Sandbox v Roblox | Gen Z Crypto Gaming Will Explode

Roblox is trying to build a virtual world that rivals our own. During the GamesBeat Summit Next event , Roblox chief of technology Dan Sturman explained how the company plans to do that by designing a metaverse that caters to player’s needs. On Nov. 8, Roblox announced its earnings for Q3, which ended in September. Bookings (Roblox’s sales equivalent) were up 28% year over year to $637.8 million. Crypto competitors and Metaverse related tokens The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) have seen a surge in price recently, mostly due to Facebook changing its name to Meta and announcing that it will be focusing on building technologies around “the metaverse”. Are we due for a massive Gen Z crypto gaming explosion in the next few years?

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~Sandbox v Roblox | Gen Z Crypto Gaming Will Explode~
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