Shawn Webb – Story & Introduction to Pacific Crest Services

Hello my name is sean webb i am the founder and president of pacific crest services before you dive into this presentation and look at our opportunity i want to take a few minutes and talk to you about some things that i think you will find very important not long ago i was in.

Your shoes i was a captive insurance agent started a scratch agency and learned how to build relationships and sell and eventually built a system to success as a captive agent and because i did that i was allowed to move into management and train and develop agents with my system so they could run successful captive.

Practices there was a point in my career path as a captive manager and agent where i've finally figured out that i have reached the pinnacle of what i could do there and that was at a moment where i won an award and instead of sitting back and going.

Look what i had accomplished i was looking at myself in the mirror going is this it is this really all that i could do as an agent and an agency manager and i started looking at some of the agents that were captive many of them were having the deals changed their.

Commissions were changing and they weren't able to have the dream that they were promised i was seeing managers leave and being cut loose because they were no longer viable to that company and i saw myself in them i saw myself at some point being just like them and the risk.

The risk of being a captive agent and manager then far outweighed what it would be like for me to go out on my own so i decided to go independent i decided to go out on out of my own and start my own independent insurance agency.

And quite frankly i was scared i knew that i'd be leaving behind a good good job with good benefits making a very good income and be going out to a world that i knew nothing about but i made the transition i left and i went independent and and i tried to find something out.

There a solution something that i could use that would help me build a successful practice and there were no solutions there there were definitely companies out there like there are today that offered markets and they would offer some tools and maybe some systems to to build a.

Practice but there was nothing out there that was a solution to help me build a successful business successful insurance agency and i saw those solutions as short-term solutions short-term solutions that at some point would be a long-term liability meaning that i would outgrow them.

So i ventured on my own and i actually hired a consultant many consultants along the way and to help me figure out the roadblocks and the challenges and quite frankly it was difficult but i took those those challenges and those roadblocks and though that uncertainty and i built.

The solution that we have today the solution as you look at it today in our opportunity there are some table stakes that you have to have whether you're looking at our opportunity or any opportunity and the first one you have to own it you have to you have to own the business you have to be independent.

You have to be in control you have to have the flexibility to run the business the way you want to run it and you need choice you need choice on who you want to partner with to write business and you want to have the ability to build a business to wherever you want to build it those are the table stakes.

Now when you look at our opportunity those are the table sticks but i also want you to answer some questions number one if i were to partner with this opportunity can i make more money with them than i can on my own number two.

If i partner with this organization and this opportunity can i reduce my expenses can i reduce the burden the heavy lifting the overhead with them versus doing it on my own can i put more money in my pocket at the end of the day by working with this opportunity than by myself third.

Time time currency can i spend more time doing things that i'm really good at like sales and relationships versus spending time on things that don't make me money the minutia of the business the administration and the other form of time currency is can i spend more time with my family can.

I spend more time enjoying my quality of life and less time working on the business with this opportunity and finally the challenge i'll ask you is what is the team that you will be partnering with and what is their motivation to helping you.

Build a successful independent business i'm confident we'll be able to answer all those questions for you and find the solution that fits you best and i'm hopeful at the end of this we'll be able to sit down and visit with you on a solution that will allow you to build the practice that you want to and scale it to where you want to go.


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