Step By Step Instructions on How The AVERAGE Person Can Get Into CRYPTO and NFTs

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Understanding what cryptocurrency, NFTs and blockchain are is still being missed by so many people. However, the opportunity being presented by cryptocurrency and NFTs is so much more than investing. Even if you don’t understand much of this as of today, try to view this crypto conversation through the lens of being an opportunity parallel to what the internet was in 1997 when it first started to gain traction. Think of the first AOL commercials and the buzz and excitement you may have experienced from that. Now imagine 2 things. One, imagine getting the opportunity to invest in the “internet” or an internet based company at that time. It’s probably fair to say you wouldn’t have much need to punch a clock now. The other thing to imagine is, how much the internet as a technology has advanced cell phones, businesses, the way we interact and communicate with the entire world. That scenario is quite possibly the same kind of opportunity you are living through right now with NFTs, bitcoin, ethereum, and blockchain. This is a technology that is being adopted faster than any other technology ever was, and it’s an opportunity that’s going to disrupt life, business, and humanity forever. Why this content is being brought to you, is to serve as a red flag and get your attention to at least do your research and learn about what this is so you can make informed decisions going forward. In this video, Tom is answering more questions and laying out what you need to do step-by-step.

Steps to Research NFTs:
1. Learn about this technology so you can think from first principles.
2. Start with any words you know, bitcoin, crypto, NFTs, etc. and start learning terminology.
3. Figure out who the different players are in the crypto and NFT space.
4. Venture down the rabbit hole to gain expertise, follow them and engage.
5. Cross over to truly understanding what this is about.

Additional Resources to Check Out:
Michael Saylor:


0:00 | Introduction to NFTs
2:30 | Non Fungible Tokens
5:20 | NFT Utility & Benefits
9:25 | How to Deep Dive Crypto
12:53 | Setting Up Crypto Wallet
15:00 | Crypto’s Digital Gold
20:04 | Bitcoin vs Ethereum
32:07 | Creating NFTs & Minting
35:31 | NFT Immersion to Learn
41:17 | The Future of NFTs


“The key is to really understand from first principles so that you’re not just mimicking what other people are doing, but that you can create your own thesis.” [11:26]

“It’s not meant to replace the dollar, it’s meant to be a store of value, like that gold in the vault somewhere.” [17:27]

“It is the single fastest adopted technology in human history. Let that sink in.” [18:25]
“Just like paper money that you’re used to, the normal money, it only has value because we all say it has value, and if we all stop saying it has value, then it stops having value.” [19:09]

“Whatever I’m buying, I’m not just buying because I’m hoping that it’s going to go up, I’m buying it, because I understand it, and I understand how it’s used, and I have a bet that when I look out at the future of what’s going to happen with the world, that use case is going to continue to be relevant.” [22:57]

“Over time, as they say, your network is your net worth, you start putting these individuals together that can help you create the things that you want to create, but it’s about putting in a relentless amount of time and energy.” [38:39]

“Virtually every business should have a website strategy. Virtually every business should have an NFT strategy.” [47:19]

“NFTs allow communities to grow with the creator.” [48:40]

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