this is the chart i created for the big exchange so if you do sign up for my affiliate link these are the charts i'm going to give.

I'm going to help you get these uh these fib channels and these trend lines into the big exchange so you can trade them so when i say hey guys we're at resistance on the c1 bd chart all you have to do is go into big it click on your bitcoin chart and you'll have the chart right here to play that is the goal.

So again let me go back to this chart so you can see your resistance right now it's 39 285 this is where you would put in the short if you had access to the charts your current support right now is thirty eight thousand eight hundred eighty so when this video is over i would say this point you would enter along.

Uh if that does break your next support level right here guys is right here at thirty eight thousand five hundred and if we drop below that well we know this is very strong support right here so the next point you would long would be right here thirty seven thousand thirty seven thousand seven hundred fifty two but guys that's pretty much it.

Just remember my prediction bitcoin will be at around fourteen thousand uh on may 31st to potentially uh early june that is my prediction guys all right that's it chase hey smart i'm out

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