Segway’s Newest Electric Moped, Scooters and an Electric Skateboard (First Look)

Segway just announced a bunch of new products including a whole new lineup of scooters their first electric skateboard and the one i'm most excited about this the e110a it's a truly electric moped not some hybrid e-bike that only goes 20 miles an hour i'm really excited to check it out along with all the other new products here we go.

next to a noisy freeway at segway's north american headquarters members of the media were invited to check out its latest product announcements unfortunately we were limited to doing small laps around the parking lot with each device set to its slowest mode so this will not be a review but just a.

Quick look at some of the most interesting announcements starting with the e-110a this is our sit-down uh e-scooter this one will give you about 30 miles in speed miles per hour and uh 35 mile range it has our ride eco system so that will help with protection features so everything from kickstand detection to seat detection um.

Everything to make sure anti-theft is like top priority right with something like this that's a street legal you're going to make sure you want to keep it around right if you were to touch this it goes off like like fireworks is it how similar is it to the c80 similar similar alarms yeah i was able to test segway's righty go.

Security system when i reviewed the c80e moped last year link in the description and i had my concerns that it wouldn't be enough to prevent thieves from tossing it in the back of a truck and driving off otherwise the e110a packs many more useful features than the c80 but at a much higher price point of 3500 one of the biggest improvements of the.

E110a over the c80 is how much larger it is which not only makes it feel more stable but it actually allows for more cargo storage you can actually lift up the seat and it has a 27 liter storage container inside this thing's also large and powerful enough to carry a passenger so if you need to give.

Someone a ride anywhere you can do that 30 miles per hour makes the e110a more practical for getting around town but the 35 mile range is disappointing if you have longer commutes however segway does have a solution this one has an upgradeable battery so you can actually double the range in the battery can you pull the battery.

Out like you can open the c80 and take your side charge so pull that lever that panel pops up and then you're able to pop out the battery same as ca very cool first ride next i got to try segway's first electric skateboard well sort of it's actually the shredder kit which is a modular product built on the ninebot s.

Motor that allows you to swap out components to transform it into a variety of rideables like a unicycle a go-cart or in this case an eastgate so the shredder kit will give you about um 23 miles per hour with our x-max about 13 to 15 miles in range it comes with a remote so you can either ride it with our stem here attached or you can.

Take the stem off and use it as a traditional electric skateboard and it gives you all the same capabilities as the symbol the shredder kit is a neat way to add versatility to an already existing device i've always liked the idea of owning one of segway's very fun go-karts but don't think i'd use it nearly as often as an e-skateboard with.

The shredder kit you have the option of owning both however it does feel more like a toy and i'll be interested to see how it compares to a dedicated e-skate when i have a chance to really try it out seems like it could be a great device for beginners though segway also announced two new classes of kickscooters built for everyday.

Commuting there's the p series with two models priced at one thousand five hundred dollars and two thousand dollars they have max speeds of 21 to 24 miles per hour and a range of 40 to 62 miles respectively then there's the gt series for those that want some serious performance i was obviously most interested in checking.

Out the more expensive of the two this is our gt2 this is the faster model this one to get you uh where you need to go in a hurry so we're talking acceleration of zero to 30 miles per hour in under four seconds uh you also have your transmission screen so you can see road conditions as you're riding another safety feature yeah so.

When you turn this one on you can actually see you still interested yeah you can still check it out to show you how many miles you have your battery percentage and the difference also between the two is this one will give you two-wheel drive for a little bit more faster acceleration segway already makes some of the most.

Reliable and accessible mobility devices on the market its newest additions give even more variety for all kinds of riders we want to bring the segwit smile to the full range of our targeted audience from the kids to the adults from parents and also to the children so of all the new products that segway announced today which are you most.

Excited for are you into the scooters the electric skateboard or do you want to get on that new electric moped let me know down in the comments and make sure you subscribe to cnet for great tech videos just about every day of the week thank you so much for watching and don't forget to wear a helmet

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