Root Insurance Review – The Best Cheap Car Insurance Company ( My Honest Opinion )

In today's video we are doing a full review on the ruth car insurance company if you have not heard about ruth they are a brand new insurance company that are putting an awesome spin on auto instrument so if you hate overpaying for insurance if you want to get a customized quote.

Based on how you drive then you got to check out root the way root car insurance saves people a ton of money on their car insurance is simply because they base your rate your quote primarily on how you drive in today's video we are going to cover the pros.

The cons of the root car insurance company full disclosure i am a current customer of root car insurance and my cars are insured with root also i've been with them for over a year and a half so i know all the pros all the cons and all the benefits that you get.

With root caution so in today's video we are going to cover everything and i will show you how you can save some money on your car instruments so make sure you watch this video until the very end but most importantly smash that like button and subscribe to the channel.

For more updates and more reviews like this one and now let's jump right into the review so if you're watching this video chances are you are looking to save some money on your car insurance so you're wondering what kind of benefits you'll get with root car insurance first off let's talk.

About the price that is probably the most important thing when looking for car insurance is how much will it cost you with root cause they base your price on primarily how you drive so if you are a good driver chances are you will get a better price with root.

Car insurance than other insurance providers the way root car insurance works is very simple all you have to do is download their mobile app which is absolutely amazing i'll have a link for it in the description box below once you download the app.

You will start your test drive this test drive can take anywhere between one week and two weeks this is where the root app will monitor how you drive how fast you accelerate how fast you brake and a couple of other factors and once your test drive is over they.

Will give you a customized quote based on how you drive in my opinion this is an excellent model simply because it allows good drivers to save money on their car instruments but all the bad reckless drivers they will not get a quote from rude car insurance.

Root car insurance is not like other insurance companies other companies insure everyone that is willing to pay including good drivers and bad drivers this way they have to keep their prices high because a lot of bad drivers are having wrecks and causing.

Everyone to pay higher prices and higher premiums for their car insurance but with root card insurance they only ensure good drivers thus they are able to offer you an even better price on your car instruments and now let's talk about the pros and.

The cons of the root car insurance company pro number one you'll be able to save up to 52 on your car insurance and best of all it is based on how you drive so it is customized just for you and this allows root car insurance to give you the best possible price.

On car insurance pro number two everything is done in the mobile app you do not have to talk to agents over the phone you do not have to fill out long applications on their website and all your documents are inside the app your insurance card inside the app your.

Policy documents inside the app if you are looking to file a claim inside the app you can also get paper copies of all the documents and pdfs sent to your email whichever one you prefer but i love this benefit simply because i have all the paperwork.

All the documents in my phone so if you need them for any reason you can simply pull it up on your mobile app and you will have all of the documents that you need super easy and convenient benefit number three root card insurance offers a ton of coverage options.

You can get the state minimum or you can get full coverage depending on all your needs and these are some of the coverages that you'll be able to get with root card insurance you'll be able to get collision insurance comprehensive.

Body injury liability property damage liability medical payments personal injury protection uninsured motorist these are some of the options that are available so you'll be able to customize them depending on your needs benefit number four they have rental.

Reimbursement they'll pay for the rental car when your car is in the shop being worked on after an accident also benefit number five this is by far one of my favorite things about root car insurance you get free roadside assistance with every policy it does not matter if you.

Get a liability state minimum coverage or if you get full comprehensive coverage you will get free roadside assistance in my opinion this is absolutely awesome and a great benefit to have benefit number seven you will get free lift credits on selected holidays for example when.

Christmas comes around or new year's root car insurance will send you a free lyft credit so if you do not want to drive on holidays you can use this credit to get free rides with lyft this is an awesome benefit to have also benefit number eight you'll be able to.

File a claim with root cautions in three minutes or less all you have to do is open up the app take pictures of the incident and submit a claim super fast and super easy and now for one of the last benefits that i will mention in this video.

You are able to invite friends and save even more money on your car insurance for every friend that you invite to root car insurance you will get an additional 25 also they will get an additional 25 as well so it is a win-win situation if you invite enough friends you can have free car insurance.

So if you are interested in getting a free quote from roon car insurance check out that link in the description box below and now let's talk about some of the cons with root cause count number one root car insurance does not provide coverage in every single state as of now here's the current map of all.

The states that are covered but ruth car insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in america and they are constantly expanding so feel free to check back in when your state is available also drop your email so they will notify you as soon as they start.

Coverage in your state this way you'll be able to get a good quote and save some money on your car insurance card number two is the test drive the tesla can take anywhere between one week and two weeks sometimes a little bit longer a lot of people are very impatient and they want to get a.

Quote right there on the spot but the way root car insurance works is by weeding out the bad drivers so the root card insurance test drive is required this way they are able to give the good drivers a discount and the bad drivers they will not cover them at all a lot of people do not like.

This but me personally i am a big fan of this simply because it allows us the good drivers to save money on our car insurance con number three root car insurance can decide not to cover you if they see that you are a bad reckless driver so if you do a lot of.

Reckless driving chances are you will not be able to get a policy with root cause so those are some pros and cons about the root card insurance company i have been with them for over a year and a half now and i absolutely love them i love the.

Price i'm getting i love the coverage i'm getting i love how easy it is to customize my coverage i can add drivers add vehicles remove them super easy super convenient all my documents are in the app i absolutely love the business model.

And all the benefits that come with them and best of all i'm getting an awesome price on my car insurance so in my personal opinion i think root car insurance is one of the best car insurance companies out there awesome price awesome coverage so i absolutely recommend them it does not.

Matter if you need state minimum coverage or you need full insurance coverage root car insurance has all the options available so make sure to check them out take two three minutes out of your time download the app and see how much money you can save all.

Right everybody that concludes this quick review if you have any questions drop them in the comment section below i'll be glad to answer all your questions and hopefully help you out as much as i possibly can also don't forget smash the like button subscribe to the channel.

And check out the link in the description box below if you want to join ruth car instruments and as always see you next video peace out

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