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Projects on binance chain are absolutely crushing it right now and while it's amazing to sit back and admire the projects that have just rocketed the real question is what is coming next and so today we're going to be showing you how you can identify the next exciting and explosive gem on.

Binance chain and binance has been an absolute monster just like we've been talking about for the last few weeks but it's reaching an entirely new plateau today we're going deep into the world of binance smart chain and if you guys are excited go ahead destroy that like button and remember as.

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Finance a couple of weeks ago and it's been absolutely crushing it since and you're definitely going to want to watch this episode front to back as it is packed with useful tips and tricks that's going to help you get ahead and stay ahead of this important trend in crypto land of course there are scammers in the.

Comments pretending to be me it is not me i'll never ask you to contact me on whatsapp or give you a phone number nothing like that and please never send anyone money on the internet with that said let's dive in now the story of the day the week the month of course is binance bnb and this of.

Course is the underlying protocol that's powering the binance smart chain movement this is your ethereum gas token if you will the underlying token for the entire chain just like ether is the underlying token for ethereum and this thing has been absolutely moving it was just 30 bucks.

All of a couple of days ago and here it's pushing 45 billion dollars in market cap and a casual price of 300 pulling off the hallowed 10x movement that many of the bnb heads have been waiting for for literally years and we can see pretty much day after day since this thing took off it's been.

Making newer and higher highs with some truly parabolic price action over the last few days peaking out a little bit above 300 bucks 320 bucks now the reality is is this looks like a full-on parabola so it wouldn't surprise me to see it take a little breather however there's also the reality of network.

Effect which right now crypto is going viral it's growing in user base like it never has before when that happens there are just so many people who need what binance is offering which is essentially a low fee evm ethereum virtual machine compatible environment that allows for the amazing developments.

That have happened on ethereum to be ported over to binance essentially be cheaper and easier to use now binance isn't the only evm compatible environment they also have polygon formerlymatic as well as a bunch of other evm compatible chains but binance smart chain is by all means the leader right.

Now and this is evidenced of course by pancake swaps explosion they're insane increasing volumes day over day and what we know for sure is that in an environment like this it reminds me of august 2020 on uniswap where essentially everything that launched onto uniswap.

Went ahead and did insane axes of growth now what also happened in this environment was the birth of a thousand scams so be careful because just cause something on binance chain has a catchy name to it and is fitting into a trending narrative does not mean it is legit.

And there has already been and is bound to be a lot more scamming this going on on binance chain because they know people are just fomoing in they know there's a lot of excitement even naivete around what's going on here on binance and so there's going to be a lot of scams so keep your head up and make sure you're doing your due.

Diligence before jumping into a project now with that said we can look to the explosion of a coin like barry data which is an oracle on binance playing into one of the most hot and trending narratives of 2020 and 2021 which is of course the decentralized oracle narrative now for those uninitiated all d5.

Applications rely on external data almost all of them and it's really important that this data is high quality let's say that you're betting on the outcome of a sports game well you need to know the final score and the winner of that sports game if somebody misreports that that could lead to someone winning or.

Losing a bet depending on false or manipulated data this holds true with futures derivatives synthetics borrowing and lending collateral value all of these things require the feeding in of data so projects like chain link of course the king of the oracles.

And all of those who have imitated it after are all wanting to be the source of that data now bury data which only launched a couple of days ago has gone on a 6x and and it's only since it's been listed here on coingecko i'm not exactly sure what the starting price is but i'm guessing it was much lower than six bucks here so it's.

Probably gone even on a bigger run than 600 percent but what we see here is that people are thirsting after the trending narratives that have dominated d5 on ethereum and it looks like those things are going to absolutely explode on binance smart chain so let's dive into some other narratives that you can keep your eyes.

Out for besides decentralized oracles because remember barry just did the thing and there's probably going to be other oracles that do the thing on binance meaning that they pump hard but what we want to know is what's the next hot ticket on binance smart chain now something that is inevitably going to be.

Needed here is insurance just like defy needs data defy also needs insurance because there's a ton of scams bugs exploits pretty much the threats to this incredible amount of money flowing around from smart contract to smart contract is only growing and if you really want to unlock.

Billions or trillions of dollars in tvl for d5 you're going to need to have some insurance you're going to want to protect that especially these big funds these ultra high net worth individuals and these publicly traded companies they're actually required to have insurance.

And you can't get this stuff at all state so you're going to need some decentralized insurance protocols obviously we're a big fan of bridge unn and sure which we've been covering for quite a while but i do believe that there will be an insurance play that pops out of nowhere for binance smart chain in the very near future.

And you're going to want to watch that one as long as it's not a scam which i can't confirm because i don't know which project we're talking about yet why i believe that one's set to do incredibly incredibly well because i don't see a leader in the binance smart chain insurance base yet.

If you do know a bsc insurance play go ahead and leave it below here and we'll go ahead and check it out for a broadcast sometime soon now just so you know there is a binance smart chain tab here on coingecko it does not have all the binance smartchain projects but it does give you a little bit of an.

Overview of what's going on here of course with the kings being pancake swap and binance coin pancake swap now commanding a billion dollars in the trading volume just for its own token and a market cap of two billion dollars it's pretty astronomical here but it shows you.

Even though it's memed out nature with pancakes it is providing a very very vital resource which is being the home of decentralized exchange on binance chain obviously things like multiplier which are essentially forks of ave on binance smart chain we covered this a couple of weeks ago.

Multiplier of course pumping pretty hard again coins like this are going to do very well by essentially fitting into what's working on ethereum and giving a version of it on binance ready to rock now again we covered multiplier right here at about 11 cents and then it went kind.

Of parabolic here had a little bit of a rocky road for the last couple of days now it's put in its round bottom and has overcome it with its cup and handle growth this is what happens to a lot of coins they'll get a nice little burst of excitement it'll cool off and then it'll pop back up which is why.

Again like we talked about yesterday things are not immediate right if you're not willing to just wait for a couple of days you really can't get those gains because things like this just take some time to work themselves out as coins reach newer and higher highs regardless i do think a coin like.

Multiplier if it fits that ave narrative and people are starting to use it like ave which is a multi-multi-billion dollar behemoth you know multiplier sitting here at 96 million this thing was only about 20 million dollars when we covered it and like i said in this climate something like this is.

Bound to go up and so using this framework of understanding what's killing it on ethereum what has been killing it and what's bound to attract some eyeballs on binance smart chain is your key to unlocking the future of gains and this is how you can identify gems before their gems.

Before they go on their rocket rides you can say wow this is a perfect one to one comparison to something that's gone parabolic for months now on ethereum and it's offering the same thing to the binance smartchain community and although things like ave and other platforms might eventually integrate.

Finance smart chain it's not going to stop these gemaroonis from absolutely taking flight so i do believe that multipliers still has some gas in the tank what you really want to see here is more tvl total value lock because that means that the actual network multiplier here is being used more.

Regardless i was pretty sure that there would be a bunch of frothy fomo around something like this and i was right it's still performing here and i think it's still going to continue to perform however you really want to see this go up because this is how you know if the protocol is truly being used.

So seeing what protocols are attracting a bunch of tvl is usually a good harbinger of gains to come at least in the d5 world so there you have it binance chain is explosive and the coins within it are doing insane growth and that's because of course people.

Need and want and thirst for this experience that they've had on ethereum till now but they need it in a lower fee higher functionality environment which is what they're getting in finance smart chain now can ethereum reverse course and begin to take back market share can the ethereum layer twos.

And zk roll ups which we'll be talking about next week offer a much needed relief valve for this particular congestion yes but for now you have the keys to identify the next gem oracles d5 chains insurance nfts you know the trending narratives now what you need to do is identify the.

Next hot player in binance smart chain land beware though there have been a ton of scams already taking advantage of naive newbies in the space and i don't want that to be you doing full due diligence is something that is hard to teach especially in just a few seconds here.

But understand that you should approach these things that are promising the world with a bit of caution make sure the code is right look for audits look for teams that are public try to sniff around and get a sense of if these guys are legit and if you can and if you do identify a gem in a trending narrative on binance.

Smart chain right now in february of 2021 you're most likely gonna have a very good time as this particular chain is experiencing an absolute renaissance until we get a polka dot a cardano or a successful zk roll up engine style ecosystem on ethereum i believe that we're gonna see a lot more.

Activity continuing to flock to binance chain if you got some value out of this me giving you the keys the mindset needed to unlock your own gems on buy not smart chain please go ahead destroy that like button and remember of course that each and every comment on this video is entered to win.

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I'll see you very soon on the next episode

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