The #1 Hyper-Realistic Metaverse Crypto Project: Everdome Explained [In-Game Footage]

All right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's austin in today's video i want to do a sponsored deep dive on the crypto project everdome the digital frontier's first hyper realistic metaverse and like i said in today's video i'm going to explain to you exactly what this means so like always check the time stamps.

Down below in the video description leave a comment tell me which metaverse you're most excited for and let's jump in starting with what exactly is everdome everdomaim's to create the most hyper-realistic metaverse that will bring brands and people together all with the intent of building the most realistic web 3.

Experience through the creation and facilitation of non-fungible tokens land sales marketplaces and the highest quality avatars on the market everdome will define life in the virtual world providing a place for brands and individuals to interact in the highest possible quality so how are they making.

This happen it's one thing to say i want the best quality but how are they actually getting it done i like this write-up from cointelegraph as they put it built on unreal engine 5 everdome will deliver a slick real world extended experience pulling on talents and vision of renowned concept artists game.

Creators 3d designers hollywood visual effects specialists urban planning professionals a development team that has been delivering graphics and effects for more than a decade and a marketing team that has already found bounds of success in numerous industries so obviously quite a mouthful we're.

Going to double check this we will look at the team ourselves in a second but the two biggest takeaways for me is they're using unreal engine 5 which is huge which is going to mean great graphics great realistic visuals and then the other big component sort of the secret sauce tech behind all this is the integration of metahero and wdw.

Basically helping to ease the transition from the real world into augmented reality virtual reality in a sort of gamified metaverse experience wdw is wolf digital world and as you can see actually like right here over 200 sony cameras 10 per column over 16k resolution all in this spherical shaped chamber there is a diameter of 6 meters.

Height 7 meters surrounded by a multitude of led lights 40 cold and warm led strips all with the goal the purpose of scanning moving objects especially people and animals so this is wolf digital world combined with metahero scanning real-life objects into the metaverse to make it as.

Hyper-realistic as possible and that of course is wherever dome comes in they're aiming to be that hyper-realistic metaverse in fact just announced everdome to launch a mission to mars from hada uae united arab emirates if you're asking why this location check this out here are the details the iconic dubai tourist destination was.

Chosen for the earth-based phase 1 of everdome's metaverse journey so while the first world is based in dubai it will expand to much bigger everdome the most hyper realistic metaverse has announced that the mission launch site will be the stunning mountainous region of hada in dubai united arab emirates newly released footage we'll check this.

Out in a sec gives users a taste of what's to come exploring the spawn and launch rooms with expansive views of the launch site brought to life by the unreal engine 5 powered game so if that's still unclear just know that set to launch in three phases throughout this year 2022 everdome will take users on a journey from planet earth to mars.

The early footage is available let's check it out together loading loading boom we are born this is where you spawn from this is where you start your journey in everdome your mission starts on earth.

Yep this is it this is dubai and let's just take 90 seconds and sort of check this out ooh love love the landscape okay that's probably where we'll take off to mars very interesting.

Now you obviously would be controlling all this yourself where you go what you do damn hope they have some shades in there connecting to your wallet yes obviously everything is on the blockchain for verifiable ownership.

We okay let's speed this up a little bit departure hall all right great visual great unreal engine 5. the journey has begun all right okay let me know your thoughts on that would.

You play it could you see yourself in that metaverse let me know but like i said in 2022 the rolled out will be three phases phase one includes the pre-launch phase set in hada during which users can explore the launch room and learn more about the space exploration and journey to come.

Phase 2 and 3 continue the everdome journey from mission launch and life aboard the vessel to landing and settling on mars in a direct quote from ceo of the project rob grinn our goal is to introduce the metaverse to the public in a way that can be understood by everyone.

We're making considered decisions to open the metaverse gateway as wide as possible removing as many accessibility limitations as we can one way we're doing this is by setting the launch phase in dubai's hada region as a global landmark for tourism innovation and space exploration dubai was a natural choice for everdomes phase.

One and before we dive a little deeper on the team the final thing i will say that while it is obviously super immersive and free to play for everybody in the world meaning anybody is free to use it free to play everdome is creating highly effective yet accessible avenues for metaverse advertising phase one provides a solid.

Introductory platform for brands and companies looking to expand their consumer engagement into the metaverse realm via the everdome launch room in a direct quote on how they're going to implement brands and advertising advertising in the metaverse provides the opportunity for an even deeper level of connection with current and potential.

Customers this is the next frontier of customer engagement and there's no time like the present to start branching out into the metaverse all right very interesting we will have to see which corporations which brands choose to go into everdoom i'll keep you updated next up taking a look at the team.

Trading blockchain cryptos we have a specialist in every field i guess first we'll highlight founder ceo robert grinn because he does have a proven track record robert grinn is the youngest self-made entrepreneur to make the forbes 100 richest list in poland he is the former ceo of codewise the second fastest.

Growing company in europe after selling codewise he shifted 100 of his attention and focus to crypto his new mission is to help accelerate the mass adoption of this revolutionary tech so that is robert grinn in a nutshell always more we could go into but again we're just hitting the highlights number two.

Out of two that i want to highlight today is their cmo bali singh bali has extensive experience of combining tech with the music entertainment and sports worlds his past collaborations with numerous multi-international companies have seen him combine international brands such as microsoft amg sledgehammer games mclaren.

Plexatronics and ea games with international artists including sting pharrell williams 50 cent the weekend french montana among many others interesting so for a chief marketing officer those connections are definitely something you want to see i will link this down below if you guys want to check out the rest of the team.

They are very public very transparent there's a link down below check it out but let's finish with what to expect for the future here is the road map for q1 of this year q2 q3 q4 and of course what they've already accomplished they have already published their smart contract audit sometime in q1 they will be importing.

Their first three 3d models from metahero they'll be doing the real estate market platform v1 first land sale as well as official soundtrack pre-release with exclusive nft pre-sale and much more and again this is for q1 so with a few short weeks left we'll see can they complete it let's keep tabs on this.

And also link down below for you to check out q2 q3 and q4 what to expect all right that is the video give me your thoughts let me know your take on which metaverse or which aspects of the metaverse that you're most excited for but like always see you tomorrow

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