The Best Crypto For Passive Income in 2022

Flux os at least in my opinion will be one of the most opportune projects within the world of crypto when it comes to passive income in 2022. within this video we're going to talk about some of the details you should know going into this year and should prepare for when it comes to flux nodes the passive income those nodes provide.

And some of the steps that you should consider taking before a lot of this news gets launched because as i would suspect happened last time when news hits price goes up and as more people want to get involved in the nodes due to a recent change the price is going to only increase with higher demand with limited supply you kind of see where the.

Price takes you so that being said you'll find all the details within this video that you'll need regarding flux nodes and at least a strategy you should consider especially if you're planning on mining with gpus or already mined with gpus on mine flux with mine so it is a strategy you should consider and really could offer uh just an up amazing.

Opportunity when it comes to 2022 especially being able to turn passive income into more passive income into even more passive income all through one token in one strategy that's what we'll be discussing within this video if you find value at smash like subscribe if you haven't joined the private discord there will be a link down below in the.

Description i hope to see you in there without further ado let's jump into the video now before we get started there's going to be three separate parts that we're going to be focusing on within this video that will provide you passive income means when it comes to the flux.

Os ecosystem the first one we'll talk about is mining flux the second one being flux nodes and the third being what's called parallel assets or the opportunity for you to be able to be airdropped tokens parallel to the likes of the flex ecosystem that is simply just additional income simply from holding flux tokens.

Within your zeldcore wallet that's going to be the last thing that we're going to talk about and then at the very bit at the very end we're going to talk about at least my strategy as to how i'm going to be going about being able to set up a completely free flux node cumulus node at least every two months or so so that being said i'm not really going to go.

Into a whole introduction on flux os specifically a fantastic project i talked about them a couple of uh weeks ago did a brief overview of what their project entails and our intends to do but primarily is going to be focused on web 3.0 and when we first talk about the first opportunity when it comes to the flux ecosystem is mining flux there are.

A couple of different ways you can do it but to give you an overall idea of how this works this shows everything here as well but the raw distribution goes 50 to the nodes and 50 to the proof of work block time is every two minutes now you can solo mine flux whether it's recommended or not is totally up to you personally for me i am in a mining pool.

Now there are several pools that you can participate in that allow you to mine flux uh different ones are available for different countries for some reason i joined two miners which is in europe but it works perfectly fine for me it's just interesting that it's working fine i'm in the united states but anyways i.

Didn't honestly pay too close attention to it being in the eu and i'm not really sure if that even really matters it does show some compatibility specs that you do need to know if you are wanting to participate in mining flux realize that some of your old gpus are not going to be able to be compatible um if you're looking to use like 4080s 580s or.

Something like that not going to be the way to go it's primarily going to be some of your newer gpus and the ones really that are going to do best are going to be your nvidia gpus specifically ironically the ones that do the best are 2080 ti's when it comes to the overall profitability and even the 1080 ti's that work pretty good.

For the algorithm now mining flux like i mentioned there's different ones you can simply go here and you can see the whole mining pool you can see a lot of criteria you can see block rewards minimum payouts there are no fees they cover fees on two miners which is really interesting it.

Shows you the overall workers online and it's going to show you that with the different pools that you go over and you take a look at and you can see all the details it's just like any other of your mindable tokens that you're going to take a look at now i want to go ahead and take a look at the node side of things now.

Currently the node side of things is very very expensive to get into now before flux was you know when i talked about it was at 60 cents prior the token has been as low as you know eight nine cents per token but currently it cost around twenty nine thousand dollars to set up a flux node so you're asking me alex why are you.

Talking about a project that costs nearly 30 grand to get into well there is good news now i talked about this towards the end of last year because we were all under the impression and at least flux had announced very early on they were going to have the criteria to be able to get a flux node so currently you have to have at least at.

The time of the recording in this video you have to have 10 000 flex tokens as collateral so it's not like strong block where you deposit your 10 strong and you that 10 strong is gone it goes to reward pool not the case with flux you take your 10 000 tokens you give them up but once you want to stop running your node you get your 10 000 tokens back so.

You're just putting it up as collateral you own the tokens the entire time even though you don't technically have ownership of them you give them to a third party that is also going to be changing this year as well honestly a lot of changes happening but the best of it is the rule the cost isn't going to be half because we're.

Under depression it's going to be about 5 000 flex is collateral and in fact they announced in their most recent uh presentation that it was only going to cost a tenth so now you'll be able to run a flux node at only 1 000 flux tokens put up as collateral now obviously that's still a hefty 2900 dollars that you have to put away to be.

Put up as collateral for a flux node for the entry node that is the cumulus that being said the reward structure is still going to be the same now mind you as more people are going to want to become becoming involved as the overall entry barrier or the entry to barrier to entry i was trying to find the terminology is lowered.

A lot more people are going to get involved so the overall earnings are going to go lower but it is going to offer you the opportunity to be able to set up more nodes so be able to possibly compensate for that also with a lot more people buying up of a limited supply token should theoretically increase the price.

Of the token as well something else to definitely consider now currently there are 2541 nodes primarily being cumulus you see some stratus and then you see some nimbus stratus are going to be your most expensive one and also the most lucrative now you can see the overall history of the nodes going up in value.

Or going up in amount a lot more people just constantly setting up more nodes as they are extremely profitable that said though it is quite a hefty uh investment in the very beginning because your roi is very very lengthy but you also have the tokens you always have the math collateral and.

The price action of flux going up 4 400 percent in 2021 well for those of you who held the tokens not only did you increase your original value of your of your collateral but you also earn passive income on top of that so there are some pros and cons to being locked up specifically so you see the overall lock supply of 83 just over 83.

Million you see the total supply circulating supply as well now when you look at the overall earnings structure mind you the earnings structure is going to remain the same it will not change for the cumulus rewards the overall collateral is now going to be 1 000 flux but you earn on an average around.

13.92 cents per day about about a hundred dollars per week and then around just over 400 dollars per month mind you you can use your own hardware to host a node but it is highly recommended that you use a vps service which would cost you probably around five to ten dollars per month most are going to be around the five.

Dollar range can get some really really cheap now you can move up to nimbus rewards which are much higher about three times as much you see around 34 per day and you can kind of go through all the details move myself over here but really the pro that kicks in is kda rewards now this paid off highly especially with kda.

Going up so much it's one of the reasons i currently mind kda fantastic and i think there's a lot more opportunity there it's also one of the parallel assets that you can get airdropped simply by holding flux tokens in your zeldcore wallet which we'll talk about later on in just a few minutes.

Now the overall requirements for nimbus clouds was also cut in fact it was cut in half to 12 500 flux tokens as collateral so you could potentially just save up after you know maybe having a few cumulus nodes and being able to earn enough to be able to then set up a nimbus uh node or if you're going to take the approach of.

Mining flux and being able to use the residual income from the taking those flex tokens and not paying off your gpus but rather putting that into a another source of passive income such as a cumulus or nimbus cloud a nimbus cloud another nimbus node that is an also fantastic opportunity now this is what i was going to share with you guys as far.

As the overall requirements to have now changed now ironically it's now going to be even easier because i mentioned that yes there is going to be that kind of barrier to entry even at a thousand flux of collateral towards the end of this year they're planning on offering cirrus and project titan so.

With cirrus you're going to be able to provide collateral as low as five to 100 flux and with project titan it's going to be 250 to 10 000 flux but this is going to be something a little bit different uh but this is really going to offer almost everyone the opportunity to be able to participate.

But that is going to be towards the end of this year but we should be seeing sometime in q1 uh of this year being able to see this happen where we should see an overall cheaper opportunity and this is where i'll be setting up my cumulus nodes i'll be going through the step-by-step process of that i'll be.

Putting a video for you for you guys as well and then you can see nimbus being cut down in half to 12 500 flux uh required for collateral now um like i mentioned once that comes up i'll be able to kind of put together a full video for those who are interested in setting up a cumulus node to be able to go about.

And set up that process now zelkor fantastic i currently have that download on the pc that i have that's connected to my mining rig um for my zeldcore wallet because simply once you reach 10 flux and you reach that payout threshold then you can simply get that paid out to your zeldcore wallet and as you hold flux you are able to earn on parallel.

Assets it's a fantastic app there's a lot of opportunity that is available in here um highly highly recommend that you check it out it's available on a lot of different um you know pc i think what pc macbook you can have a download on your phone google play linux there's a lot of different places you.

Can have this you can see the different digital assets that are available and you can um you know do different purchases you can use your debit credit card from directly from your bank account for some of their assets now they currently have 10 parallel assets you can see some different things here they have a define.

Built in a lot of really cool unique things but this is going to be another opportunity my friend andy talked about how um he's been in flex for much longer than i have but he talked about how he received 61 000 i believe he said um in parallel assets simply from holding flux in his zelda core wallet which i think.

Is insane just to be able to get sixty one thousand dollars um in free tokens simply from holding another token so there are there is a list on their website of their ten parallel assets and they are looking to add more in the future now i want to talk about at least my strategy when it comes to mining flux and then taking that into.

Setting up more nodes specifically cumulus nodes and how that is going to overall increase the passive income side of things now realize that overall rewards are probably going to go down especially if we're going to say the price is going to remain the same as more people are going to want to.

Participate as the barrier to entry lowers so let's just say the overall profitability goes from 13 to 14 per day to close around 10 dollars per day well currently this is with a full um i'm gonna go over here i'm losing my voice at this point but if you have a 12 rig set when it comes to mining with your gpus these aren't mine.

Specifically but i'm just using the 2080 ti's as an example because kind of reasonably priced comparatively speaking and um they do extremely well with flex so if you had 12 you'd be earning on an average around 33 and 59 cents per day so if we do 33.59 we divide that by the current price of.

Flux that would be around 11.5 i think it's around averages around 12 flux or so per day so if we think about the cost of 1 000 fluxes collateral we divide that by 12. it would take us an average around 80 about what i've averaged based on pricing and all that around 75 to 85 days on average for you to be able to.

Have 1 000 flux passive income from your mining rig to then be able to go set up an additional node and at the same time that you're mining 33 dollars per day in flux now you've got an additional node making an additional 10 per day so that increases your overall income on a daily basis now not only are you still currently mining your flux.

With your gpus now you have another node that's adding more and now your faster accumulation of that 1000 flux so then no longer are you 75 days to not 85 days you're gonna be pushing closer to around the two month range and that just simply allows you to keep compounding especially with a project that has so much ambition this year and has a lot of.

Room to grow in 2022 it's by far going to be one of the projects i'm most invested into i currently have around um 15 1600 flux tokens currently sitting waiting for the barrier to be lowered so i can go ahead and just set up at least one node and save up to set up a second one so.

Hopefully this video was helpful gave you an idea of the different sources of income that you can see with flux ecosystem with flex os they've done a ton in 2021 and are going to do even more in 2022 i've been hoping to be able to get an interview with the co-founder uh there i think his name is daniel kind of thing's been shuffled around but.

Still hoping to be able to get that put together maybe get him on the channel so we can talk about flux and the future for the project so if you found value smash like subscribe if you had to join the private discord link down below in the description i hope to see you in there until next time guys stay invested.


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